Best Gaming PC Build Under $500 Dollars, This PC Will OWN in 2017!

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To find the best gaming PC build under 500 dollars you’re going to have to find the best parts for the lowest price possible and then build it yourself. Building your own computer has many benefits and is actually a lot easier than you think!

Well you just lucked out! 🙂 Today I feel like sharing how to build the best gaming PC build for under 500 dollars and I also want to show you the best place to get your parts for this EPIC build!

Next-gen PC gaming is going to take quite a bit of GPU and CPU power to run games for the next few years…

But… for around the same price as the present day consoles you can build a custom gaming PC that OWNS! (Seriously.) 😀


You’re About To Build a Beast

I mean, we’re talking MAX graphic settings on most games that are coming up. This build is worth every penny because PC gaming also comes with it’s many benefits. . . (Loads of free games, game modding support, an awesome community – etc.)

Trust me, you’ll never regret the day that you become an official PC gamer. 😉

So let’s get down to it.

How would an individual go about building a custom gaming computer for under $500? Seems impossible, right?

WRONG. Sure the initial price of a gaming computer can be spendy, but that’s the whole point of getting this particular build for this price. This build will run games much smoother and much faster than the Xbox One or the PS4!

Also if you don’t have all of the money required to get the full build then that’s fine! For me, I bought each part as I could afford them and then once I had every part with me I watched a video tutorial on how to build a computer while I was actually building my computer. Building the computer while watching the video helped out a TON.

Honestly, the video that best explains the process of building a custom computer is on Newegg TV. In the video, Paul from Newegg shows you step by step how to build a computer from scratch! The video is below so when you go to build your gaming computer you can just bookmark this post and refer to it here if you’d like! 🙂


How To Build A Computer

Be sure to follow this video step by step as you build your PC. This is the same video that I viewed before and during my building process!

It’s a great idea to understand exactly what you’re getting into so I suggest watching the series as many times as possible! 😛


Optimal Hardware For A $500 Budget


Last Updated: February 23rd, 2017


I have found the following parts to be of the best value to build an epic gaming monster for under 500 bucks.

Each link will take you to Amazon’s listing for the certain part. Amazon has the world’s greatest customer service team and you are guaranteed a perfect transaction when doing business with Amazon.


case Computer case – Thermaltake Versa H22

 Motherboard – ASUS LGA1151 M.2 H110 MicroATX

Video Card – Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

cpu Processor – Intel Core i3-6100

 RAM – Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4

Hard Drive – Seagate 1TB

asus CD Drive – Asus 24x DVD-RW

psuPower supply – EVGA 500w W1 80+


Final Price: $532.10



Though these days it can be tough to squeeze a custom gaming PC for $500, this build does the trick. Now the prices of the parts do rise and fall so even though at the time of this writing the build is $514 it can still be lower or higher than that number, it just depends on the prices of each part.

With PC gaming evolving as much as it is with it’s hardware, it is currently kind of tough to get a custom gaming PC that will be up to good use for the next few years. Give the PC gaming industry some time and things will become much more cheaper as PC power increases. 🙂

Now although this build might be more than your budget you will just need to trust me on this one. This is THE build that you are looking for around $500. This is going to give you an amazing PC gaming experience and so dishing out an extra bit to create it really shouldn’t phase you.

A quick note about the CPU, there are different options to go about purchasing it. Just go with the option that states “Processor Only” because it will come with the stock Intel cooler. I wouldn’t worry about having any other type of cooler until you decide to upgrade the processor down the road to one that will allow you to overclock. Otherwise the stock cooler is going to do just fine.

I have changed the computer case to the Thermaltake one simply because it comes with a front USB 3.0 slot and this build can do USB 3.0. It’s ten dollars more expensive than your cheapest computer cases so if you’re really trying to get the best/lowest budget possible for your build then I would suggest grabbing this case instead.

If you want to browse through a bunch of different case choices then Click Here! For the most part, any mid tower case will work fine with this build. Feel free to ask me if you want to know if a specific case will work within the comments area below this post!

If you have the extra bit of room in your budget for it, a 4GB RX 480 would be the most optimal choice for the video card. But since the pricing is a bit off right now, it makes sense to pick up the 1050 Ti. The 1050 Ti is an amazing card and right now it’s at a very low price, I’d grab it while it’s still at this current price point of around $140!

