700 Dollar Gaming PC Build 2019, This PC Is Next-Gen Ready

So you’re trying to build yourself a 700 dollar gaming PC build for 2019? Well, that’s awesome for you. Because today I’d like to share how to get the most bang for your buck while staying within this specific budget.


700 Dollar Gaming PC Build


An Awesome Build Awaits You

Being on a $700 budget to get started into the PC gaming world is a blessing and trust me you’ll never regret the day that you decided to invest this amount into a gaming PC! 🙂

This build will run extremely smooth with everything. Games will be able to run on the higher graphic settings while still keeping a very good frame rate while playing them.

If you’ve never built a computer before then I highly suggest that you watch the video I have posted below before AND during your building process once all of your parts come in the mail. This is the same video that I watched while I built my first computer and I must say it was the best tutorial out there that I could personally find. Newegg does a fantastic job making sure that they leave no detail out for this process.


How To Build A Computer

That video should definitely shed some light on the illusion of confusion when it comes to building a computer for yourself. What I mean by that is that a lot of people think that building a computer from scratch would require a bunch of computer smarts and techy know-how in order to get it done when in reality it’s actually a simple plug n’ play process! 😀

Now that you have an idea of how you’ll be building your computer, let’s go over which parts would be best with a $700 budget.


Optimal Hardware For $700


Last Updated: May 7th, 2019

* = Optional. Read below for more details.

Final price includes optional part.


 CaseCorsair Carbide 100R

 ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 2600

 Motherboard – MSI B450M Gaming Plus

Sapphire 11265-01-20G Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 8GB Video CardSapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 8GB

 RAM – Crucial 8GB Single DDR4

EVGA 600W BR PSU Power SupplyEVGA 600W BR PSU

WD Blue 1TB HDD Hard Drive – Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD

asus * CD Drive (Optional) – Asus 24x DVD-RW


Final Price: $690.75


Build Details

Pretty amazing build if I do say so myself! 🙂

The main difference between this build and the $600 build is the processor. The Ryzen 5 1500x has a bit more power per dollar spent in comparison to the 1200. After a slight overclock, you’d be outperforming the i5-7500 which is what used to be shared when doing a build at this budget.

If you’re looking to play games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Grand Theft Auto V or Overwatch on higher graphic levels then this is definitely a great build just for that. The hardware that comes with this build is outstanding and I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be baffled by the power behind this hardware once you have experienced it for yourself.

A computer case is a part that is entirely up to the person buying the case. The one I have listed above gives you a pretty big bang for your buck and is completely compatible with this entire build. The above case really goes in between $40-$70ish so if you’re wanting to have your total cost be a bit less then it might be a good idea to go with a compatible case that is a bit cheaper.

If you want to browse other computer cases that are available online then you can Click Here to check out more mid tower cases!

A Ryzen 5 2600 is the ideal CPU if you’re spending ~$700 on your build.

Having an AMD Ryzen processor for your build is a good decision because AMD has done a great job of providing super high quality and dependable processors for many years now.

With the new Ryzen CPUs on the market you not only get good gaming performance but they’re also a good line of processors when thinking in terms of rendering projects as well.

The Ryzen 5 2600 is an awesome CPU and is sure to surprise any user with its processing speeds.

This quad-core processor is totally up for today’s demands for computer games/software/programs and then some. You can’t go wrong with this CPU and you’re basically guaranteed an amazing experience for years to come.

It’s a bit of an upgrade from the last CPU which was the i5-7500. The 2600 is the next generation up in AMD’s CPU family and since the pricing is making more and more sense as we move forward I figured that it was high time to add it into the build.

This CPU is able to be overclocked and although that isn’t an essential thing to do, I’d highly recommend doing so. That’s what gives it an edge over the i5-7500 – you’re able to overclock it to a point where it’ll perform better in gaming while also already being significantly better at rendering processes such as video editing.

