Best $2,000 Dollar Gaming PC Build, Prepare To Be Amazed

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If you were to put together a $2,000 dollar gaming PC build then you’d be absolutely amazed by the speed and graphical performance. That’s for certain.

How do I know this?

Because optimal PC hardware on this kind of budget sets you up for so far into the future that I can’t really even quite fathom exactly how long it would last.

Most likely for 10+ years. (Seriously.)


Amazing, Optimal Performance

If you’re looking to max absolutely every single game that is out and that is coming out this year and into the next with 60+ FPS and then some then this is definitely going to be the right build for you.

You’ll not only be able to just play games, you’ll be able to create them. This build is more than capable of running game engines and 3D softwares for rendering and the such.

This build is going to take anything and everything that you throw at it so if you really do get these parts and put this build together then I applause you for your desire to have the best of the best when it comes to gaming PCs and the top of the line hardware that’s out there.

Seriously though, computers are so far ahead of the gaming consoles of today that it’s almost not even funny. PCs are able to do so much more and they’re able to show exactly how a game should look, at the top of its game. At its prime.

Only PCs have the power to do that and this specific build is a God among the rest.


How To Build A Computer

If you’re putting this build together then you’re obviously going to need to know how to put a computer together.

For most people, this sounds like a daunting task that can only be done by the computer nerds of the world but that’s just not true. Not at all.

You see, I’m the furthest thing from being some computer guru, especially when I went to build my first PC myself.

I was a console gamer for the longest time but I’ve always come across awesome videos of the different mods for PC games and just the PC gaming world in general. I also had some friends that were into PC gaming so that pushed me to want to build my own.

After researching A LOT about building computers and looking at a bunch of different tutorials I came across a video series by Newegg TV that fully explains step by step the process of building a computer and I’ve attached that video series below!

Be sure to watch the whole video before and during your process when you go to build this PC. Newegg didn’t leave anything out and this is the same video that I used when I built my first gaming PC!

Now, on to the good part. The hardware!


Optimal Hardware For A $2,000 Budget


Last Updated: February 23rd, 2017


caseCase – Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full Tower

Motherboard – GIGABYTE GA-Z270-Gaming K3 LGA1151 ATX Motherboard

cpu2Processor – Intel Core i7-7700K

water coolerCPU Cooler – Corsair Hydro Series H100i Liquid Cooler

1080Video Card – MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1080 8GB

ram RAM – Kingston HyperX FURY Black 16GB 2133MHz DDR4

850 Power Supply – EVGA SuperNOVA 80PLUS 850W

Hard Drive – Seagate 1TB

sam Solid State Drive – Samsung 850 Pro 512GB

 Blu Ray Drive – Asus Black Blu-Ray Drive


Final Price: $1,946.63



This build is a God among Gods when it comes to PC builds.

You can never go wrong with running with a $2,000 budget for building an epic gaming rig.

The combination of the i7-7700k and a GTX 1080 video card gives the most ultimate experience that you could fathom with this type of budget. You’re going to be able to max anything and everything you install on the hard drive/solid state drive. You’re basically guaranteed max settings, 60 FPS.

I’ve included the liquid cooler because it’s needed for the 7700k. Unlike previous generations, this CPU will not come with a stock Intel CPU cooler. Therefore you’ll need to have some kind of a cooling system in place and the Corsair H100i is your best bet if you’re looking for quality. Be sure to look up different YouTube video guides for the installation of it!

The case is a full tower case I’m sure that the video card and any other big video card should be able to fit this case with no problems. Even though the price isn’t all the way there, I currently have a GTX 1080 listed for the graphics card. This is the absolute best video card  you can get on the market right now and since it fits within the budget, it makes sense to have the best of the best.

A full tower allows you to add a lot more drives to it for down the road and it just looks awesome when you have it sitting on top of a large desk. Trust me, you’re going to need a good bit of room to be able to display this case, my favorite part about it is that it can change to different colors via the led strip that it has on it! It’s a beautiful tower.

Now unlike the rest of the builds on my site this build has 16GB of RAM. There’s more than enough room in this budget for 16GB RAM and having that much memory is going to make multi-tasking a breeze. You’ll be able to run your own game server as well if you’d really like to, 16 GB RAM is very nice to have!

As far as hard drive space goes, there’s enough room in the budget to have a nice sized SSD and a 1TB hard drive as well. 512GB of SSD is going to make you extremely content with your build because a SSD is seriously 10x faster than a normal hard drive. I highly suggest throwing your operating system on the SSD along with your favorite programs/games as well. Any other files like photos/videos should be stored in the 1TB hard drive.

Now for the CD drive you’re able to actually have a Blu Ray drive! Regular CDs will work just fine on this drive, it’s a combination of Blu Ray and regular CD write so no need to worry there. Blu Ray movies have amazing quality and being able to use them with your build will be awesome!


Operating System And More

Now for an operating system I would definitely pick up Windows 10. Microsoft has been doing a pretty great job at keeping Windows 10 updated and it’s the most optimal choice when you have gaming in mind. Even in the VR space, Windows 10 is basically the main operating system that is in mind with developers.

If you really don’t want to dish out the extra $100 for an operating system right away (I totally get it) then I highly suggest that you check out the Linux based operating system known as Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system that gives you a ton of freedom. Oh, and it’s 100% free! 🙂

You could just throw Ubuntu on your system until you’ve saved up enough cash for Windows or you could just simply use Ubuntu, there are many programs for this operating system that will allow you to emulate Steam games so no need to worry about game compatibility.

Also if you need a good internet connection from your PC to your wifi then I highly suggest picking up a wireless network adapter. This is the same kind of adapter that I use with my gaming PC and it works wonders, it keeps connection all the time and it is extremely reliable!