Seriously though, with the performance of it… well I had a Radeon HD 7770 with my last build and this card owns the performance of my previous card. I was able to run Skyrim at max texture settings no AA and Dragon Age: Inquisition at tweaked med-highish settings. This would have been an epic upgrade from my last build!

Luckily, this build is pretty beast and will handle the epicness of the PC gaming world for a bit. You’ll have 1TB worth of storage space and this will ensure that you have enough space for the big titles such as Fallout 4 or Star Wars Battlefront!

A keyboard, mouse, and monitor are also needed to experience the beauty of the PC gaming world. If you’re currently looking for a good gaming keyboard then you should check out this awesome keyboard/mouse combination. It’s pretty slick, it looks unique and it has a nice price tag on it. 🙂

cm-storm-devastator-ii-reviewKeyboard/MouseCM Storm Devastator II

As I said, a monitor is also needed. I’ve used this 1080p monitor by Asus for many years now and it still works just as if it were brand new. I would definitely recommend checking it out!

71r1E7x7PlL._SL1500_ MonitorAsus VS228H

Optionally if you’re looking for a controller to use for your new gaming PC then I’d suggest taking a look at my picks for the Best PC Gaming Controllers. I personally use the glowing LED controller, but any of the controllers in that list will work just fine with this build and any other build with USB slots which I guess would be basically every PC out there! 😛


Operating System And Internet Connection

Choosing an operating system is entirely up to you. Windows 10 costs about $90 and nobody really wants to dish out that kind of cash for an operating system. You could always throw Linux on your computer for the time being until you save enough money or figure out a way to get Windows 10 for free on a burnt disk.

Linux is a free open source operating system and Steam works pretty well with it but not every game has been moved over to the Linux OS.

I will not show you how to get Windows for free simply because I do not promote piracy or illegal downloads in any way shape or form. But like I said above, it is entirely up to you. Google it if you really want to pirate Windows.

If you do decide to go with Windows, make sure that you grab the 64bit version so that you will be able to use all 8GB of your RAM.

A wireless network adapter is an optional PC part but it allows you to access your internet wirelessly through small antennas that stick out of the back of your PC.

Just plug em’ in, install the drivers and then you’re all set for accessing your internet.

Below are links to a network adapter that is suitable for Windows 10 and to the Windows 10 64bit operating system.

windows 10 64bit Windows 10 64bit – Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit

81CsUmlJ+iL._SL1500_ USB Wireless Network Adapter – Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter

Now I know that I usually recommend going with a broadband PCI express wireless network adapter but right now there are none on the market that I know of that are compatible with Windows 10. It seems like many people are upgrading to Microsoft’s new OS and so it is important to make sure that you have something that is going to be compatible.

Based on the reviews on Amazon for the product, it has a great connection to wifi!


To Conclude

If you’re looking for a build that’s going to handle most games on high graphic settings and if you’re also looking for good frame rates at those settings then this is definitely the build for you.

This build will dominate most games coming out this year and you’re totally in luck for this next-gen experience if you go with this build! 🙂

If you have any questions about the build feel free to ask me in the comments area below! 😀


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5,433 Responses to Best Gaming PC Build Under $500 Dollars, This PC Will OWN in 2017!

  1. Garrett says:

    What would you upgrade if you had an extra $100?

  2. Garrett says:

    Ok thanks

  3. Fire says:

    What is the importance of the cd drive?

    • Colton P says:

      For the driver software that comes with the different parts, Fire. If you know what you’re doing when it comes to finding the right drivers for the motherboard, graphics card etc online and getting them installed then the CD drive wouldn’t be necessary! Also used for installing Windows if you’re getting a Windows CD.

  4. Magnus says:

    Hey, i im pretty new to computers. I have searched around looking for good tutorials, on how to build your own gamer pc. But they are all really complicated, do you have one that might help me.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Magnus,

      Have you looked at the video I have embedded above? By following these exact parts and following the above video you’d be good to go for putting everything together! I suggest going through it before and during the actual process of putting everything together.

  5. lukas says:

    Isn’t 500W a bit to little?

  6. Wyatt says:

    Is this build better than the previous posted one?