Sapphire 11265-01-20G Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 8GB

We’re able to finally use an 8GB version of the RX 580. If you’re looking for high FPS on higher graphics settings at 1080p then a RX 580 is the perfect card to do exactly that. You’ll also be able to handle a decent amount of VR experiences!

Now for the video card on this build… This 8GB RX 580 card does wonders for gaming at 1080p resolution. As of right now, the current price point of a 8GB RX 580 makes perfect sense for a build that you’re aiming to spend around $700 on.

Other versions of this same type of card vary at different price ranges. This one from MSI is the one that makes the most sense with the current update to the build because the price point is at a nice spot and MSI makes awesome video cards.

It wasn’t too long ago when pretty much all video cards were overpriced so it’s nice to see that things are looking up in terms of fair prices for video cards.

If you’re currently a console gamer and you want to experience the ultimate joys of owning a powerful PC gaming system then the RX 580 combined with these other specs will really show you what it’s like.

I wouldn’t expect to run the highest demanding titles at maximum settings with 60 FPS but you’re definitely going to have a much better experience than you would on consoles.

Before the recent build updates I had the GTX 1060 listed above instead of the 580 which is lucky for us because the 580 is the better card, though only by a small bit. AMD used to have a problem with keeping them in stock for the longest time. Hopefully future updates will continue to be able to use the RX series video cards, they’re awesome!

The 600 watt power supply is manufactured by EVGA. There are some power supplies out there that simply cannot deliver the power that they say they have but EVGA will always deliver a high quality product especially with their power supplies.

* When it comes to the CD drive you have to plan how you’re going to be getting your operating system and drivers installed. If you know what you’re doing when it comes to using a USB drive for your OS and getting the correct drivers online then it’s not necessary to add in a CD drive.

Now also don’t forget that you’re going to need a keyboard, mouse and monitor in order to finish everything out for your build. If you’re in the market for a keyboard and mouse then you should definitely check out this awesome combo!

Keyboard/MouseCM Storm Devastator 3

Now for a monitor, you’re definitely going to want to go with a 1080p choice. Simply because this build is more than capable of running some of the tops games at that resolution and games look pretty great at 1080p!

71r1E7x7PlL._SL1500_Monitor – Asus VS228H

All in all, this is a perfect setup for anyone that’s on a $700 budget.


Operating System And Internet Connection

Now for the operating system of your build I have to say that it is entirely up to your when you go to pick an operating system.

Personally, I use Windows 10 because it has given me the best experience not only with PC gaming in general but also just the usage for a personal computer. If you don’t have the money right now for Windows then you can always download a free Linux based operating system called Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is an open-source computer OS that lets users customize it how they see fit. The only reason why I don’t use Linux is because most of the Steam games I have aren’t compatible with Linux but that is soon to change!

Steam is releasing their own operating system called SteamOS and it’s Linux based and supposedly supposed to be compatible with every game that is available on Steam. I’m pretty pumped to see the final product and best believe that I’ll be using Steam’s OS for my gaming PC once they finally have it finished!

There are also other ways of obtaining Windows without having to go through a purchasing process but it’s super frowned upon not only by most everyone in the world but myself included. It makes more sense to get a legitimate copy of the operating system that way you can know, going forward, that everything is going to work the way it was intended to.

Also, if you’re looking for ultimate wifi connectivity then I highly suggest getting the wireless network adapter listed below. It’s got the fastest and most reliable connection you could have with a desktop on USB! I always recommend going with a direct connection if you’re able to but if wireless is your only option, make sure you get a high quality adapter to get the job done.

wI’ve also got a link to a 64bit version of Windows 10. It’s extremely important to always grab the 64bit version otherwise you won’t be able to use the full 8GB of RAM that you’ve got within your PC build!

windows 10 64bit Windows 10 64bit – Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit

81CsUmlJ+iL._SL1500_ USB Wireless Network Adapter – Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter

And if you need a mouse and keyboard for your build then it doesn’t get any better than the CM Devastator combo! Seriously, it’s the best combo for a mouse and keyboard as far as value per dollar spent is concerned.


