Best Gaming Computer For $600 Dollars, Prepared To Dominate PC Gaming In 2018

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Wondering how you can get yourself the best gaming computer for under $600 dollars? Well look no further because this build is not only going to blow 2018 out of the water but it’s also going to blow your mind. 🙂


Best Gaming Computer For $600


Maximize Your Potential With Your $600 Budget

In order to get MAXIMUM potential out of a gaming computer you’re going to have to build one yourself. Now most people that have never even thought of or tried to build a computer might think that it sounds like an impossible task but in reality it really isn’t that hard at all! 😀 There are plenty of tutorials out there on the internet on how to build a computer but the one I think is best is done by NeweggTV.

Newegg created a video series showing how to start from scratch to build the gaming computer of your dreams. Before I got into PC gaming I was gaming on a console. When I found out about all of the modding potential and the overall community that comes with PC gaming I just had to get into it.

When I researched pre-built desktops I was shocked by how expensive it was and when I kept reading I found out that most of the $600 computers aren’t even powerful enough to keep up with today’s hardware demands of PC games.

That’s why building a computer is so much better. This custom build could easily retail for $1,000+ so you can be sure you’re going to have a beast of a gaming computer after you finish building this one.


How To Build A Computer

This is the same video that I watched from beginning to end when all of my PC parts finally came in the mail. Sure it took me some time but the time spent building it was well worth it because I can now enjoy the luxury of great looking games and being able to modify them to my hearts desire. 🙂

I do have to say that if you’re looking to build your own custom gaming computer I must first say CONGRATS. 😀

You’re about to join one of the most amazing gaming communities that the gaming industry has to offer and you’re also about to experience a fully customizable platform. This custom PC will not only be able to run games such as Dying Light, Grand Theft Auto V, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Evolve on higher graphical settings but you’re also giving yourself access to the benefits of just having a computer!

I mean you’re probably going to own some kind of computer anyway so why not make it a gaming beast on top of it?

In my opinion that is totally worth the little extra investment.


Optimal Hardware On A $600 Budget


Last Updated: August 1st, 2018

* = Optional part, final price includes the optional part. Read below for more details.


 Case – VIVO ATX Mid Tower CASE-V02

 ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3 2200G

 Motherboard – ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM AM4

 Video Card – EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING 4GB

  RAM – Crucial 8GB Single DDR4

 Power supply – EVGA 500W B1 80+

 Hard Drive – Seagate 1TB

asus * CD Drive (Optional) – Asus 24x DVD-RW


Final Price: $602.28


Build Details

This build is AWESOME and trust me when I say you won’t regret putting this build together for yourself! Prepare yourself to being able to play your games at full 1080p HD resolution while still using the highest graphical texture settings. If you have a monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 then you should try that resolution out as well because I’m pretty sure this card can handle it. 🙂

The computer case is entirely up to you, the one that I have listed above is the close to the cheapest one on Amazon but it is still a pretty good case. If you want to browse computer cases then do so by Clicking Here! For the most part, mid tower cases will do just fine with this build. Feel free to ask me about a specific case if you’d like, you can do so in the comments area below!

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck then I suggest just sticking with this case. Besides, it doesn’t really matter what your PC looks like but more so of how well it runs! 😉

The Ryzen 3 2200G CPU is a good choice at this budget, it has nice overclocking potential!

The Ryzen 2200G is a pretty awesome processor especially for this build. The new Ryzen line up has a nice upgrade path that you can go with down the road and when you overclock the 2200G you’re able to reach similar if not higher levels of performance in comparison to an Intel i3 CPU.

I had to make the switch to the Ryzen 2200G from the i3-7100 simply because it makes more sense when looking at the prices today. Performance wise, the main difference between the two is that the Ryzen 2200G would be better at heavy rendering tasks and it’s also able to be overclocked for further performance potential.

At stock, the Ryzen 2200G is still a very good CPU to go with when you’re thinking of using the build strictly for gaming. As far as upgrades, you could get something like a Ryzen 1700 if you really wanted to pump up to high CPU performance.

