Best Gaming PC Build for Under $1500, A Legendary Build

Surfing the web for the best gaming PC build for $1,500? Well look no further because this is a legendary setup and your money is very well invested with this specific build.

With a $1,500 budget you’ll be able to add a solid state drive as well as a 1TB hard drive. This will allow you to be able to run your operating system at full speed while still having the capacity of the 1TB hard drive to store your game library, movies, music and photos.


Best Gaming PC Build For Under $1500


Be A Legend

If you’re looking to max every single game out there for years to come then this is the build for you. The processor with this build is super powered and will be able to do much more than just be able to process video games. This combined with one of the best graphics card out there makes this build one of the best.

If you’ve never built a computer before and you feel intimidated by it then I just have to say one thing. Don’t be. Building a computer from scratch is a lot easier than most people would think and there are plenty of tutorials out there that can show you step by step.

This specific build is actually going to be very easy to build because you’ll have a lot of space in the case to work with and the motherboard is pretty big so you’ll have a ton of room to make sure everything is nicely done.


How To Build A Computer

The tutorial that I think best shows how to build a computer step by step is the video series by Newegg. They do an excellent job showing even the complete newbie to build a computer. I have inserted the video below if you’d like to see it!

These videos should help shed some light on building a computer from complete scratch. When I built my very first gaming PC I went through these videos step by step before I had all of my parts in the mail and during the actual process of building it.

If you do each step that is shown in the video series at the same time as actually building your computer then it’ll be a lot easier than trying to just review the video beforehand and trying to memorize each step.

With that, let’s get to the actual build.


Optimal Hardware With A $1,500 Budget


Last Updated: September 23rd, 2019

* = Optional part. Read below for details.

Final price includes optional part.


Apevia X-HermesCase – Apevia X-Hermes Metal Case

 Motherboard – GIGABYTE Z390 UD

 Processor – Intel Core i7-9700K

CORSAIR Hydro Series H75 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler CPU CoolerCORSAIR Hydro Series H75 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

 Video CardGigabyte RTX 2070 GAMING OC 8GB

Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 16GB RAMCorsair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz 2×8 16GB

 Solid State Drive – SanDisk 480GB SSD

WD Blue 1TB HDD Hard Drive – Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD

 Power Supply – EVGA GQ 80+ GOLD 750W

cd * CD Drive (Optional) – Asus 24x DVD-RW


Final Price: $1,507.86


Build Details

This build is legendary.

Anything you throw at this build is going to run phenomenally. Virtual reality will be experienced to its fullest with this build and you’re going to be future-proof for a very long time as far as recommended specs for the latest games go.

A note about the pricing, feel free to change the power supply and/or other hardware to compensate for the final price. The market for PC hardware is at a weird spot right now, this list may not equal out exactly to $1,500 but it’s the best choices for this price range. You can ask away in the comments for other recommendations if there is a part you want to change out.

The Apevia-X Hermes case is a great case. Very big and open area to work inside of and comes with many features as well. Super easy to work with hard drives, seamlessly swap out drives easier than how most other cases would work. Comes with a large fan on the side so air cooling won’t be an issue at all, especially combining that with the liquid cooler that you’ll be using with the CPU.

Gaming and/or planning on heavy processing work? The i7-9700k still makes the most sense when it comes to power per dollar spent.

Having an Intel Core i7-9700k is going to put you in awe once you experience its true processing power. This processor is able to do A LOT more than just process game worlds.

You’ll also be able to use any graphics program and you’ll also be able to design your own high-end video games on this machine if you really desired to do so. Anything outside of the realm of PC gaming is definitely doable with this build, it’s beast!

Keep in mind that the CPU, unlike most other Intel CPUs, will not come with a stock CPU cooler. That’s why I’ve also included an aftermarket cooler to go with. You’ll also be able to overclock a good bit with it making the 9700k even that much better.

You also need to know, since it’s an aftermarket cooler, that you will also need some higher quality thermal paste to go with it. The cooler comes with paste and if you want to trust it then go ahead – but I suggest getting some that is higher quality.

If you’ve got VR gaming in mind then this build will definitely be what you’ll need for the far future. VR takes a lot of processing power but that worry can disappear when you have the 9700k included in your arsenal of hardware within. The future of VR is very bright so it makes complete sense to have a build that is more than capable.

A RTX 2070 is the most ideal card for a $1,500 budget range build. It matches up to the processing power of the i7-9700k – a perfect match.

The Gigabyte RTX 2070 video card is an amazing card. It’s the newest tech from Nvidia as far as video cards are concerned and based on overall performance, they live up to the hype.

They’ll be even more exciting once the new RTX technology develops further into upcoming titles throughout 2019-2020 especially.

But with a card like this, you should be planning on playing at higher resolutions or with a 144hz display since this card is completely capable of it.

There is an insane amount of power behind this card and trust me when I say you’re not going to be disappointed by going with this card for your $1,500 build.