To Conclude

The next few years will be filled with exciting times for PC gaming and I can’t wait to see how it all evolves for the years to come! 😀

So what do you guys think of this $700 dollar gaming PC build? Does it seem like a system that is up to par with today’s demands for gaming? I sure think so!

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, I’m all ears! 😀


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935 Responses to 700 Dollar Gaming PC Build 2019, This PC Is Next-Gen Ready

  1. Amber says:


    I hope I’m not asking a stupid question. I’m not a techy person and I’m just doing a lot of research before I use the build you have on this website. According to the information on the motherboard you linked, it only has one connector for a tower fan, but the tower has 3 fans. I would like to use all three fans… is it safe to use a 3 fan splitter cable with this motherboard? I heard you could damage a motherboard if you connect fans that draw more power than it can handle.

    I’d be just as happy to learn that I’m wrong about the motherboard, and it does in fact have 3 fan connectors. I checked out the picture of it, but I can’t tell which connectors are the fan connectors… I’m not a techy girl, lol.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Amber,

      You could use a fan connector to get all of the fans connected, you’re right that there seems to only be one system fan connector. I wouldn’t worry about too much power being drawn though.

      I’ve always liked using a fan hub when I need more connectors! Let me know what you decide to do!

  2. David says:

    Hello, I was wondering wether or not I could replace the hard drive with an SSD as I was told they are significantly faster. I’m willing to give up the storage space if it means finding one of around the same cost. Thanks in advance!

  3. Amber says:

    Hello, I noticed you changed the motherboard and graphics card on this build… I already bought the Asus H110M-A M.2 motherboard you recommended before, and was planning to buy the 6GB graphics card that you recommended before as well.

    Is this 4GB graphics card a significant downgrade, and is it compatible with the Asus motherboard you posted before? I am not sure if I should continue to buy the 6GB graphics card you posted before, or go with this new one. Thank you!

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there!

      I made the change because the pricing of the 1060 has changed significantly. It sucks having to pay over $300 for a 1060. With that, I decided to throw in the 1050 Ti. It does indeed have less performance, you’d still be able to play a title such as Overwatch on a tweaked high setting with a smooth frame rate whereas a GTX 1060 would be able to play most titles on ultra with no problems.

      As far as the motherboard change, make sure you’re also going with a compatible processor. Be sure to grab the i5-6500 instead. Switched over to the i5-7500 in the recent update due to the price difference from the video card. Other than that, yes it’s all compatible!

      If you still wanted to go with the 1060 you could. The prices changed due to the Bitcoin mining craze going on right now hence why it’s so much more expensive than it was before.

  4. Amber says:

    Amber again.

    I was also wondering if the processor you recommend REQUIRES a cooling fan to go with it? It’s recommended as an accessory buy on Amazon, but do I need to buy it? Thank you!

    • Colton P says:

      Nope! You’re good to go going with the CPU only option. It’ll come with a stock Intel CPU cooler. Again, be sure to pick up the other processor I linked in the other reply since you already picked up the previous board!

  5. BlakePolson says:

    Is this in American dollars or Canadian

  6. hehe says:

    Can this gaming PC runs all new games such as bf 1 ?

  7. Chase Christian says:

    Hey, can you link some cases that are cheaper but still compatible?

  8. Khoi says:


    I have a question about this PC build. Will I be able to play Destiny 2 with this build? Can I run a 2 TB Seagate Hard Drive with this motherboard that you recommend? Also is there any other option that I can get rather than that window 10 64bit? I’m not really that good in computer technology so I come up with these questions, hope that you don’t mind to help me out.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Khoi,

      These specs are geared towards future titles that are coming out so given that Destiny 2 has good optimization when it comes out then yes – you should be able to run it just fine.

      You can go with the 2TB option if you need to, same process as going with the 1TB.

      Windows 10 is the best operating system to use for gaming on PC right now, it’ll be that way for the long haul.