Overclocking isn’t something to be scared of – even with the stock cooler that comes with the 2200G, you’re going to be able to get some decent overclocking done. Many people try to stray away from overclocking because of a fear of overheating or destroying their system…

Overclocking has come a long way and after watching some videos on YouTube of others that are OCing this exact same processor, you’re going to be able to do it too.

Because of the current pricing of better graphics cards, we have to use a 1050 Ti.

It’s not essential to overclock but if you do then you’ll be using the processor at it’s full potential and it makes sense to do so when you’re comparing it to the old processors usually used at this budget point.

Pairing the performance of the overclock with the video card… you’ll be surprised at how well everything will run!

Having the GTX 1050 Ti card is going to put you in awe the moment you start up your first game on this custom build. This would have been a great upgrade for me from my last card which was a Radeon HD 7770. That card was able to run Skyrim at max and Dragon Age: Inquisition on med-high tweaked settings.

This card blows that card WAY out of the water and you can expect some pretty amazing frame rates out of this card.

To be honest, a 570 or 580 would be the best choice for a video card at this budget point since it’s usually at an optimal price point for today’s market.

It wasn’t long ago when the prices weren’t making much sense with the newer graphics cards but it seems that this 500 series that just released is having issues with not being in stock right now hence why it makes sense to go with a 4GB 1050 Ti for now.

As far as an upgrade path for the video card – you shouldn’t worry about it for a good while yet. If you’re gaming at 1080p and/or plan to do some virtual reality gaming then you’re going to be set for a good while yet.

Sure, something like a 1070 might have a bit of a performance boost but when it comes to this budget point the 1050 Ti is going to be your best pick for now, at least until the 580 gets back in stock and at a good price point.

* It’s up to you if you want to include the CD drive. You can also install your operating system using a USB drive if you want, I included it because for new builders having the CD drive streamlines the process of getting Windows installed along with the necessary drivers since some parts come with a CD to do so.

You’ll also want to pick up a keyboard/mouse combo as well as a monitor to really finish up the build. Check out this keyboard/mouse combination by Cooler Master, it’s an amazing combo for the price point.

Keyboard/MouseCM Storm Devastator 3

As far as a monitor, this specific build is going to be able to run games at a 1080p resolution extremely well, so it’d be in your best interest to pick up a monitor at that resolution for the best quality you can get.

71r1E7x7PlL._SL1500_MonitorAsus VS228H

You can’t go wrong with a $600-ish budget. This PC is definitely bound to impress you especially if you are currently using an out-dated computer. Once you build your computer and get the operating system installed you will instantly notice the difference!


Operating System And Internet Connection

As far as operating systems go, this would be a decision that is entirely up to you. For now I’d recommend picking up Windows 10 simply because I love the interface behind it and gaming for me hasn’t been an issue.

Windows 10 is sort of the overall best contender for those looking for the most optimal performance for gaming on an operating system. There are other choices as well but if you’re looking for an OS that is going to be able to run some of the most popular games then Windows 10 is going to be your best bet. Almost every single PC game is made for it.

SteamOS, a Linux based operating system by Valve, is also making some noise in the OS space. In my opinion, it will eventually be the best operating system if your computer is strictly for gaming use.

If you cannot afford Windows right now then I would suggest going the Linux route with Ubuntu. Not all games on Steam’s platform are compatible with Linux but that is soon to change. There are still plenty of free and paid games to enjoy on Linux and Windows.

Ubuntu is an open-source, FREE operating system that you can use to easily use the internet and play some pretty fun games. If you don’t have the extra $100 for Windows but you still want to use it then you could just throw Ubuntu on your computer then save up until you can afford it. Then you could either dual boot both operating systems or just go with one of them.

Now there is also an option of pirating Windows but I don’t condone to this at all and no I’m not going to show you how to do it. If you really want to go that route thenw there are plenty of YouTube videos for that but again please don’t ask me how to do it.