Even though pricing for the GPU/RAM is at a weird point right now… We’re finally at a point where it makes sense to include a RTX 2070 video card at this budget point and it feels great being able to include it! Previously we were using a GTX 1070 Ti which is still another amazing card but if we can have a higher level of performance for around the same price point then why not do so?

Although it’s not the perfect price point, a bit off from what was announced, it’s simply what we have to pay right now. There isn’t much going on with this level of performance as far as something even newer on the horizon but I’m sure as time continues to go on, the prices will continue to drop there.

Even with the 2070 added into the mix for the 2019 update we can still fit a solid state drive into the build list but it’s entirely up to you whether or not to add one in.

If you wanted to add in a solid state drive or more so if you have the room in your budget to then I’d definitely recommend doing it. You could install your operating system and your most played games/most used programs on it to really pump up the loading times on whatever is installed on it. I have



As for peripherals and what not that you should consider, you’re going to have different options that are recommended compared to other builds since the power here can handle a higher resolution monitor.

It’s not entirely new, released a few years ago, but if you’re looking for an optimal 1440p gaming monitor then you should definitely check out this Dell monitor review.

 – Dell S2716DG

If you’re doing other tasks such as photo/video editing and wanting to have that very perfect level of color then you’ll want to look at other options but when it comes to gaming specifically, this monitor is a steal.

You’ll learn most about it within the review but the only downfall to it is that the color gets a little off when viewing the monitor at an angle. Other than that it is buttery smooth for gameplay and is at the 1440p resolution.

For a keyboard and mouse you’ll want to go with ones that aren’t really cheap if you’re wanting to have an equal amount of performance to go with a higher resolution monitor. I’d suggest checking out these reviews.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Optical Gaming Mouse Review – Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

logitech g910 keyboard review– Logitech G910 Orion Spark

I’m currently using this keyboard and mouse and they’re easily the best peripherals that I’ve ever used. The G910 keyboard is a bit of a stretch when it comes to the price of other keyboards and if you don’t want to spend that much, don’t.

It has a plethora of features and I can tell that it’s going to last for the long haul, it’ll most likely be the last keyboard I ever use on a main build. Keyboards aren’t nearly as important as the mouse so if you don’t want to be fancy here then keep in mind it’s not essential, just a nice touch.

As for the mouse, you’ll need something that’s going to handle 1440p and the cheaper mice just aren’t going to be able to do that. You can have whatever DPI setting you want with this mouse as well as being able to customize a lot with it so I’d definitely recommend picking it up if  you’re using a higher resolution monitor.


Operating System And More

Now if I were you I’d go ahead and throw Windows 10 on this build for an operating system. If for whatever reason you don’t have the cash flow to grab Windows right away then I’d suggest just grabbing Ubuntu, an open-source Linux based operating system that is really super easy to work with, oh and I forgot to mention that it’s also free to use! 🙂

You can just use Ubuntu until you have the cash for Windows or you might just end up sticking with the Linux based operating system because once you get used to it it’s hard to go back to Windows!

windows 10 64bit Windows 10 64bit – Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit

Also, as far as internet connection is concerned, you should take a look at the Panda network adapter below. It keeps a pretty solid wireless network and you simply plug it into any USB port on the PC!

Unless you’re able to go with a direct connection with an ethernet cord – you’re going to need some sort of a wireless adapter to connect to the internet.

81CsUmlJ+iL._SL1500_ USB Wireless Network Adapter – Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter


To Conclude

All in all if you’re looking at getting a build together that’s going to give you the absolute motherload of experiences in what PC gaming can provide then this is definitely the build for you.

This build is literally going to max everything you throw at it and run it at extremely high frames per second. 🙂 (I WISH I had this build…)

So what do you guys think of this build?

Are you going to be putting this build together for yourself?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀


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406 Responses to Best Gaming PC Build for Under $1500, A Legendary Build

  1. Shane Dawson says:

    dont know why the link wasn’t working, this graphics card not the one in the build:

  2. Shane Dawson says:

    will this graphics card be compatible with this case

  3. Chuckles says:

    Is this list all inclusive. is there anything i should buy with it that isn’t listed.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Chuckles,

      Everything listed here is all you’d need, no extra cables or anything like that would be needed. Some people miss the fact that there is an operating system, way to connect to internet, keyboard, mouse, monitor etc as well so other than that, you may or may not have those things, but everything you need is above.

  4. Sam says:

    Colton, Great Site, man. I’ve been looking around and I saw this build for 1500 that uses a gtx 980 ti. What do you think?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Sam, thanks!

      Go with that if you want to, the biggest difference would be the motherboard, the motherboard that I have above has more features. It’s a better board.

      But if you’d rather have Ti then maybe go with that build instead.

  5. Thomas says:

    how many HDMI ports does this build have? im think of having a dual screen setup so i can do two things at once, but im unsure on how many ports this has. thanks.

  6. MR C says:

    Hey Colten,
    First off I gotta tell ya, much love and appreciation for the site brother. Now down to bidness, as they say, I have compiled a list of components that I feel fits my needs as and an avid gamer/designer. It is in the $1500 range and I wanted to get your take on it. Being they guy who built the page that gave me the courage to do it in the first place.