  7. mvgeiger says:

    Should I upgrade the graphics card, processor, or motherboard first? And why, please.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey mvgeiger,

      You won’t have to for a good while but the graphics card should be your first upgrade. Most games depend more on the graphics card rather than the CPU so that’s why it makes more sense to upgrade the graphics card before anything else.

  8. Jerry says:

    Hey Colton,
    I’m still using your old cpu (fx-6300) and it is starting to get noisy. I am thinking about getting an after market cpu cooler, could you recommend me a cpu cooler and thermal paste please?

    Thanks in advanced.

  9. Holden Copous says:

    Hey, I built your 2016 $500 PC and I was wondering what aftermarket CPU fan would you recommend for that build. I was looking at the Noctua NH-D15, but I feel like that may be overkill and too big for the case.

  10. Sad Boy says:

    I have been wanting a pc for some time now but can’t afford it. I wish i hadn’t bought my mac and instead build my own pc. 🙁

  11. Cameron says:

    Does this run games rather fast and smooth?

  12. Mr.India says:

    Well RX480 is more than $200.For 100$ get a lower GPU or maybe a SSD.

  13. Kevin says:

    Do we need that paste stuff he applies in the video ?

  14. Dylan Murray says:

    I could have sworn I asked this, but I can’t seem to find it. I was given a GTX 670 used, but 100% free. We were supposed to just pay shipping, but the guy told us after he shipped it not to worry about paying for it. What the GTX 670 work here? If not, what would I need to change the make it work?

  15. Johm says:

    Finally got all of the parts for the previous build you had posted as a gift for my son to build his first gamimg pc. Now i see almost an entirely new list just updated. In your opinion is the other build still decent or should I already look into getting the items on the new list instead.

  16. Wyatt says:

    So you told me the rose case but you changed it. Any good cheap mid tower you would suggest? Also do you recommend getting the protection plans for each? And is the wifi connection panda needed?

    • Colton P says:

      That case will still work! Otherwise I’d suggest going through the mid tower cases on Amazon until you find one that you think you’d like to use. If you find one then you can link it to me in a new comment and I’ll let you know if it’d work or not.

      The protection plan is entirely up to you, if a part comes DOA then you’ll be able to return it with or without the protection plan. The plan just helps if something were to happen down the road which shouldn’t happen.

      If you want wireless internet connection then you’d want that or something similar otherwise I’d recommend a direct connection with an ethernet cord!

  17. Rikky Korn says:

    Quick question will this case work for this build? I want something with LEDS in it for a nice touch.

  18. Wyatt says:

    Some of the items posted aren’t available on Amazon anymore could you please update this to available items. The power supply and ram I think aren’t available any suggestions and does it need the panda wireless

  19. Bernard says:

    Hi Colton,

    I would like to upgrade mobo, graphics card, casing and add a cooling fan. Will this changes work with your build?

    Thanks A lot! I Love your site!

    • Colton P says:

      Hi Bernard,

      Yes! All of those upgrades would work just fine! Glad that you’re digging the site 😀 Let me know if I can help any more as you’re moving forward with the build!

  20. wyatt says:

    also another question, sorry this is the first time with computers i completely suck with them. will i be able to plug in or like connect the new tower when its built to my laptop to use the screen on it and keyboard? and im pretty sure im just going to go with the displayed case above unless i find one like that with nice leds.

    • Colton P says:

      I’ve personally never done something like that but it’d be worth looking up on YouTube to see if it’s possible.

    • Frank says:

      It isn’t possible unless you are that 1 in 1000 person that has a wierd laptop that had an hdmi in port, and as for the keyboard, no way. Ithe is probably permanently linked to the laptop. I learn from experience. Good luck on the build!

  21. wyatt says:

    also whats the difference between this the zotac 4gb and zotac OC 4 gb edition

  22. wyatt says:

    welp i said screw this and went ahead and ordered them a little more expensive zotac 4 gb and found the 8gb ram i think someone cancelled i was going to do the 2 tb seagate but it went up 20 so i went down to the 40 1tb and got this because mainly one of the items was about to be off stock and the next one up was alomst more the 50percent raised

    • Colton P says:

      That case will work Wyatt but it doesn’t have USB 3.0 front slots while the motherboard has a USB 3.0 header. You’ll still be able to use the front USB 2.0 slots.