Oh, and if you’re wanting to connect to wifi in the best way possible then I recommend going broadband. It’s the fastest and most reliable way of connecting to the internet with a desktop. You should check out the wireless network adapter below if you’re interested in that! I’ve also included a link to a 64bit version of Windows 10.

ALWAYS make sure that you go for 64bit otherwise you won’t be able to use all 8GB of the RAM that you’ve got!

windows 10 64bit Windows 10 64bit – Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit

81CsUmlJ+iL._SL1500_ USB Wireless Network Adapter – Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter

Check out those links above! The USB adapter will allow you to be able to have internet with Windows 10! 😉


To Conclude

All in all, if you’re looking to run all of the games coming out in 2017 on some higher graphic settings then this is the build for you. The combination of this card and processor is going to blow your mind. (Seriously.)

So what do you guys think of this build? Beast mode system right?!

Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If you have any questions about this build or anything on my site then feel free to comment and ask!


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2,333 Responses to Best Gaming Computer For $600 Dollars, Prepared To Dominate PC Gaming In 2018

  1. Matt says:

    Hey, when I checked out the items for this build, I noticed the graphics card is way over the price range at 699.99 by itself. Is that the right link or has the price changed since the last time thus build was updated, or is it just my end?

  2. JJ says:

    The Graphics card you recommended is out of stock is there any other Graphics card you recommend?

  3. Chris says:

    Hey bud, I’m trying to get a good gaming pc up and running for my younger brother. I’ve never built a pc before, but always wanted to. Is everything rather simply plugging in and hooking up? Or is there a lot of individual wiring involved? Also, he just got a Radeon R7 360 graphics card, would we be able to substitute it into this build?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Chris,

      That card is OK… the above card is a lot better. You’d have to upgrade down the road for recent titles coming out for better overall performance.

      As far as building – there isn’t any hardcore wiring involved. It’s all just plugging in the right things into the right spots. Be sure to check out the above video before and during the actual process of putting everything together and let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with the build!

  4. Mitch M says:

    Would You Recommend the asus motherboard or gigabyte? Heres the link for asus

    • Colton P says:

      I’d go ahead and move forward with the above motherboard instead. Comes down to which brand you enjoy more, I’m currently using a Gigabyte motherboard and love it!

  5. Chris says:

    The mobo says micro ATX and the case is ATX. Everything is compatible right? Just nervous about my first build.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Chris,

      Yes! The case is compatible with MicroATX and ATX motherboards. Let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with the build, ask away!

  6. Shaya says:

    Hey Colton,

    Thanks for the quick reply, I just moved houses, so I it’s taken me a few days to reply. I called up Asus and they told me the bios was outdated and that I should send it back to Amazon and get another motherboard, should I switch it for the one you’ve updated the build with or should I get another one of the same model?
    Cheers Colton for all your help!

    • Colton P says:


      You could go with the above one instead, I’ve used and am currently using a Gigabyte motherboard. No issues at all! Let me know what you decide to do!

  7. Derek says:

    Would the computer still be physically compatible if you went with the next video card under the site’s comparison? It seems to be independent and not integrated

  8. Tom Kennedy says:

    Great information. Could the AMD RYZEN 5 1500X 4-Core 3.5 GHz be substituted for the Intel Core i3 as it is quad core?And if so, what motherboard would you recommend?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Tom,

      Sure thing – you could switch out for the 1500X. It’s a bit better than the i3-7100. I’d recommend going with this board from MSI if you wanted to go that route! Let me know what you decide to do!

      • Tom says:

        Great! All the other components in your build would be OK if I chose the AMD? Like the video card? Thanks for the advice.

      • Tom says:

        Hey Colton,
        I’m falling into the “if I just spend a little more”. What do you think about RAZEN 4 with Gigabyte-AB350-gaming mother board? And would you choose the MSI GTX 1050 TI 4GT OC graphics card over the $10 cheaper Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti Windforce OC with your suggested Crucial 8GB of RAM? Sorry for the elementary questions, its my first build for my son and I.

