Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard, Unique Volume Control

Last Updated on October 30, 2015

I LOVE looking for deals on computer hardware, and today I would like to give out my opinion on the best cheap gaming keyboard for PC gaming in 2015.

When shopping for the best cheap gaming keyboard you have to keep overall product reviews in mind as well as your personal preference for your PC battle station.

With that, let’s get to the review.

^^^ Pretty sick “battlestation” right? 😛

I call it a battle station because I think gamers that go hard and make sure that their build is as epic that they can make it deserve to have their “build” be called a “BATTLE STATION” instead lol. 😛

Anyway, let’s get to it shall we?



Product: Azio Levetron L70 Gaming Keyboard

Price: $24.88

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Dimensions: 17.7 x 6.1 x 1.4 inches

Warranty: 2 Year for $1.99

My Rating: 9 out of 10

The Azio Levetron L70 LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard (KB501)

is the best cheap gaming keyboard that I could find that had awesome reviews. You can’t beat the slickness that Azio delivers on the Levetron  keyboard. The reason why I think it’s the best cheap one is because it comes with unique features and a unique look.


Some Features

  • Blue Color Backlight
  • Volume Adjustment Knob
  • Multi-Key Rollover
  • Windows Start Key Lock/Unlock
  • Detachable Palm Rest


The volume adjustment knob is a very cool feature and the blue back lights give off a very slick look. Instead of having to reach for your speakers to adjust the volume you just just swipe your hand on over to the knob and adjust your volume how you see fit!

This product is also fulfilled by Amazon so you’re guaranteed a smooth transaction and delivery process if you were to go with this gaming keyboard.


A Low Cost Asset

This keyboard would be a great asset to your PC gaming build for 2015! A quality gaming keyboard should always have a Windows start key lock and a multi-key rollover feature. This keyboard has those features and then some!

Another great feature about this keyboard is the  palm rest that comes with it. Now you don’t need to go out and buy a separate palm rest! 😀 And if you don’t like the palm rest, then it is easily detachable. Personally, I don’t really like having a palm rest while I’m doing some hardcore gaming.

Compared to other cheap gaming keyboards such as the Sharkoon Skiller Gaming Keyboard or the Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard – in my opinion – the Azio Levetron is a better designed keyboard and will have a more comfortable feel while PC gaming.

PC gaming is much more comfortable when the keyboard’s keys are popping out just a bit. This way I am able to drag my fingers around while playing to get a feel of which keys I need to hit next. Gotta make sure to feel that #1 key to switch weapons when your weapon is out of ammo! 😛

Plus, you can’t beat its design.

To Conclude

You never really see any gaming keyboards at this price that have the look and feel that the Azio Levetron has. They offer a 2-year warranty for just about $1.80 more, but I can tell you that this keyboard would last quite a long time.

Perfect for all of the epic games that are releasing soon! 😉


What do you guys think of the Azio Levetron L70 LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard, Unique Volume Control”

      • That sucks. I really wanted one but $40 is out of my price range. I can’t find anything else that’s cheap and has a volume knob.

        • It’s really the only one I’ve seen with the volume knob… it’d be worth throwing into a wish list to see if the price ever drops? Or keeping it in your cart would inform you if the price drops!

  1. Have you personally used this keyboard? I’m only asking because I’m really stuck for cash but I know that multi-key rollover is important for gaming. If this is the cheapest option, I guess I’ll have to manage, but I did see reviews saying the keys wore off after a few months of use.

    • Doma-llama-ding-dong,

      I don’t own one but have a buddy that has it and I’ve typed a bit with it. It’s a pretty decent keyboard for the price, as far as the reviews saying that the keys are waring off… I don’t know about that. Haven’t heard anything from my friend about it though.

  2. I can’t decide whether to get this keyboard or the Logitech one that’s 40 dollars…the Logitech one is more useful, but this look so gorgeous 0_0. Could you help me decide?

    • Richard,

      Keyboards aren’t 100% entirely essential for an optimal PC gaming experience.

      Get the keyboard that best suits your style! 🙂 I dig this Azio keyboard but Logitech also makes some pretty cool ones….

      I’d say grab this Azio one. You’ll save money but you’ll still have one that looks awesome.

      But in the end, it’s up to you 🙂

    • Hey Riaz, thanks for checking out my site!

      In my opinion when it comes to shopping around for a gaming keyboard most people want to put their money in the brand. I don’t think this is needed since almost every keyboard has the same button layout except for some macro keys like some Steel Series have. As far as Razer keyboards go all you really pay for is the brand. Now getting a Razer mouse would be a different story since they have some of the most high quality gaming mice out there! 😉



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