      Let me know if I can help more, that’s what this comments area is for!!

  9. Mike says:

    What cpu cooler do you recommend?

  10. Tyson says:

    Hi, I was wondering if it was ok to saw the 1050 TI with a 1060, would that still be compatible?

  11. fatcat says:

    first off i would like to say thanks for this amazing build this is most likely what i will build. but i wanted to ask are the parts from the $800 build compatible with this build for example upgrading the ram from this one to the $800 build. thank you

  12. fatcat says:

    i want to upgrade this pc over time and i wanted to know if these parts work with each other and the current build

    B250 gaming m3 mother board

    PNY GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

    for the ram i am not exactly sure what the name is so here is a link


    power supply with the stuff i am adding to the build do i need the EVGA 700 B1, 80+ Bronze 700W power supply or can i keep the one in this build

    and if i want to upgrade storage i can just use any barracuda drive correct

    thank you for helping me out

    • Colton P says:

      You’re right on all fronts, though I’ve changed some parts up when it comes to the CPU and such. You’ll want to make sure that all of your parts are compatible before pulling the trigger.

  13. Bob says:


    Will the Cooler Master HAF 912 be compatible with this? I’m also adding an aftermarket cpu (small in size)

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Bob,

      You’re referring to this exact case then, right? If so then yes, you’d be able to use it. As far as an aftermarket CPU cooler that’ll work, depends on which one. Are you able to link me the cooler you plan on using?

      Let me know!

  14. Joe P. says:

    Hello, I am curious if this graphics card, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Windforce OC 3GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (GV-N1060WF2OC-3GD), is compatible with this build and the Apevia X-SNIPER2-BL ATX mid tower case.
    Sorry for the mess, not sure how to set up a link.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Joe,

      For sure that card will work with the build, as well as that case. I’ve actually used the SNIPER case before, you can check out the review right here if you’d like!

      Let me know if I can help more as you’ve moving forward with your build.

      • Joe P. says:

        I ordered my parts and in my haste I somehow ordered the the EVGA 600 BQ instead of the B1. Will the 600 BQ work for this build or do I have to get the B1 600W?

        • Colton P says:

          From initial research I can see that most recommend going with a B1 or B2 model over the BQ… I don’t have any experience using that model and have never seen it used with a PC.

          Also with that research it seems that it’s going to be able to handle the build fine. Bottom line, it comes with a 3 year warranty by itself. If you were to run into an issue down the road you’ll be able to get it handled under that warranty. It’s 100% compatible with the build.

  15. Robert says:

    Hey do you have any recommendations for water cooling compatible with this build and what is the total price with all recommended parts and accessories listed on the page thanks

    • Colton P says:

      For this build I’d recommend going with something like the Corsair H60 liquid cooler – it’s compatible with the above case and it’s a great cooler to go with!

      As far as total price including accessories and what have you, I’m not entirely sure. It’d come down to which peripherals you decided to go with as well. Also depends on how much you spend on your operating system etc…

      I’d say to add in an extra $150-$200 if you add in monitor, keyboard/mouse and Windows 10. Can lower that by getting Windows using other methods. Prices of the hardware are always changing so you’d have to add everything to a cart on Amazon and it’ll be able to keep track of the prices for you.

      Let me know if I can help more!

  16. Robert says:

    Also what are other full transparent siding cases with leds for around the same price do you have to recommend

  17. Ben G says:

    Hey, I was looking into buying this build, and im not sure if I should. I never bought a custom built pc and I was going to take it to best buy to get them to put it together. Is this computer going to be sufficent for playing on max settings on games like counter strike, and overwatch? Thanks in advance!

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Ben,

      I would also look into other places besides just Best Buy if you really must have someone else build the computer for you… They’re going to charge you an arm and a leg to do that. You sure you’re not wanting to try and put it together yourself? It’s not as hard as you think!

      As far as Overwatch/CS:Go at max – for sure! These specs surpass what is recommended with both titles and you’d be having 60+ FPS at 1080p with both titles.