        • Colton P says:

          Hey there Tom,

          That’s up to you… Ryzen is still great with gaming in mind but Ryzen is more geared towards those that are planning on doing more than just gaming. Also, you’re not going to be seeing some crazy, significant difference in performance between those two cards. Go with the one you dig more.

          No need to apologize, that’s what the comments area is for! I’ve been away for a while so I actually apologize for the delayed response, but ask away! I’m all ears.

  9. Philipp says:

    Hey Colton,
    I’ve never built a pic and I’m wondering if this one will last me some time. Like 2 years because I want to play ark with no lag and gta6 when it releases so you think this will be ok?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Philipp,

      For sure! It’ll most likely last a bit longer than 2 years. These specs are enough for Ark – keep in mind that it’s not a very optimized game – and I’m sure that GTA 6 will be at a playable state with this build when it comes out. It all comes down to optimization because the hardware here is ready!

  10. Philipp says:

    Hey the case isnt sold in Canada. Got any recomendations for under 50 CAD? Check this one out

    • Colton P says:

      You could use that case man but keep in mind that it doesn’t have any USB 3.0 slots. There is a USB 3.0 header on the board that wouldn’t be able to be used with that case.

  11. Jackson Hogan says:

    I was wondering why there was no cpu cooler?

  12. Noah says:

    Hey Colton,

    Would Switching out the CPU with an i5 7500 Work?
    Just want to find out incase it wouldn’t

  13. Alex says:

    Hey, so you don’t have any cooling fans for this build. Do you think I won’t need any or the case you recommended come equipped?

  14. Jackson says:

    If I bought 2 sticks of RAM would it affect the build?

    • Colton P says:

      Nope, if you decide that you’d want more RAM you’d be alright adding in another stick. Just make sure that it’s the exact same stick for optimal performance.

  15. Alfred D. says:

    Would this case work with this build?


  16. Kaitlyn says:

    Heeeeeeeey. I’ve never built a PC before. Reading up on it, it seems like a lot of people opt for SSD and HDD vs just an HDD. I really know only very basic information but this build seems to only include an HDD. I DO require a lot of storage for games and other files, but is it worth the extra cost to get an SSD as well? Would any motherboard in this price range support an SSD?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Kaitlyn,

      Adding in a solid state drive (SSD) is recommended for those that want faster boot times and a faster overall experience with the operating system. I’d recommend picking up any of these from SanDisk and then still having the 1TB hard drive for the rest of your games and what not.

      Install your operating system to the SSD, your most used programs and maybe a few games (mainly multiplayer ones) that you play a lot if you have the room for them. It helps a lot with load times with anything installed on it!

      Basically any motherboard of this generation and up is going to be able to use SSDs. Let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with your build! 🙂

  17. Paul says:

    Hey Colton,

    I was wondering if these two items would be compatible with the rest of the build,



    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Paul,

      Yup! Those changes would be compatible. You’d be good to go!

      Let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with your build.

  18. Alex says:

    Hey Colton, Is the cd drive a necessity? I have been researching $600 PC builds and most do not have one. Just wondering what your thoughts are.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Alex,

      It isn’t necessary if you know what you’re doing when it comes to installing your OS through a USB drive and finding a key elsewhere. Most people that are new to putting PCs together don’t want to mess around with that and so getting a cd drive and the Windows CD is the best route.

  19. Richard says:

    Hey Colton,
    I was wondering if these changes would be compatible with the rest of the build.





    If you have any recommendations regarding changes on this your advice is most welcome:)

    • Colton P says:


      Yes – all of those changes would still be compatible with the build. Though I HIGHLY recommend going with the 4GB 1050 Ti instead… gaming performance will suffer a bit by going with the 2GB 1050.

  20. Shaya says:

    Hey Colton,

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve completed this build and it’s working amazing with Ubuntu Studio. Thank you for constantly updating the build and giving me advice for all the issues I had along the way. This is my first build and first Linux computer. This computer works wonderfully with both Linux and blender 3d. Cheers! 😊🙏

    • Colton P says:

      Awesome to hear man! 😀

      Feel free to check back here for other posts as far as gaming and what not, maybe even some reviews you’d be interested in. It’d be nice to hear from you down the road! Happy rendering!