It’s better to have a direct connection via ethernet for your internet but if you have to go wireless then you’ll want an adapter that definitely gets the job done.

windows 10 64bit Windows 10 64bit – Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit

81CsUmlJ+iL._SL1500_ USB Wireless Network Adapter – Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter

Those two links above are for Windows 10 64bit and for a USB network adapter for connecting to the internet. Why USB though?

Well, there’s always the option of going with an internal wireless adapter if you wanted to. Being on a $2,000 budget gives you room to really be able to use whatever parts you’d really want to use. I’d highly suggest going with a direct connection via an ethernet cord if you’re able to since that’ll give you the best connection but if that’s not an option then you’ll definitely need some sort of a wireless adapter to get online with your build.

Also, if you need a nice gaming mouse to go with your build then I suggest checking out the Anker gaming mouse. I reviewed it just a while back and it has major customization options along with precision!

If you need a keyboard that’ll get the job done then I suggest checking out this Logitech keyboard. It has got the best bang for your buck and it was designed with the PC gamer in mind that’s for sure.


To Conclude

All in all, if you’re looking for the best of the best and you want unstoppable power when it comes to not only PC gaming but computing in general then this is definitely the build that you should go with.

This is going to work with everything you throw at it, and then some.

So what do you guys think of this build?

Are you going to be putting it together?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀


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215 Responses to Best $2,000 Dollar Gaming PC Build, Prepare To Be Amazed

  1. JD says:

    Hello, I was wondering what kind of monitor you would recommend for this build.

    • Colton P says:

      Hello JD,

      Acer’s 2560 x 1440 resolution monitor would be the perfect match for this build and the GPU power that it delivers.

      If you have any other questions, I’m all ears!

      • Dorian Herndon says:

        What’s up Colton!

        I’ve been going through all your different build recommendations, and replies to comments. Yeah man, I’ve been stalking you hardcore. You seem like you know what you’re going to talking about. I plan to put together this 2,000 build with 4 monitors, I just saw the monitor you recommended, should I buy 4 of those? I plan to play on 3 monitors max, but I’ll most likely use all of them to do different things at the same time. Watch videos, write essays, college stuff etc.

        • Colton P says:

          Hey Dorian, I’m glad that you dig the site and you can go ahead and stalk all you want! 😛

          That’d be a really cool setup – if I were you I would make sure to get at least one of the monitors as a higher resolution monitor. The GTX 1080 is completely capable of 1440p and even 4K resolution gaming so maybe have one monitor at one of those resolutions and then the other monitors could be 1080p or higher?

          I just feel that if you were to stick to 1080p with specs like this it’d be completely overkill. Makes a lot more sense to use what the system is really capable of bringing to the table.

          If you’re gaming with 3 monitors at a time then, for optimal performance, you’ll want 3 of the same monitor. I’d recommend going with this monitor to start off with and then get more as you move forward. Or if you have the room in your budget to go ahead and get all three. If you have even more room then it’d be amazing to go with this 4K monitor instead.

          The fourth monitor could also be a high resolution one but you could also have it be a 1080p screen for side stuff if you wanted to save a bit on the money. Though it would be most awesome to go all in on the higher resolutions if you’re able to!!

    • Nick Imboden says:

      I’m in need of assistance I’m still new to building computers and how parts interconnect. I have a budget of $2000, and I have a couple of questions to ask. For the Seagate 1TB drive, I’d prefer to have around 3TB of storage instead. I looked up on Amazon if they had different size options and it did say it had a 3TB drive but it said it was by ‘SATA’. Is that a different manufacturer, and does that make it not compatible with the rest of the hardware or is it the same except it has 3TB? I’m not sure and I need help, it’s in the size options on Amazon, so if you have time please help.

      The other question is whether or not I should get two of the 3TB drives or if I should just get one. The recommended video linked in the article above said that you should get two of them so you can have two copies of your data for safety procautions. Is that a good idea, or do you think that’s too much or not practical? Does that even work with the PC build mentioned above? Please help, I’m 16 and am aspiring to do 3D modeling for architecture, models, and video games. I’m new to this and have been working my ass off to make some money for this and I’d really appreciate the assistance. Thanks!

      • Colton P says:


        You’re going to want a SSD with your build man. The above one, or whichever one you’d prefer, would be best to combine with a HDD of whatever size you feel you’d need. SATA is just how it connects to the motherboard, that’s not the manufacturer or anything. It’s fine.

        If I were you I’d have a SSD of at least 500GB with a 2-3TB hard drive. That should be plenty of space and then you could always add more hard drive space down the road if you really needed it.

  2. Nick B. says:

    Hey Colton, I was looking to make this build very soon. But my only concern is the case. I am not a big fan of the style of it and was wondering if there was any other cases you would recommend that are compatible with all of the parts you have listed. Money is not a problem but I am looking for a case preferably white with any color LED. Thanks – Nick

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Nick,

      I’ve got 3 recommendations for you, all of which are compatible with these parts due to the measurements of the parts and the cases. If it doesn’t fit for whatever reason then you’ll be able to return it to Amazon for a full refund.

      This first case is my #1 recommendation due to personal preference of the multi color lights you can have on it. It is the Phantex Enthoo Luxe, a case that I will someday want to use for myself! 🙂

      My second recommendation would be the Azza XT 1. It looks awesome, especially if you have a blue light theme going with the other pieces of your computer peripherals.

      My third recommendation would be this Rosewill THOR case. This one lights up with the front fan and a THOR logo on top, it’s pretty cool!

      Let me know if you ever have other questions Nick, I’m all ears.