    • Colton P says:

      For sure MR C, I appreciate the kind words 🙂 thank you!

      Everything looks superb to me. That case looks like it’s going to be fun to work with. That i7 is going to be awesome for rendering during design work and the 970 is definitely going to deliver the experience you want from gaming.

      I’d say to definitely move forward with it, that’s going to be an awesome build. It’s kind of similar to the build that I made in early December 🙂

  7. Eric says:

    Hey Colton! Is there a smaller case that is compatible with this build? Like the same cooling capabilities since i doubt i need to upgrade or buy anything new for it for a while so we don’t need to worry about space.

  8. Douglas Strain says: wouldn’t this video card be equal to the GTX 980 and be cheaper?

    • Colton P says:

      Two pretty different cards in comparison, performance wise Douglas.

      The 390x would be the better card to go with if you have 4K gaming in mind, though at 1080p and 1440p the 980 has better raw performance.

  9. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Colton, I’ve decided to make this build (with a few tweaks in parts) in 6 months and giving the PC I built to my sister hope this one surprises me just like my first build 😀

    • Colton P says:

      Oh that’s exciting, this is an insane build Emmanuel – you’re going to love it if you loved that last build 😉

      Happy to see you again by the way! 😀

  10. Greg says:

    Why did you change the motherboard?

  11. Anthony says:

    Is one gtx 980 better than running two 970s in sli

  12. Roberto says:

    Can i use this 980 instead of yours ?
    Is the case able to contain it ?

  13. Luis says:

    Hello! I really love this website and I will be using this build when I get the money needed for the parts. I just wanted to ask if the case can be replaced with the “CM Storm Stryker (White) ATX Full Tower Case“? I just like the case and doesn’t have a much difference with this case. If not then I understand.

  14. Liam says:

    Which CPU cooler would you recommend?

  15. Ben says:

    Why don’t you have a CPU cooler included in the build?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Ben,

      Because, at least in my opinion, it’s up to the individual actually putting the build together if they want to add a CPU cooler for overclocking capabilities.

      Maybe as I go forward with the site I’ll add little extra options, but right now I just wanted to get these builds out to people looking for them because there aren’t that actual helpful sites out there.

  16. Cáel says:

    Hey Colton, Im just wondering are all the parts from the 900 build and the 1500 build compatible with eachother? I kind of want to mix and match since the prices arnt much different but one is alot better than the other, im sure you get what I mean, and are all the parts from both builds compatible with the “Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Black Gaming Computer Case Galaxy-03” thank you.

    • Colton P says:

      Hi Cáel!

      To be honest, I’m not 100% sure like if the $1,500 build GPU would fit in the galaxy mid tower but I think it would… that’s really the only issue that I see. Everything else should be 100% compatible as far as the motherboard and processors go.

      If it doesn’t fit (it should) then you’ll definitely be able to return whatever parts you can’t use back to Amazon for a 100% refund!

      Feel free to reach out to me whenever if you have any other questions!

      • Cáel says:

        One more question, I have no idea about USB slots but i have a mouse, a keyboard and headphones that all are usb will they all fit into the 1500 case and if not, will they fit into the 900 case. If i buy what I was talking about in my last question, ill let you know if they fir or not just so you could tell others who may ask the same question!

        • Colton P says:

          Mouse and keyboard can easily be plugged into the motherboard USB slots on the back side of the tower.

          Your headphones could easily be used by a front USB as well, definitely don’t need to worry on USB slots both cases will work just fine Cáel so go with which one you like best!

  17. caleb says:

    If you want this to be a beast choose a 4 or 3 TB hard drive and a 500 GB Solid state drive (SSD)

    • Colton P says:

      But then there is less power for the graphics and processor for the budget given. I’d rather have a bunch of power than a bunch of space that’s just me though Caleb! 😛

  18. Christian says:

    I have never been into PC gaming, I have always been a console person. But, I am a music producer and I have long been interested in building a rig that could handle whatever I threw at it. I’ll bookmark this site for future reference.

  19. Sarah says:

    What kind of screen do you recommend to go with this setup?

    • Colton P says:

      I’d recommend the Acer K272HUL monitor because it has a max resolution of 2560 x 1440 and the video card that is apart of this build will easily display high graphics settings at that resolution.

      • Dan Foster says:

        Hey Colton, will the 1440p monitor drop your FPS down and will it have a slower refresh rate than a 1080p monitor? Also if I get this monitor and decide ai want to play 1080p will this monitor have the option to switch? Sorry I’m a noob lol.

        • Colton P says:

          Hey Dan,

          It is 1ms slower than say the 1080p monitor that I always recommend from Asus. It wouldn’t be anything that you could really notice on the input lag side, as far as FPS – it won’t really drop much with the above specs.

          And yes, you can always lower your resolution! You’re not forced to play at 1440p with a 1440p monitor.

  20. Larry says:

    Great site… a TON of useful info. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this site!!

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