  21. vandon says:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhm why is this build missing the cost of the os?!

  22. Joe says:

    The RAM listed here is not available for purchasing to me. Do you have any good replacements?

  23. Alex says:

    Hey Colton,

    I just wanted to come back and tell you that I used this build for my pc and it is amazing. Can’t believe I can run games on the highest settings with ease for this little money. Thanks for the build!

    • Colton P says:

      No problem man I’m glad that you’re digging the build! You’re set for a good while 🙂

      Check back and say hello down the road, check out other posts as well such as games, reviews and what not!

  24. Dan says:

    Hi there Colton, love all the info and PC Builds here. I’ve been going back and forth looking at your $600-$1000 gaming PC guides. I just can’t decided how much I want to spend, also been out of the pc gaming scene for many years now, and not sure what I’m getting back in to. Heavily debating on the $600 or $700 build, and upgrading parts as need be, if need be. Wondering what was your reasoning behind changing a lot of the builds over to the Ryzen? I was almost set on grabbing an i5 7600k until you changed it lol.

    Anyway, I’m not super heavy on gaming like I used to, but I plan on getting some pretty long intense hours in on PUBG and Battlefield 1 once I do build a PC, which build of yours would do best at not bottle necking or having any hickups with these and similar titles?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Dan!

      Yeah Ryzen is making more and more sense… they not only keep up with Intel’s performance in most games but they do a lot better in terms of content creation. Heavy processing tasks such as rendering and what not is a breeze with Ryzen CPUs.

      With that, I’d say to go for the $700 build if you’re debating between that and the $600. Could save a bit of money installing your OS via USB to not have to use the CD drive and then purchasing a key on a key site that has a good rep.

      PUBG is extremely demanding but I’m certain that the $700 build is going to be able to run it just fine, about 40-50 FPS average on a tweaked high/ultra setting. As far as BF1, for sure! It surpasses what is recommended.

      Let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with your build man!

      • Dan says:

        What are the real noticeable differences between the 1060 mini, and the 1060? I don’t want to run into any overheating/bogging-down/bottle-necking issues due to getting the mini

        • Colton P says:

          With today’s hardware there isn’t going to be much of a difference in the realm of performance. The real differences would be that you’d have less to work with if you were thinking about overclocking and that it might draw a bit less power. But overall performance is going to be pretty similar to bigger cards and I wouldn’t worry about overheating issues at all. This newer generation of cards have been manufactured very well.

          Always here for whatever else!

          • Dan says:

            So I still haven’t settled on a build, but I’ve been going back and forth and making a parts list on pcpartpicker. I think I’ve got my system picked out.

            Could you take a look and tell me what you think? Maybe tell me what I don’t need, or what I could swap for something cheaper without losing performance and what not.

            I don’t really want to HAVE to upgrade down the road, I’m open to it, but I’d like a system that’s gonna hang with newer titles, something towards the top notch end without spending an entire check on it lol.

            Thank again Colton!

          • Colton P says:

            Seems to me like you have overclocking in mind using the liquid cooler with it, good idea! That’ll boost overall performance and it’ll keep the build at a point where you wouldn’t have to upgrade for a long while.

            Upgrading is inevitable at some point, but with a build like this you won’t have to for a long time. If you’re trying to game at 1080p, maxing out most games with a solid FPS then that’s an ideal build.

            Let me know what you decide to do!

          • Dan says:

            Sick! Thanks Colton. One other question, could this machine I linked you handle 4k gaming? I see thats where all the new titles are gonna be going

          • Colton P says:

            No problem man. The 1060 is more so for high quality 1080p gaming. At 1080p, max graphics no problem. For some titles you’d most likely be able to run games at 4K, I just wouldn’t expect being able to have a high frame rate. I’d expect 25+ FPS depending on the title.