  3. Carlos says:

    Hello! Sorry for the unrelated comment to this build as I only have a question. I am a person who has a really bad PC and it can barely even run minecraft on extreme lowest settings, forget all the other games it will destroy my computer.. Lol. I am a guy who wants to play games like world at war at highest settings with extreme fps. Garrys mod, counter strike, mine craft with 180+ mods installed,l which I think needs a good processor or ram? Idk… And games like halo 3, GTA 5, battlefield 4, and all other fps games in highest settings while having good fps, I just wanted to know what would be the best PC build budget on this website that would meet all those requirements under $1,000 I was looking into the $900 build but idk if I really need that PC to do what I just said, I’m not here to edit video, just play my games successfully without any problems, which build would you recommend, $900? As I’m looking the one to build or is there a lower one to build that will do everything I just said with little difference because the $900 can do much more. To recap, I need a fast, high end of that would run all my games with high settings with high fps. Sorry to bother you, and if I need more than $1000, ease let me know.

    • Colton P says:

      Hello Carlos!

      You’ll definitely be good to go for many years with a $900 PC build, it’s as optimal as you can get with today’s standards of graphics and processing, as far as gaming is concerned.

      This $2,000 build is for the enthusiasts who want the best of the best out of not only the PC gaming industry but just about any industry related to computing including video editing, 3d modeling, cinematic creation and as I said, just about anything else. As far as gaming goes, the $2,000 build is absolutely set for 10+ years easily, I know more than 10 years for sure. It’s capable of anything as far as augmented computing and +60 frames per second on the absolute highest graphic settings possible on a high resolution using a virtual reality headset, this is definitely a great build for that.

      The $900 build will still be able to perform VR very well, especially with the first few waves of games that come out with VR as with anything, the more you pay the higher the quality/future-proof it is!

      Let me know if you have any other questions, all in all, it definitely sounds like that $900 build is going to suit you best.

  4. Akshay Gupta says:

    I wanted a triple monitor setup with 2k monitors within $1500 for work and gaming, can you please suggest a build,

  5. Jerry says:

    I was just windering if maybe you would do a $2500 build for extreme new components. For example, the new Intel core i7-6700k Skylake processor, new 16gb of ddr4 ram, and an evga gyx 980ti geaphica card. This setup would be for extreme 4k builds, only for the most enthused gamers/editors.

  6. YoDude90000 says:

    So… I’m planning on buying the $500 for now, and get this in a few years. BUT do you think it would be better to save up for awhile to get this? I’m kinda curious because this pc is a BEAST.

    • Colton P says:

      Well, the $500 build is definitely a great build to have for 2015, 2016 and a few years yet from there. It’ll stand the test of time for a good bit but if you’re looking for that absolutely smooth gameplay for the most demanding games out there then this is definitely the candidate for that.

      It’s a beast of a PC, maybe go ahead with the $500 build and then sell it as a complete PC down the road to afford this one? That way you can enjoy PC gaming for a good while and then this wouldn’t be as much of an expense after selling the other rig.

  7. Max Hereticus says:

    Actually for the date this was built this pc is not that amazing. To start with it should have had a Intel Z170 MB, I7 6700k and 3200+ DDR4.. add to it a Samsung SM951 512GB SSD.. and then we can talk about the shit, this is like last years high end gaming pc.. the future is now.

    • Colton P says:

      Let me know if you could actually get those parts in a $2,000 or lower budget. That’s the whole point of my site.

      I personally don’t think you’d be able to make those changes while staying under $2,000, and although yeah those parts would be the better option, this build as is is still a very powerful machine for $2,000.

  8. wickedsteve says:

    I would love a build like this. It looks like there is a typo: “you can never go wrong” became “you can never go run”. My build is closer to this other page of yours. But with a 4160 and a 750ti instead. Thanks for a great resource I needed for my first build.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey wickedsteve,

      Thanks for the heads up, just fixed it up. My current build is around that level as well, around Black Friday I’m going to be grabbing parts similar to the $1,000 build here on the site! I’ll definitely be writing up a post about it and sharing pictures as well, it’ll be fun 🙂

      you’re welcome for this resource, just doing my part!

  9. Randy Powell says:

    Colton P,

    This is great info. a very good starting point for anyone.

    I personally like the CM HAF X case do you see any Issues with it and this build?

    Also I was wondering why you didn’t include liquid cooling for this build.

    Kindest regards,
    Randy P

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Randy,

      You’re talking about this case, right?

      Yeah, it’ll definitely work with this build. As far as adding some cooling to the build, I see it as it is up to the individual if they’d want to add cooling to the build to overclock down the road, because certainly this CPU doesn’t need to be overclocked right away in order to perform really well. I see cooling as a down the road type of thing since the stock cooler works fine for stock settings.

  10. Zach says:

    Which build do you think could stand the test of time for at least 5 years before I need a new one. I’m looking for the lowest budget that could withstand 5 years with good FPS.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey again Zach,

      Well, it really depends on what settings you’re wanting to run for the next 5 years and if you’ve got virtual reality in mind.

      The $700 build’s CPU is able to be overclocked down the road with the right cooler and the 4GB version of the 960 is a great card. It’d be able to handle the next 5 years with tweaked high settings for sure.

      If you’re looking at doing ultra settings for quite a while then the $1,000 build would be your best bet. The i7 would be able to be overclocked down the road while at stock settings it’s an amazing cpu. A 970 is going to handle higher/ultra settings longer. If you’re wanting to game at a higher resolution like 4K then any card with 8GB of memory, like a 390x, to go with the build would be ideal.