  23. Nate Pewthers says:

    would this one work for the case

  24. Wyatt says:

    I have a x08-73061 and a x10-60256 at home is there anything in them of value? That I could salvage

  25. Nate Pewthers says:

    Oh and I almost forgot will this graphics card work with the motherboard?

  26. Craig says:

    What SSD would you suggest? I have my Windows 10 home on a 1tb now. Thought it would be nice to swap that over to a SSD. Thank you

  27. Gavin says:

    If I were to buy all of the parts from the list above to make the PC, would everything I need to make the PC, excluding the operating system and WiFi adapter, come included?

  28. Gavin says:

    And also, I’m pretty sure from there is a program to download the windows 10 files onto a disc or a USB drive, would that only be used for updating to windows 10?

    • Colton P says:

      It’s possible to boot Windows 10 from disc/USB drive. I share the disc version from Amazon above but there are other methods of getting Windows as well!

  29. Tyler.S says:

    Hey Colton I’m wondering if getting windows 10 from kinguin is a reliable source and thanks again for the reply

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Tyler,

      I’ve never purchased anything from there but I have from other similar key sites. I have a friend that has bought a Windows key from there with no issue. That’s entirely up to you but if you do make sure it’s from a seller with a very good reputation.

  30. Collin Buie says:

    How well would this run games like GTA V, ARMA 3, or just newer games in general?

    • Colton P says:

      Fairly well Collin. I wouldn’t expect all of the newest, high demanding games to run at 60 FPS on maximum graphics settings but a tweaked high setting is ideal for a decent frame rate on the newer titles!

  31. sking31287 says:

    Hey i’m trying to do a build for my sons 10 & 6 there not that into the higher graphics games yet but i feel like thats because we have an ordinary pc now.

    My first question is can you recommend a case with a little more style my oldest wants something like this but im afraid there wont be enough ventilation, or should i tell him to suck it up with the more ordinary case with led.

    Second i think i’m going to go with the 480 and stick with the i3 should i upgrade PSU or maybe add a cooler, im at $609 after rebates right now and that includes Windows 10, mouse keyboard, and a couple of led fans. I’m hoping to spend at most another $100 on a decent case and maybe camera.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey sking31287,

      That case would work fine if you wanted to go with it, I’d also recommend taking a look at more mid tower cases and if you were to find one that you liked you could link it in a new comment and I can let you know whether or not it’d work.

      As for the 480, that’d be fine. The extra $100 would be better spent on an even better CPU in my opinion unless having a cool looking case is that much more important to you. I’d suggest the i5-6500 – that combined with the 480 would set them up for the long haul for sure!

  32. Angel says:

    Is this set up strong enough to run photoshop and other photo and video editing?

    Also, can what would be an alternative to the HDD? I am looking to install a SSD instead.


    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Angel,

      Yes – for basic level rendering it’ll do just fine. It may take a bit for the higher levels of rendering software but it’s all going to be doable 100%.

      If you’d rather start with a SSD then I’d suggest this one from SanDisk since it’s available right now for a pretty good price point!

  33. Chan says:

    Hey Colton,

    Will i3-6100 be good enough for gaming since it only has two cores?

  34. Jadier Fajardo says:

    Hey I asked you about a week ago what is a good 4k monitor but I’ve been told by my friend that my computer wouldn’t be able to handle it so what would be a good 1080p monitor? (Cheap if possible)

  35. Cameron says:

    If you were to get a new graphics card what would you get?

  36. Tiffany S says:

    Would this PC work well for The Sims 4 or any other EA/Maxis games?

  37. Luke says:

    Hi Colton. Will this build work with a GTX 1050Ti SC (single fan) instead?

    I can order all of the parts except for the 1050ti mini.

  38. Jackson says:

    If I had an extra 100 dollars, what should I upgrade?

    I noticed an earlier comment that said graphics card, but the head of technology at my school said to get the intel i5 instead of i3.

    Basically, why graphics card over i5, and why not i5 in build instead of i3? (bear with me I am a complete computer bozo)

    • Colton P says:


      With the recent update to the build, you may want to go with something like the i5-6500 instead.