      Always here for whatever else going forward!

  18. Robert says:

    Hey i was wondering if this case is compatible with this build along with this hard drive please inform me if they are

    • Colton P says:

      Which case and hard drive are you referring to, Robert? The above ones? Yes, they are compatible. But do let me know if you are talking about different parts and not what is listed above specifically?

  19. PD says:

    Hi, I’m not doing a complete build because I’d like to take some of the parts out of my existing desktop and use them.

    So I’d like to know if my existing power supply would power the motherboard and processor you have listed. What is the minimum wattage power supply I would need?

    I have an older Dell computer and not sure what power supply specs are in it.


    • Colton P says:

      I’d say that the very least would be 500W and that’s with no overclocking involved. I wouldn’t go lower than 500W. If you plan to overclock then you’ll want a higher wattage power supply for sure.

      • PD says:

        Hi Colton. Thanks for replying. One more question. Can I use my existing hard drive and install it on the new motherboard and still be able to boot up the newly improved computer I’m building?

        I’ve basically purchased the above CPU, motherboard, and power supply. But I’m taking the hard drive, GPU, and DVD player from the old computer.


  20. PD says:

    Thanks Colton. Is it possible to use DDR3 RAM with a DDR4 spec motherboard? Or do I need to upgrade my RAM too? Thanks.

  21. PD says:

    Can I install the hard drive from my previous computer into the new motherboard listed above? Will it boot up on the new mobo ok? I’m running Windows 8.1 on my current computer.

    • Colton P says:

      Ahh I see here it has Windows 8. I’d highly suggest getting an upgrade to Windows 10 if you’re able to since the experience of moving an old hard drive is pretty seamless with Windows 10. I haven’t tried doing that with older versions of Windows so I can’t say the same… Do you still have your Windows installation disc?

  22. Calvin says:

    So the mother board you linked is a Prime Exclusive, can you link another one?

  23. Calvin says:

    Also, in time, could this powersuppy be ok to power two 1060’s? I notice there are only 3gb of vram and was thinking about adding another card. Maybe not a 1060, i was thinking about a 1050ti, i have decided to use a different motherboard woth dual Graphics Card slots, but Im not sure if the power supply can do that. Thanks

  24. joseph linares says:

    can we add a watercooler to this build?

  25. Calvin says:

    I know this is my 3rd comment, but could you link any micro atx boards? I would rather use the APEVIA X-QPACK3-WHT Micro ATX Cube Gaming/HTPC Case, Supports Video Card up to 320mm/ATX PS, 2 x Blue Windows, USB3.0/USB2.0/HD Audio Ports, 1 x 140mm Blue LED fan, Flip Open Design, Dust Filter–White http://amzn.to/2zBBI6y and that only supports Micro atx. Thanks

    • Colton P says:

      The above board would actually work with that case, it’s a MicroATX. The cooler that comes with the CPU – at first I didn’t think it’d fit with the case but with some research and seeing the dimensions of the cooler compared to the max size that the Apevia case can fit – it should work just fine!

  26. Calvin says:

    Upon inspection i found ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 USB 3.1 mATX B350 Motherboard http://amzn.to/2zm6KON would that work?

  27. Herbert Molina says:

    how high can the frame rate reach that the computer can handle?

    • Colton P says:


      Your frame rate is going to depend on a lot of factors. You’re going to have a different frame rate for different games depending on what they require and how well they are optimized.

      What games are you wanting to have high frame rates for?

  28. Sodapop says:

    Can I run Dota 2 @ 120 FPS with this set up?

  29. michael cadena says:

    Hello. I stumbled on your builds recently and I’m really impressed other places and people don’t make it as simple as you and. I appreciate that to be honesty my pc knowledge isn’t great and I’m kinda scared to put it together. But I’m gonna try my best so everything you listen above plus windows 10 is all I’ll need then I’ll be ready to play ?

    Also do you think it’s best I maybe wait till cyber Monday to save a little bit ? Sorry for the questions thanks in advance.