  11. The guy who loves consoles when he's broke and dont when he's not says:

    Now this is a gaming machine. I would up the ram count but the stated amount here would suffice. I like your thinking and am forwarding a lot of friends to this site who need builds for the right price. Great Job on the post dude and thanks

  12. Jason says:

    Can I cenect this Build to tv with hdmi

  13. Gambetto says:

    Is the 4790k better than the 6600k?

    I’m making my first build (Unreal Engine, Audio production, high setting gaming) and after posting my build online, I was told the Haswell is a waste of money now and to go with skylake.

  14. Billy says:

    Can this run MineCraft at 10000 fps and rust and 5 fps?

  15. Cameron says:

    This is a build i am planning on doing, i did your 700 dollar build back in November, it’s bad ass, and runs almost anything out right now at high-max 1680×1050 60 fps, but i like to do YouTube, stream and such. I am looking to do a large upgrade, just wondering if this build looks solid to you or not, or if you would do some large changes to save money.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Cameron,

      Glad that you’re digging your build!

      In all honesty, you could definitely record and stream with quality with the build that you have now. You don’t need all of that power just to stream and record YouTube videos, your frames aren’t going to drop that much and if you’re able to get 60 fps in most titles then recording should be fine.

      I guess if you’re wanting to record at 60 fps then you’d need a more beefy system… when it comes to that build specifically, I don’t think you’d need 32GB of RAM. 16GB should be more than enough.

      Other than that, I mean if those are the types of parts that you’re looking for then everything else looks fantastic to me.

  16. Jonas says:

    4K compatible? And if it is… How do you make it 4K? Lol

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Jonas,

      This build is definitely compatible with 4K displays, you’d just need a display that is capable of 4K and then the 980 will do the rest 😉

  17. Henry says:

    How long would this pc last? Also, would it be okay if I replaced the hard drive with the Asus 24x DVD-RW?

    • Colton P says:


      It’s going to last an extremely long time. It’s a very future-proof build for sure.

      Also I’m not sure what you mean by saying replacing the hard drive, I think you mean the CD drive but yes, that’d be fine man.

      • Henry says:

        Yes, sorry I meant cd drive. Thanks for the info. I also have one more question, is there a graphics card that is cheaper but can also perform well with this build? Thanks.

        • Henry says:

          Another question, would it be possible to use a mid tower instead? If so, what would you recommend? Thanks again.

        • Colton P says:

          Yes there are, here’s a version that has similar performance for a much lower price. As of right now it’s out of stock but I’m sure that should change, you should also look at the other versions at that link to see if there’s one at a lower price point that works for you. The only difference between the above FTW version and the one I just linked is that the FTW version can be overclocked a bit more, but overclocking isn’t going to be needed for many years with a 980 ti.

          • Henry says:

            Also, I was wondering if the build could have a psu with less watts. I’m not really on a $2k budget but I like the build and want to save as much money as possible. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks.

          • Colton P says:

            I list 1000W of power because if you’ve got SLI in mind for the 980 ti in the future then you’re going to need that much power.

            However, if you only plan on possibly overclocking the CPU then you’d still be safe with a good 750W power supply for sure.

            No need to apologize for all of the questions man, I get that you want clarity on your build especially on a higher budget point. This is why I have a comments area in the first place to keep em’ coming if you need to ask more 😛

          • Henry says:

            Would a different motherboard, maybe cheaper, work? I was looking at the motherboard on Amazon and saw that all were being sold by third party sellers and none by Amazon.

          • Colton P says:

            There should be one sold from Amazon’s warehouse which is very trust worthy, it’s brand new as well.

            If you do however want to go with a different board then I’d suggest this one for sure.

  18. Henry says: Nevermidn the last one. Would this type of RAM work?

  19. Cyrus says:

    Hello. Played a lot of computer games when i was a kid, have been playing them over the years up till now, on an off the shelf computer my father bought me(he did get new GPU for it too, kudos to him). Played consoles from the Super NES to the current Xbox 1, I’m not new to computers, but iv never really bothered with whats inside them, and frankly computers have never been more powerful, and I’m not a kid anymore. I can afford a REAL computer these days.

    So I’m doing my first real computer build, found this place. I don’t know enough of the Jargon/technical details to properly assess what parts i need to replace so i was hoping you could help with that or at least point me in the right direction please.

    I primarily want a gaming computer that runs Maximum Resolution/ graphics/frames with, obviously that’s covered in spades already. being able to do 4k and VR in a few years is also on my mind. I might play with some CAD lego building programs on the side and run a personal Minecraft server for me plus a few friends. And i want to Mod the ever living daylights out of Skyrim / Minecraft, oh boy do i want to do that. The MC server part is just for a little while till we get board of it so its very much a, if i can do it better i will, but not at the expense of the rest of my computers performance. Id also want this to last for many years without two much fiddling around with it/upgrading to new parts. the only major upgrade on top of what id want to build now is eventually I’d get a second 980 possibly overclock them and likely do liquid cooling at that time, but that’s many years away, but its very firm in my mind that id want to do it. I also have a lot of other computer related questions that don’t all have to do with building it, and I don’t really have anyone in my family/ friends i can ask for real help so could you recommend any Forums that i should go to to ask for advice/help in? so with all that in mind here’s what I’m interested in doing with your suggested build;

    The tower case, i may have to travel once or twice, perhaps more with this computer moving to a new home over the years. hopefully it will only be in the back of my car. But with my desire for it to be rugged, and with my possible changes to the build below in mind do you still recommend this case, or would you perhaps have another one in mind for me? i have nothing again this Phanteks, i just want what will protect my computer the best, looks don’t mater to me, but id prefer if it did not have a light i cant turn off, my desktop is glass so it whuld be right in my face if i couldn’t turn it off.

