CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXiVR8020A Desktop Review, A VR Ready Computer?


Today I’d like to review one of Amazon’s top selling computers which is the CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXiVR8020A desktop. It is promoted as VR ready, but is it actually ready? VR today takes quite a bit of power and the future of it will inevitably take more so any gaming … Continue reading

Are Micro-Transactions A Bad Thing?


Micro-transactions on PC games can be both good and bad. Recently however, micro-transactions are being used in the wrong way. It sends quite the message. There are indeed and there still are some games that I have personally invested money into through transactions in-game, but the way it is executed … Continue reading

ASUS G11CD US009T Desktop Computer Review, A Decent Pre-Built?

ASUS G11CD US009T Desktop Computer

It’s time to review the ASUS G11CD US009T desktop computer because I believe that it’s one of the better and more fair pre-built computers out there for gaming. As you can tell from many of the other pre-built desktop reviews that I write on the site, I’m not a fan … Continue reading