    • Colton P says:

      I’m glad that you’re digging the site man! Simplicity is what I go for 🙂

      The above video is going to help out ten fold, I’d recommend watching it before and during the actual process of putting it all together. To put it in perspective for you, my first ever build I knew absolutely nothing about putting a PC together. But after watching that video and using it during the process I was able to figure it out! Make sure you have plenty of time and to take your time then you’ll be fine.

      It wouldn’t hurt to wait, we can’t know what exactly will be going on sale until the sales actually happen but there will definitely be some hardware that will go on sale. I’ll also be making posts showing which deals I find, did that last year as well so stay tuned for those when the times comes! At this point, it’s probably worth waiting just a bit longer to possibly save some money.

  30. Sodapop says:

    Do you recommend buying a 144hz monitor to go along with this build?

    • Colton P says:

      I mean, the 144hz wouldn’t be able to be fully utilized in the more demanding titles but for other games that you know for a fact you’d get up into 140+ FPS then it’d be worth it, these specs would be able to run some games like that. I wouldn’t expect to see a game like PUBG utilize a 144hz monitor optimally.

  31. Chris says:

    I don’t understand how THIS BUILD: http://amzn.to/2yYlZ0s

    is not a better buy since it already comes with Win10 and has the RX580 like you suggest???

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Chris,

      That’s actually a pretty nice deal when it comes to a pre-built. The above CPU, A Ryzen 5 1500X, would be a much better CPU to go with at this budget point. As far as a 580/1060 comparison, they’re very close in performance.

      If you’d rather have a pre-built and want less of an upgrade path on the CPU side then that wouldn’t be too bad of a deal!

  32. Herbert Molina says:

    can i remove the cd drive i mean is it really necessary?

  33. Lucas Walter says:

    Would mixing parts from your different builds work? How would it affect the power supply?

  34. Annonymous says:

    Would this build work for around $700?
    CPU: AMD – Ryzen 5 1400 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ($145.00 @ Amazon)
    Motherboard: Asus – PRIME B350M-E Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard ($69.99 @ Amazon)
    Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Memory ($87.99 @ Amazon)
    Storage: Seagate – BarraCuda 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($49.67 @ Amazon)
    Video Card: Zotac – GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB AMP! Edition Video Card ($269.99 @ Amazon)
    Case: Thermaltake – Versa H21 ATX Mid Tower Case ($43.87 @ Amazon)
    Power Supply: EVGA – 450W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply ($39.89 @ Amazon)
    Total: $706.40

    I will be Overclocking cpu, so I went with 1400 and wanted a slightly better gpu

  35. Lucian says:

    I cant get this case in the netherlands is there a diffrent case i could use

  36. Justin says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if you recommended and vids/tutorials on how exactly you overclock a CPU. Up until this point I have never heard of “overclocking” and I am looking into buying and building my own gaming PC. If overclocking will make my PC run at its full potential then it only makes sense that I would want to do it. Thanks for your time, Justin.

    • Colton P says:

      I’d just do research on the exact CPU and cooler that you’re using on YouTube and see what others are doing, what’s working and what’s not. There isn’t really a “universal” video on overclocking since each motherboard, CPU and cooler are different.

  37. Jordan says:

    Hey! Thanks a bunch, I’m really excited to build this. Any other motherboards you would recommend though? My friend had a bad experience with this one!

  38. Raul says:

    Hello, I have no experience with how any of the parts work in a pc would you know any good tutorials so i can get my head around on how it works?

  39. Chase H says:

    Hello Sir,

    I was wondering, would a GTX 1060 6GB GPU be compatible with the rest of the build listed above? I was considering adding that one upgrade to it.

    If that’s a bad idea based on the price to performance tradeoff, do you have any other suggestions?

    Thank you,

    • Colton P says:

      Hello Chase,

      Talking about the price to performance tradeoff today with how the GPU market is makes it an interesting thing to bring up. That power per dollar spent is going to be up to you and what you value most since nearly all GPUs are almost more than double the regular price.