    The Same SSD you have listed, but upping it to a 1TB version, would my pc benefit noticeably with this swap? or is there a better type of SSD around these days you whuld suggest over the sam s 850/w 512 gb/1 TB?

    Which version of the Intel I7 6700 is best for what i want my computer to do, would you please point it out for me?

    I love the motherboard you suggested, but would there be any others based on my requirements you would suggest in its place? But i really do like your suggested one, but it whuld need replacing if i go for ddr4 RAM.

    Would more than 16GB of ram work better for my build? Say 32GB? what about if i switched to ddr4 RAM? Is the performance difference between ddr3 /ddr4 really all that noticeable? i don’t think it is from what iv read, i just wanted to hear your opinion if you don’t mind.

    Not IF i do, but WHEN i decide to drop in another GTX 980 and run them in SLI, I’d assume i would i need a new power supply? like a 1350W for example? since the 980 recommends 600W. How many wats should i have on top of whats recommend for my GPU’s and still run the rest of the computer properly/ safely? Is it ok to have a lot more wats than is technically required to run my pc? like if i got the 1600/1350 w but did not get a second 980 just so i don’t have a 1000w lying around i would no longer need?

    With Two 980’s (NOT overclocked) running would i need extra fans to keep them cool? or should they be alright just out of the box running together? Would this be the time to learn how to do liquid

    cooling? or would when i eventually overclock them be the right time?

    About the Operating system, i don’t like windows 10 but i want to play some of the games it has to offer, without having to put up with it all the time, I love windows 8. So how do i know I’m buying the right version of windows 8?. I believe I’m looking for windows 8.1 specifically. And how do i configure my computer for Dual boot? do i need two ssd’s?….. :/

    And lastly, since I’m going this far i want a new monitor to go with my new hardware, plus gaming keyboard/ gaming mouse and speakers that are compatible

    i wont spring for a 4k monitor for awhile, but i want a good gaming monitor to go with it so do you still suggest the Acer’s 2560 x 1440 resolution monitor? something else? i have no prefrence as long as it works well/ can last/ posibley be transported easier.

    Do you have any gaming keyboard, has to be comfortable for ling periods of gaming.

    mouse suggestions? preferably wireless

    What about a sound system that’s compatible with this set up?
    I’ll pick up a headset too, but that i can find on my own, but feel free to suggest one though 🙂

    Any help you can provide is extremely appreciated, Mr Colton.

    • Colton P says:

      Whew, hi Cyrus!

      You’ve got a ton of stuff that you’re wanting me to assess here! xD

      If you want a case that still has the options for LED lighting then you’ll want the above case, it can have the lights turned off but it can also switch between a bunch of different colors. If you’d rather have a case that has no lighting at all then you might want to look into something like this case instead.

      Yes, a 1TB SSD would work just fine. It’s simply more space for faster loading times for programs and games.

      If you wanted to go with a i7 6000 series CPU I’d recommend getting the i7-6700. I personally wouldn’t want the K version because you really don’t need to be and wouldn’t have to overclock it for many, many, many, many years to come so it just makes sense to grab the non K version of it. By doing so you’d also need a LGA 1151 socket motherboard.

      RAM is up to you really. If you know that the CAD programs require more RAM then 32GB would future-proof you for that and for gaming going forward.

      If you know for sure that you’re getting 2 980’s then yeah, I’d suggest grabbing a 1300+ watt power supply for sure.

      I think that the 980’s have adequate cooling built in, I wouldn’t think that you’d need extra cooling.

      As for the OS, I’d highly recommend that you just go with Windows 10. It’s the way of the future. If you’re going to get Windows 8, just make sure to grab a 64bit version of it.

      You’ll want to go with a monitor at 1440p for sure if you’re not going for 4K right away. BenQ also makes a good 1440p monitor that you should look into especially having CAD design work in mind.

      For the gaming keyboard/mouse you’ll just have to go with personal preference really. You’ll want a high DPI setting especially if you know that someday you’re going to get into 4K gaming… For a wireless option, your best bet is to go with this Logitech mouse.

      The keyboard doesn’t really matter, performance wise, for your build. Just get whatever you know looks good to you and would feel good.

      Hopefully I’ve helped you out man, let me know

  20. Michael G says:

    Hey, I just wanted to know if there are any black cases with green under glow that would fit this build.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Michael,

      There’s a setting with the above case to change the color of lighting around the rim of the case, if you really want a green flow underneath then your best bet would be to add a green LED light strip with the build.

  21. Aiden says:

    Hey wassup I was just wondering because this is a legendary build, should I wait til Black Friday to buy all of these parts? Will it be way cheaper? Estimated? Thanks.

    • Colton P says:

      That’s a while to wait, Aiden. But typically yes, you’d be saving a bit from Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

      It was right around that time last year when I decided to put together my current build, you could check that build out and see how much I saved. There was a sale on the video card, SSD and a small sale on my motherboard.

      So yes, there would be some savings involved but if you don’t want to wait that long then it wouldn’t be entirely bad, the savings aren’t a super significant amount.

  22. Aiden says:

    GTX 1080?!?!?

  23. Jerry says:

    Any other motherboards that I can get for cheap? And is there anything else that I’m missing if I buy all these parts? I know I need Windows and I got a keyboard mouse, and speakers and a monitor, but is there anything else? And also what is a good cheap 4K monitor that you know?

    • Colton P says:

      You’re not missing anything else Jerry. Are you going to use a direct connection for internet via ethernet?

      For under $400 – this monitor by Dell – I’ve heard really good things about it. It has an option to set the response rates and stuff so it’s an ideal gaming monitor.