          • Dan says:

            Would upping to a 1070 help? Or would I need to change something else?

          • Colton P says:

            A 1070 would do better at 4K yes, should be able to stick to 30-40 FPS on average for most titles.

          • Dan says:

            Alright, I think this might be for real my last question, lol. What do you feel like is going to be the first item I’ll have to upgrade?

          • Colton P says:

            Video card will be the best first option to upgrade when you think of 4K. The 1600X, especially after overclocked, will be able to handle 4K. The GPU is where you’ll see most trouble for the higher demanding games.

          • Dan says:

            Welp. I gon’ n done it… Purchased and built my new PC over the weekend. Decided to go to Microcenter instead of buy online, because I wanted it now now now! Lol.

            Anyway, thanks for all the advice Colton, this thing is a beast, I’m loving every second of it. Here is a link to what I ended up building. It’s really something.

            Thanks again!

          • Colton P says:

            Right on man, glad that you’re enjoying the build! 🙂

            You’re welcome for the help, it’s what I’m here for. Feel free to check back whenever and to look over other posts, happy gaming man.

  25. 8rox Pro says:

    Will a r9 380 be compatible with this build? I checked Pc part picker and it was compatible but was unsure whether I should trust it.

  26. Mari says:


    So I built this like…over a year ago. Much different from what you suggest now as the $600 budget.
    Anyway, I have the following parts from Amazon:
    -Gigabyte AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gbps USB 3.0 ATX AM3+ Socket DDR3 1600 Motherboards (GA-970A-DS3P)
    -EVGA 600 B1, 80+ BRONZE 600W, 3 Year Warranty, Includes FREE Power On Self Tester, Power Supply 100-B1-0600-KR
    -AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition Processor
    -(Changed CPU stock fan to this): Cooler Master GeminII M4 – CPU Cooler with 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes (RR-GMM4-16PK-R2)
    -EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB SSC GAMING ACX 2.0+, Whisper Silent Cooling w/ Free Installed Backplate Graphics Card 04G-P4-3967-KR

    What’s the perfect graphics card to upgrade to? 🙂 Any other advice?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Mari! Still a solid build for today’s standards 😉

      I would say that a 6GB GTX 1060 would be your best bet right now. You wouldn’t be bottlenecking with your current CPU and you’ll see a big boost in overall performance. If that’s too expensive then the 3GB version would still suffice, prices may be going down within the next couple of months as well might be worth waiting a bit.

      Let me know what you decide to do!

  27. Meng says:

    Hi there, so a friend of mine build the pc with most of the same parts as yours except the rams. Somehow he can’t connect to the internet using Ethernet or the Wi-Fi is adapter. Could there be something missing?

    • Colton P says:

      Hi Meng,

      Did your friend download/install the correct drivers? Is your friend using a CD drive? There is a CD that came with the motherboard, you should use it to install the correct drivers for ethernet. Same thing for wireless, you need the right drivers installed. Can also find them online if your friend did not go with a CD drive.

  28. Sam says:

    Thanks for the build. I am hoping to be able to add more ram later on. Would this build work this motherboard ( in place of the AB350m?

  29. Aaron F says:

    Will I be able to run any VR with this build?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Aaron,

      For VR to be fully comfortable, a level of VR that doesn’t hurt your brain, you’d need to run titles at 90+ FPS. The video card matches up for up to that performance in most titles today and the CPU is right at the mark for the minimum requirements.

      You might have some hiccups, but I believe you’d be able to play some titles. I wouldn’t expect an absolutely perfect experience, though.