      With that, yes a GTX 1060 6GB card would be compatible. This one from MSI seems to be available for a lower price than most, it’s worth checking out!

      Let me know what you decide to go with!

      • Hukk says:

        Would this graphics card be compatible with the build?? “ASUS Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Phoenix Fan Edition DVI-D HDMI DP 1.4 Gaming Graphics Card (PH-GTX1050TI-4G) ”

        Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Galaxy-03

        Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 1500X

        Motherboard – MSI B350M GAMING PRO

        Video Card – ASUS Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Phoenix Fan Edition DVI-D HDMI DP 1.4

        RAM – Crucial 8GB Single DDR4

        600Power Supply – EVGA 80PLUS Bronze Certified 600W

        Hard Drive – Seagate 1TB

        asus * CD Drive (Optional) – Asus 24x DVD-RW

    • Jake says:

      Hey, for the additional $30 upgrade would it be worth going from the Ryzen 5 1500X to the Ryzen 5 1600X and would it be compatible? Thanks

      • Colton P says:

        Hey Jake,

        Yes, it’d be compatible. It has a couple more cores and 4 more threads, it’d be worth doing if you needed the extra CPU power. As far as gaming performance, it’ll be a bit better. Thing is, you also need to pick up a nice CPU cooler to go with since the 1600X doesn’t come with a stock cooler.

        I’d recommend the Corsair H60 cooler if you’re wanting something that’s higher quality. Let me know what you decide to go with!

  40. Kevin says:

    How does this build (The PC, Windows 10, wifi adapter and all other accessories that are needed) compare price with the


    Which has the better price for power?

    • Colton P says:

      There are ways of getting Windows for a lower price if you look around hard enough but with that said, the specs are better with that PC than what is listed here but for the bumped up cost. Not a bad deal if you have the room in your budget!

  41. William C says:

    What exactly would i need to upgrade to get this to run vr?

  42. Snacks500 says:

    Would getting a ddr3 mother bored and 12 gb of ddr3 ram be better or worse?

  43. Aaron Brooks says:

    Hey colton, i see it was updated yesterday, I was just curious if this can also include an SSD? (do you have any recommendations? :D) because I want to have some programs loading on an SSD. Thanks.

    • Colton P says:

      There’s definitely room for adding in a SSD. I’d suggest any of these from SanDisk if you’re still in the market for adding a SSD to your build, I’ve been away from the site for a while now but we’re back in the saddle so let me know if I can help more with your build!

  44. Davis Caminati says:

    Hello there, I bought the TUF B450M-Plus Gaming Motherboard and was wondering if the power supply you recommended was adequate for the board.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Davis,

      Yes it is. It’s moreso about whether or not there is enough power for what is connected to the board and there is plenty.

      Always here for whatever else going forward.

      • Davis Caminati says:

        Thank You Colton

        I was also wondering if the graphics card you recommended would work with the board I mentioned in my previous comment.

        (P.S this is the first computer I am making, and I am sorry for asking so many questions)

        • Colton P says:

          For sure! You won’t have any issues using the above card with that board.

          No worries about asking all of your questions, that’s what the site is here for! 🙂

  45. Ryan says:

    I am very new to the pc gaming world, and have owned a console all my life. I have decided to purchase a pc as my xbox is nearing the end of its days. I’m sorry for being so clueless, but how am I supposed to put all of this together? And will this build be able to run VR such as oculus?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Ryan,

      The video embedded with this post will show you the basics. The processor is going to have a slightly different installation process so you should also look into videos as far as installing a Ryzen CPU but other than that, the process is going to be the same. There are plenty of guides out there to show you how it’s all done. May seem impossible at first, but if you put everything together the way it’s meant to be put together then it’s not as hard as what you first think it’d be.

      Virtual reality will require a stronger video card for sure, especially with the newer titles coming out. You’ll need at least a GTX 1060 6GB card to get that done. I’d recommend this one from Gigabyte if you decided to upgrade to it!