      • Jerry says:

        Ooh yeah i forgot ill also get the wifi thing, but is there any oher good cheap motherboards that i can use? this one seems to be out of stock in amazon and im trying to builds this asap, and ok ill look into that monitor

        • Colton P says:

          The board’s not out of stock, it’s just available from a different seller.

          If you want a cheaper board (The above one is about $400) then I’d also suggest this board for you as well – it’s the same board that I use with my build. Not as many features for overclocking and what not but it’d get the job done. The above board is a top of the line board for overclocking. It’s an extreme beast of a board so get it if you’ve got the room in your budget and if you want to maximize your overclocking down the road.

          And hey I’m not sure if you’ve already got your GPU or not but I want you to know that at the end of this month the new GTX 1070 comes out and in June the 1080 comes out. This build is going to use the 1080 within the next few months once it’s within Amazon’s marketplace – they are going to be the best of the best cards (supposedly)

          More info on them when they’re released then I’ll make a post regarding these cards within the next month or so.

        • Jerry says:

          And possibly a cheaper power supply??? I changed some stuff and got to $1540, is there any motherboard and fan supply that can add up to $1,700?? or is that impossible? im just curious, thanks

          • Colton P says:

            You could also add an aftermarket cooler that way whenever you do decide to overclock the CPU you’ll be able to right off the bat… are you using the above case?

            And for the power supply I guess you could go with like an 850w supply but I’d still recommend going with the above one. If you ever do SLI you’ll want the 1000w.

  24. Jerry says:

    Would you rocommend getting the used ones that i see in amazon? i saw the motherboard ontop for like 190, or is it a bit risky? and im planning on getting the cm storm stryker case instead of that one ontop

    • Colton P says:

      I really wouldn’t get anything used, maybe a case but definitely not a used motherboard or any other piece of hardware. Way too risky especially at this budget point and that most of the used stuff isn’t even from the Amazon warehouses.

  25. Johnnyonnyful says:

    Would an aftermarket heatsink be nessessary for a build like this?

    • Colton P says:

      If you’re looking to overclock the CPU right away then yes it would be. Otherwise if you were wanting to run the CPU at stock settings for a while then it’d be fine as is.

  26. Austin says:

    How long will this last in the PC world until it is outdated?

    • Colton P says:

      This one specifically, quite a while. Many years man.

      But I want to let you know, new hardware is just about to come out and if you’re really getting your build together on this budget, it’d be best to wait till the end of this month or the next and checking back again to see an updated part list. It’ll be very much so well worth the wait as compared to what’s above right now.

  27. Sean Wauchope says:

    When will the GTX 1080 get added? Need to order parts today. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Colton P says:

      I will add it in once the other edition, not the founders edition, is available on Amazon! If you can find one elsewhere definitely pick it up, it should be up on Amazon sometime this month!

      • Sean Wauchope says:

        What about all the other parts will they change or should I go ahead and order those then order the GTX 1080 once it’s available?

        • Colton P says:

          Well, I don’t expect them to change around a whole lot… if they were to change the other parts wouldn’t really be much different. I don’t think the market is going to change drastically once the new parts get on the market. I may use a i7 in the 6000 series if the budget point allows it, which means that there would also be a different motherboard.

          But the above CPU, board and what not are going to be insanely optimized for the future so no matter what, these parts or different ones that change, you’re going to be good to go. Especially having that 1080 in there.

  28. Sean Wauchope says:

    Any suggestions on a 4k monitor and also a PC desk?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Sean,

      For a 4k monitor I’d definitely recommend this one by Asus would be the go to in my opinion. With 1ms response time and other specific features, it’s made for gaming.

      As far as a desk, this desk is the same desk that I use right now and I love it! I’m not sure if you’re maybe looking for something bigger or not but I’m able to fit my PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse all on the top portion.

      Let me know if those work for you man!

  29. your retarded says:

    you know you can do a 4k build for under $1000, you are guiding these people in the wrong can do so much more with $2,000 plus spending sli or crossfire? listing haswell cpu? lmao

    • Colton P says:

      I’m not saying that this is the only way to go, “your retarded” (By the way, awesome name for you! But your is misspelled, supposed to be *you’re).

      I’m waiting for the new hardware like the 1070/1080/480 to be fully on the market and then I plan to change the cards around for both this build and the $1,000 build. I realize that you can have the newer CPUs on there and most people go that route, I just wanted to save a bit of $$$ for a better card and for blu ray.

      This guide isn’t a “as is” thing. It’s a template to use for other’s own builds. Also I’m not a fan of SLI or Crossfire since there are more games that aren’t compatible with it than those that aren’t, though this build can totally be used for it.

  30. your retarded says:

    and then you moderate the comments so you can choose what people are saying about your builds??..that seems fake as fuck..only accepting good comments? pshh thats pathetic

    • Colton P says:

      Actually, I’ll go ahead and accept your comment. But I’m a bit more mature than this.

      First off, I apologize to those that don’t want to see this crap. But to prove a point, I’m going to allow this comment through.

      Yes, I moderate all of the comments. Yes, I reply to all of the comments. No, none of the comments are fake they’re all actual people that want to discuss the build and yes you are retarded.

      Have an awesome day man 🙂

  31. John says:

    Does it need a cpu cooler because it always terrifies me D:
    I didn’t put a cooler on my last computer and bad things happened D:

  32. Alex W. says:


    I am glad to see that this thread is still alive because I am a Hardcore Gamer new to pc building (no exp whatsoever) but also saved up for this build and extra.

    I need some advice/input on some things.
    Are the parts in this build compatible with the GTX 1080 video card and if so, then which series would you recommend? I am looking for high, smooth performance.