  30. Tyler Schussler says:

    Hey Colton ended up building my PC and I’m very happy how it turned out but I know I won’t to upgrade down the road but I’m not sure how I would or what parts to get the would be better here’s what in the PC now

    Intel Core i3-7100 7th Gen Core Desktop Processor 3M Cache,3.90 GHz (BX80677I37100)

    RAM- G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 2400MHz (PC4 19200) Desktop Memory Model F4-2400C15D-16GTZR


    MSI GAMING Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 4GB CrossFire VR Ready FinFET DirectX 12 Graphics Card (RX 480 GAMING X 4G)

    Mother board- MSI Gaming Intel B250 LGA 1151 DDR4 HDMI VR Ready ATX Motherboard (B250 GAMING PRO CARBON

    HARD DRIVE- Seagate 1TB BarraCuda SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive (ST1000DM010

    Power supply- Seasonic S12II 520 BRONZE, SS-520GB  Power Supply

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Tyler, I’m glad that you’ve been digging the build man!

      With your build you’ll be able to upgrade to different Kaby Lake processors and you’ll be able to use up to a GTX 1070 for a vide card. I say you have a limit with the video card because of your power supply wattage and you’ll want to avoid any bottlenecking going on with your processor. If you go for a very good video card, you’ll also need a higher end processor to match up with that level of power.

      There wouldn’t be a need to add more RAM. Other than also being able to add in SSDs or adapters… that’s about it! You could also come back whenever you’re ready for upgrading and I’ll help to point you in the right direction.

  31. Tyler says:

    Alright sounds good and thanks again

  32. Shovon Saiful says:

    hi! (a)will it support games like Forza Motorsport 7?
    (b)can it game in 4k?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Shovon,

      Yes you’d be able to play Forza 7, these specs meet what is predicted to be recommended. We can’t know 100% sure until it’s out though!

      This build is more suited for 1080p gaming. I wouldn’t recommend trying to game at 4K with this build. Let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with your build!

  33. Jim says:


    If I was to splurge what upgrade would you make? processor? video card?
    Also, would I have to change anything if I went with a 600W power source? Thanks in advance.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Jim,

      I mean it wouldn’t hurt to go up one more budget point if you are going to spend more money, the $700 build is great! It basically has the two upgrades that you’d want to roll with first which I’d suggest the CPU.

      Let me know what you decide to do!

  34. Jim says:


    I’m wanting to play Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Battlefront 2 with this PC. Any concerns?

    • Colton P says:

      These specs surpass the requirements for Battlefront 2, you’d be able to play it smoothly for sure. As for Shadow of War, the last game had great optimization so I’m sure Shadow of War will as well and I’m certain this would be able to play it smoothly but can’t know for sure until it’s out and there are gameplay benchmarks. From the requirements that are currently stated, this build would do fine!

  35. Soggywaffle 45 says:

    Is there any cooling system for this or does it not get hot

    • Colton P says:

      Yes, a cooling system comes with the CPU as well as there being a fan in the case. No worries when it comes to overall cooling!

      Let me know if I can help more as you’re moving forward with the build, I’m all ears here.

  36. mike says:

    what would you say to change this so that it supports 4 screens

  37. Niko says:

    Hello Colton,

    I want to build gaming pc ( first pc I am going to build) and I want to know if this build will be good enough for games ( CS:GO, GTA 5, Rainbow six siege, Hitman…..) and what if I buy Ryzen 5 for this build? Thanks

    • Colton P says:

      For sure Niko,

      This is an ideal build for high quality gaming at 1080p. For games like you’ve mentioned, CS:GO will run max no problems at all, GTA on a tweaked high/ultra setting, Siege at a tweaked high and Hitman also at a tweaked high setting. I’m talking smooth frame rates with those settings in mind.

      If you went with Ryzen 5 you’d have a bit of a boost in performance, check out the $700 build if you haven’t already it uses Ryzen 5! Let me know what you decide to do.

  38. Bruno Wagner says:

    Hi! What do you think this build would cost if it had everything included (like the os, adapter, monitor, etc) and also do you think it could run games like the Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and PUBG?

    • Colton P says:

      Depends on how/where you get your OS but I’d say around $700-$800 including everything and depending on what you actually get. And yes, it’ll be able to run those games just fine – it’s meant for higher demanding titles like those! I wouldn’t expect a smooth frame rate at max settings, you’ll be tweaking the graphics settings a little bit in the higher demanding games.