      You may have seen that comment for the previous config of the build but really either upgrade would suffice. For how it is right now I’d agree that it’d make more sense to do the CPU upgrade then the GPU upgrade down the road whenever you deem it necessary.

  39. CommanderLyke says:

    Hello! I believe we have spoken, but I am going to build a computer for my brother for Christmas (I kinda just want to build a computer also :])

    I am not an expert at Computers in any way possible.

    Will this PC run WoW:Legion on good+ graphics (40 frames +)? (

    Will this PC run CS:GO on low+ graphics (60 frames +)? (

    Will this computer run 2+ monitors (I have the cables and know how to do it)?

    This would be amazing if you could help me out, I really… REALLY… want to give something to him. He is going to college soon, this would be his gift.

    Please reply 😉
    God bless, and Merry Christmas!

    • Colton P says:

      Hey again CommanderLyke!

      It’s going to run WoW and CS:GO at max settings, 60 FPS for sure. It’s a pretty awesome build for 1080p 🙂

      2 monitors would also work since the graphics card has enough ports!

      Let me know if you need any more help as you move forward with the build, that’d be pretty awesome to do a build for your bro for Christmas!! 😀

  40. Drew says:

    Hey there! Just thought I’d let you know that Best Buy has their “exclusive” version of the RX-480 on sale for $199. SKU number 5613854.

  41. Whale says:

    Thanks man! I just built this PC! ITS AMAZING! THANK YOU!

  42. Dakota says:

    can you make a list of like 25 games that this pc can run with good fps please.

    • Colton P says:


      No need really for a list. Today’s games will run with good FPS on a tweaked high setting for the most part – it depends on the optimization of a specific game. You can expect to be able to run everything in 2017 with this build for sure on a tweaked high setting.

  43. kalix maxwell says:

    I wanted to save this year for one (I’m a teen) .what would the bare min for stuff like bubble guppies (GTA 5) be.

  44. Terin says:

    Hey should I get a fan or two for it

  45. Joddy Lewis says:

    What kind of upgrade paths does the 1050Ti have? Its seem pretty small and i’m afraid if I buy something like a 1070/80 it might not fit. Any suggestions? Also, would I bottleneck the processor if I put something as beefy as a 1070/80 in.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Joddy,

      The 1050Ti is a really great card and you shouldn’t really consider upgrading for a good while. Something like a 1070/1080 isn’t really even necessary for 1080p but there are a few models of both that would fit in the case. They would both bottleneck a i3-6100 so it’d be ideal to also upgrade the CPU when that time comes.

  46. Tyler says:

    Hey man, I got 2 questions for you. I bought the newer version of the 1TB hardrive called the baracuda because it was only 1$ extra, it’s still compatible right? Also, down the road what would be a good motherboard upgrade that would still work with everything else? Please and thank you very much for taking the time to respond!

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Tyler,

      Yes, it still uses the same types of connections that the other version uses. For a better motherboard upgrade I’d recommend this board by Asus but only if you planned on also upgrading to a processor that’s able to be overclocked. The above board is not able to overclock processors but it’s still a great board for stock CPUs and for the future!

  47. bob says:

    what is new in the update? updated price?

    • Colton P says:

      Updated price and the graphics card got switched out for the OC edition since it was at a lower price point when I was looking at different cards this morning!

  48. Billee says:

    Will this build run the Friday The 13th game? The minimum specs require and i5 and this is an i3. I’m computer illiterate so this is confusing to me lol.

  49. Billee says:

    Thank you Colton P 🙂 That put my mind at ease. This is my first build and i’m learning as I go. Thanks again.

  50. Billee says:

    Sorry to bother you again Colton, but if I were to get a wild hair and decide to upgrade to support VR what parts would be best on a reasonable budget?

    • Colton P says:

      No need to be sorry Billee! This is what the comments area is for! 🙂

      When it comes to VR you’ll want to have hardware that can handle a high frame rate while in-game. Low frame rates in VR really makes it unplayable.

      I would suggest upgrading the CPU to the i5-6600 (since the 6500 seems to be out of stock and priced at an insane price right now) and the graphics card, at the very least, to the RX 480 – I know that those changes aren’t the cheapest but with those parts you’d have a really awesome overall experience. You don’t want to go on a “cheaper” route when it comes to planning on VR gaming to avoid having a low quality experience.

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