  46. Nino says:

    Will this be cheaper or more expensive in amazon.de?
    700$ is like 630€ but im pretty sure that in Europe pc parts are more expensive than in the US.
    Sorry if this question sounds dumb.

    • Colton P says:

      The only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask!

      With that though, I’m not much help there. I’m not sure what the currency exchange rate is and can’t really say if it’d be cheaper/more expensive over at amazon.de …

      I’d copy/paste the titles of the parts from the links above into amazon.de and see what the prices are or if they even have the parts available.

  47. levi borrego says:

    Hey, idk if this is a stupid question, im new with pcs but will every thing still fit and work out if i use the
    Fractal Design FD-CA-Focus-WT-W ATX Mid Tower Computer Case?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Levi,

      The only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask! 😛

      Is this exact case the case that you’re referring to? If so then yes, it’ll work just fine with this build. Let me know if I can help more as you’re getting your build together!

  48. Jakub Musial says:

    Hey Colton! I’m looking into buying a gaming pc and i took all of your products and I mixed in some better parts. Can you please tell me if they are all compatible as I don’t really know much about computers. It would mean the world to me, Thank you!!!

    Seagate 1TB BarraCuda SATA 6Gb/s 32MB

    ADATA SU800 256GB 3D-NAND 2.5 Inch

    CORSAIR TXM Series, TX550M, 550 Watt

    Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/s

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5

    ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM AMD Ryzen


    AMD Ryzen 5 2600

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Jakub! I’m a little late to the reply, hopefully I can still help?

      Everything seems compatible to me! Keep in mind that the board may or may not need a BIOS update before using the Ryzen 2600 processor. Also, is this exact case the case that you’re referring to? Just want to make sure! If so then it’ll work great with what you have going on!

  49. Jakub Musial says:

    Hi, this is Jakub again and I was just quickly wondering if these parts are constantly updated or s this just an old build and i should look for other builds, Thank you!

    • Colton P says:

      Another update is coming pretty soon, month to month parts aren’t really going to change much in today’s market, that’s with any build you’re going to find.

  50. Will says:

    Colton mcskullton who can pull a ton when are you gonna get this next update going on? Hmmmm?

    • Colton P says:

      Will Mcshilldill, the dude who spreads the epicness, I just updated this specific build since you asked about it! Currently working on the other budget points as well, thanks for reaching out. I’ve got to keep up with these builds better. Hmmmm….

      • Will says:

        Thanks homie. So, from the previous build you just had up, would the new hard drive go good with it? And from the new things that you’re adding would you recommend them as being so much better that the price is worth it or does it not make that much of a significant difference?

        • Colton P says:

          No problem.

          The previous hard drive is the same exact hard drive I’ve used through over 3 different personal builds of mine over 5 years, so though my personal experience I know it’s an amazing hard drive. But the same can be said with the Western Digital one that I’m now sharing. I’ve done multiple builds years ago and those builds still have the same WD hard drive installed.

          I mainly changed it due to pricing and availability. I didn’t see as many Seagate hard drives available as I did the WD ones. As far as which hard drive would “perform” better, they’re practically the same. Just different branding and different teams of manufacturing etc. – Same RPM and everything

          Also, unless you’ve already gone ahead and started getting the parts, I’d highly recommend trying to get the extra dough for the $800 build instead. As of this time of writing, it also includes a 1TB solid state drive and a bit better overall performance. Also still has a 1TB HDD. It’s an absolute steal right now.

          • Will says:

            What cords am I gonna need for this? I am ordering a keyboard and mouse and monitor with it, shouldn’t that come with all its stuff?

          • Colton P says:

            Hey there Will,

            All of the necessary cables and what not will come with all of the different parts. No extra cables are needed. Same with the keyboard/mouse/monitor – Monitor will come with display cables and you won’t need anything else to use the keyboard and mouse.

            Let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with your build!

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