  39. Tyler Schussler says:

    Hello again I believe I’m ready to upgrade the CPU is the main thing I would like to upgrade because there are some game I would like to play but can’t do to a need for a better CPU everything else I believe is still good unless you believe that I should upgrade something else with CPU thanks again and your work is always appreciated

  40. Tyler Schussler says:

    Forza horizon 3 and project cars 2 and cou is Intel Core i3-7100 7th Gen Core Desktop Processor 3M Cache,3.90 GHz (BX80677I37100)

  41. Tyler Schussler says:

    Is that all no cooler or anything and what one do I get that is compatible with my motherboard

  42. Tyler Schussler says:

    Coz motherboard is a MSI Gaming Intel B250 LGA 1151 DDR4 HDMI VR Ready ATX Motherboard (B250 GAMING PRO CARBON

  43. Tyler Schussler says:

    Forza horizon 3 no project cars however I don’t know never bought the game but a buddy recommend a site that would tell you if you could run a game or not it said couldn’t run Forza wich turned out to be true luckly they gave me a refund and project cars it say I won’t be able to it says everything else is ok but it’s saying I need like a Intel i7 the site is can I run it but I’ve been using this to be safe so when I do want a game I don’t run the risk of not being able to run it

    • Colton P says:

      It surprises me that the i3-7100 isn’t able to handle those games… you’re sure that you have all of your drivers updated? With that, I don’t think that site is right in saying you “need” an i7 just to run the game. An i7 is the highest powered processors that aren’t even meant for gaming. They’re more so meant for content creators needing that extra boost of performance for rendering.

      The i5 I linked is going to be more than enough to handle those games.

      Again, I am surprised that it’s not running those games and I honestly think it’s something else. Upgrading to a newer processor will help overall gaming performance, sure, but I don’t think it’s essential just to be able to run those games. Take a look at YouTube type in “i3 7100” then whatever game you want to see its performance on and you’ll see that others are able to run those just fine with the i3-7100.

      Also, what graphics card do you currently have in your system?

      Let me know!!

  44. Tyler Schussler says:

    MSI GAMING Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 4GB CrossFire VR Ready FinFET DirectX 12 Graphics Card

  45. Tyler Schussler says:

    That is odd I looked up a video on it on Project Cars 2 and it appears he is running the same processor but he’s using a Radeon 460 and he’s running it on ultra settings so yeah it probably is the drivers but like I said I don’t think I really know exactly how to go about doing that

  46. Tyler Schussler says:

    Wait so I don’t have to do anything with my CPU?

  47. Kyle McKinnon says:

    Can this run Grand Theft Auto V, Rocket League, and Borderlands 2?

  48. Adam says:

    Hey, I have a steady income that I can put towards a pc. (Say about 80-100 dollars a week towards a PC) But I would like to have the PC as soon as possible. I want to be able to upgrade the PC continuously. What build budget should I start at?

    • Colton P says:

      You’re on the right track looking at the $600 budget range. I’d say the $500-$700 range is a great starting point. You won’t need to upgrade really any time soon, especially on the $600 or $700 builds but all of the builds here are very easily upgradeable.

      It comes down to what type of performance you want once you have the build put together.

  49. sam says:

    can this run gta 5 and borderlands 2

    • Colton P says:

      Yes it can Sam, these specs surpass what is recommended for both of those titles. I’d expect to be able to run them smoothly at a tweaked high setting at 1080p!

  50. Colton (we have the same name haha) says:

    Hi, what parts would you reccomend upgrading like a year in the future? This looks good for now and i’m probs gonna build it, but just to stay up do date i want to improve it later on.

    • Colton P says:

      Awesome name 😉

      I’d recommend going with a CPU upgrade to start off since the 1060 is going to be able to handle a lot going forward. Then video card after that upgrade down the road.

      Can’t really say which parts specifically since it’d be more optimal to specify the parts when it comes time to actually upgrade, you know?

      Let me know if I can help more man!

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