    I try to host servers often and was wondering if the Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter still would be good for that sort of thing.

    For the Processor – Intel Core i7: K or not to K? what is the difference?

    liquid cooling. recommendation?

    Solid state drive- I am leaning towards 1TB. would I need that much?
    I play a lot of the big games. Ark, Skyrim, Diablo 3, etc.

    I only ever use 1 monitor and lastly need to know if this will all work in the Azza XT tower linked in the above comments.

    Sorry for the long post. Any input is appreciated.

    • Colton P says:


      Any 1080 is going to be good to use. Whichever one fits best for your budget – that’s the one that you should go for.

      Well, a direct connection would obviously be the most ideal thing to do for server hosting. If you’re relatively close to the router then that should work okay.

      K means that it can be overclocked, non K means that it can’t be overclocked. If you don’t want to overclock then go with a CPU that is non K version – you aren’t obligated to overclock right away, it’s just an option.

      I have liquid cooling listed above, I recommend that one if you’re getting the K version. Non K CPUs don’t need fancy cooling.

      If you feel you need that much space then go for it, it depends on how much stuff you want to have on a SSD. I have a 500GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive and it’s nice.

      Are you referring to this case then? If so then yeah, it’d work just fine.

      • Alex W. says:

        Hi Colton!
        Thanks for the response. I have one last question before I buy the remaining parts:
        Is the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2 power supply listed on this build what I should get if I will be adding in the Gigabyte gtx 1080 xtreme card?

  33. ~ says:

    how different are these ram sticks in comparison to this build? Reason. Wing I wanna get white sticks and I can’t seem to find any of the same company

  34. Will says:

    Hey, i think i founbd my answer, however i need your opinion im going to make my ultimate dream build, but idk which one to get.

    The reason im doing this is because I was gonna at first use the 4790k but then i heard about the 6700k, so i decided to take a look at that one however i noticed that it was 1151 and not 1150 which means you need a different MOBO, and ram. Which one should i get? im trying to make my pc as white/black as possible btw and i dont need anything more than 2 way sli,

    Also, whichever one you thik is bnetter, should I change anything? Thank you, And Beautiful website I love it!

    • Colton P says:

      The 6700k build is the one you should go with. If you’re for sure wanting to go with SLI down the road then 1000w will be enough, if you’ll never go SLI then 1000w would be a bit much.

      Other than that, everything looks great man. Glad that you dig the site 🙂

      • Will says:

        Okay well i that case i have huge doubt in me having 2 way sli, i think it has more disadvantages than advantages, so what power supply would you recommend, and is the ram a good choice? and also with the mobo, is that a great decision? overclockable right when i get this build? remember im trying to make this as black and white as possible lol, thanks man you’re the best

        • Colton P says:

          Assuming that you plan to overclock down the road, it’d be a good idea to stay on the safe side with the power supply. I’d recommend going with this one since it’ll be more than enough for what you’d need down the road but it’s still significantly cheaper.

          The RAM is good man, no need to worry 🙂 And yes, that board is ideal for overclocking as well.

  35. Will says:

    also if you don’t mind me asking, whats the difference between the two?? and which one do you recommend i pick? unless i should avoid both


    • Colton P says:

      The 3X version has 1 more PCIe slot and a different configuration of USB slots – really the USB slots are just in different areas.

      If you don’t mind the extra bit, I’d recommend the 3X version since you get more slots. Those slots might come handy down the road when adding more to the PC.

  36. JLewis1309 says:

    So i first bought your $500 build(with a few adjustments of my own) and im finally at the point where i can upgrade my PC and this build looks great.
    The only thing tho is im looking for a case that doesnt use screws to open kinda like the Corsair 780T.
    Are there any cases like that you would recommend?
    I like the design of the Enthoo Luxe, especially the open window, but im really hoping to find one similar but with the Corsair 780T kinda style of opening
    Thanks ;P

    • JLewis1309 says:

      also Sidenote when i put this build into PCpartbuilder it comes back with a compatibility note:
      The Patriot Viper 3 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory operating voltage of 1.5V exceeds the Intel Skylake CPU recommended maximum of 1.35V+5% (1.417V). This memory module may run at a reduced clock rate to meet the 1.35V voltage recommendation, or may require running at a voltage greater than the Intel recommended maximum.

      Is this an issue? ^^

      • Colton P says:

        Hmm, I must have been looking at something else at the time of putting the build together… It’s not an absolutely huge issue but it’s recommended to run RAM at the right voltages with the CPU.

        I’d recommend this motherboard and this RAM to avoid it. Again not a huge, extreme issue. I’ll change the above parts to go with this as well.

    • Colton P says:

      Welcome back JLewis 😛

      Kind of a hard find, I’d recommend either of the ones that you recommend to be honest. I can’t think of any off the top of my head as I don’t really focus on researching different full towers… I think that the 780T is going to be one of the only ones that open the way you’re wanting it to… I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I find good ones that are similar though!

  37. Alex W. says:

    Can you explain how to build in Bluetooth capability to the computer? I saw something about bluetooth PCI cards and dont know if it is based on the motherboard or what.

    Also which one would you put in the build you listed above?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Alex,

      You’d simply add a bluetooth card to the right slot on the motherboard. I’d recommend this one as it is high quality and also comes with wifi compatibility. You’ll throw it into one of the PCIe slots on the motherboard!

  38. Ronan says:

    Hi Colton,

    What do you think about my build – It will mainly be used for 3ds max and for gaming – I would like it to be VR ready also.

    I’m looking to get the price down a bit though, at the moment the parts list is around $2220 – but realistically i only have around $1,600 to spend.

    Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor
    Corsair H55 57.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
    Asus X99-A ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard
    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory
    Samsung 850 Pro Series 512GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive
    Toshiba 3TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Video Card
    be quiet! Silent Base 800 w/Window (Orange) ATX Mid Tower Case
    EVGA 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
    Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit

    Thanks, I appreciate any advice you might have for me,


    • Colton P says:

      Hi Ronan,

      You’d be able to go a little lower on the performance with the CPU, I understand you’ll also be using 3ds max so I’m not entirely sure if that decision is based on being able to use that optimally, but other CPUs would also be a good pick.

  39. David O. says:

    I found another build and wanted ti see if this was better:

    AMD FX 9590 Black Edition 4.7GHz Eight-Core Socket AM3+ Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Socket AM3+ 990FX ATX AMD Motherboard EVGA 16GB DDR3-1866 (PC3-14900) CL 9 Desktop Memory Crucial BX200 240GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5″ Solid State Drive ASUS Radeon R7 250 1024MB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 Video Card Thermaltake Versa H22 Special Edition Mid Tower Case LG GH24NSC0B 24x Internal DL-DVD Rewritable drive Corsair CX Series 850 Watt ATX Modular Power Supply

    • Colton P says:

      That build makes no sense David, to be blunt.

      The 9590 is a horrible CPU for the price in comparison to what you can get on the Intel side and the graphics card is extremely old. That build really doesn’t make any sense… how much would it cost you?

  40. Thomas says:

    Hi, for the motherboard you have suggested Z170-A but on amazon there is a better model called the Z170-PRO would this also work for the build and if so, would I be able to use the PRO in replacement for the A and if so what benefits would you think I would get?

    • Colton P says:

      The only difference is that the PRO version has more PCIe slots to use for different adapters. If you need to use those extra slots then that’d be the board to go with, if not then save some money and go with the Z170-A.

  41. Michel says:

    I have a MSI 990 mother board with a9590 CPU will this GPU work with my computer

  42. Michel says:


  43. Brayden Johnson says:

    SO all we have to buy now is the monitor, power cable. Or is there more? I don’t have much of an idea

  44. The Master says:

    Can I use this ram instead?

  45. Caleb says:

    Would the Apevia X-Hermes metal case from the $1500 build be okay for this build? Thanks!

  46. Ashkan says:

    Hi thanks for the great build. Is there a store which I can buy all or almost all these parts together and pay monthly?i.e. financing.

    And the send all of the stuff together?

  47. Andrew Murray says:

    Will the Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 work also with this build?

  48. R0B says:

    Question about the cooler, I plan on using a Deepcool CAPTAIN 240EX on a Asus Z170-AR ATX with a Intel Core i7-6700K. Just wondering if the cooler is alright, I’m trying to go for a white and black build which is why I chose that particular cooler and ofc it had good reviews on it as well. Would like some feed back.

    Also I’m getting a GTX 1080 8GB Strix, what monitor would you consider for this build ?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey ROB,

      Looking at some reviews of it, the cooler seems like it’d be a good choice. I’ve never personally heard of it but from looking at what others are saying, it’d be a good choice to go with.

      As far as a monitor, if it’s within your budget range, you’ll definitely want to go with a 1440p or higher resolution monitor. The 1080 is going to be able to work with games at even a 4K resolution so that’d be your best bet. Look for 4K monitors that have high response/refresh rates – take a look at some on Amazon!

  49. AnyOtherWay says:

    Personally, if I had a budget of $2000, I’d build it quite differently, but that’s because I like choosing stuff for myself.

    I’d change, first and foremost, the cooler. I don’t care to overclock, and I assume setting up a liquid cooler is quite a pain, so I’d probably get something like a $60-70 Noctua CPU Cooler.(I once had one bookmarked that seemed good, but I removed that bookmark, and don’t remember what it was called) That would probably save $60-70 there.

    Next, I’d pick a different PSU. I wouldn’t be overclocking, and far as I can tell the motherboard can only SLI two cars, so there’s no need to have 1000 watts. I’d rather have an 850 watt platinum/titanium rated, like the EVGA SuperNOVA P2/T2 850W. Probably the P2, which costs $30 bucks less then the one here.

    Maybe different ram and case? I don’t know enough there to know for sure, though. As well as perhaps a different GPU? Again, don’t know enough there to really say. I’d also get a cheaper disk drive thing. Something like the “Asus 24x DVD-RW” for $40 less. Or skip it, and save $60.

    I’d get a bigger HDD, at least 2 TB, maybe 3 TB. If you’re gonna have that much SSD room, I think it’d be nice to have that extra HDD room. So that might bring it up double to triple or so? I don’t know enough about HDD’s to know.

    Overall, that’s probably all the changes I’d make, other then case fans. I wish you did reviews on case fans, not the important part of what I’m mentioning now though. This build guide is pretty good, and it’s quite fun seeing what I’d do differently over it. Overall, if I made a $2000 build, I’d save $130-$160, then spend $50-100 more or so, so it’d be a saving of about $80-110/$30-60 compared to yours, of which would probably go to some nice case fans. Or, the less likely, peripheals. Quite nice, are you ever going to do a god build, something where you just go all out on parts for a highly insane build, like $10,000+? It’d be quite interesting, I think.

    • Colton P says:

      Interesting and notable changes there, there’s a lot you can do with a $2,000 budget it all comes down to how someone wants to really get it done.

      I’ve thought about doing resolution specific builds and game specific builds… Would be pretty interesting to see what all I could fit into a $10,000 PC… multiple graphics cards for sure!

  50. Mike A says:

    Hey colton will this case hold a 1080 nicely?

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