Really Cheap Gaming Mouse 2016, The 7 Button Zelotes For Hardcore Gamers

Last Updated on January 26, 2016

If you’re looking for a really cheap gaming mouse then you’re going to be really glad that you took a look at this one! 😉




Product2015 T80 New Version DLAND Zelotes LED Optical 7 Button Wired Gaming Mouse

Price: $11.99

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Warranty: 1 Year

My Rating: 1 out of 10 (DO NOT GET THIS MOUSE.)



The Zelotes is a really cheap 7 button PC gaming mouse that has a max sensitivity setting of 5500 DPI.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many people have been using this mouse – even the updated version of it – and it seems to be made of very crap quality. I’ve adjusted the rating above but I will not be updating the rest of the content listed here really because it’d be too time consuming. I really truly did think that this mouse was a cool one and it could be… but…

This mouse has no official driver support, it is made of super crap quality and most people find that the mouse stops working after a few weeks of use. There is no official contact support with Zelotes.

If you need a solution, get a refund from Amazon. Tell them that this product is of complete crap, rate the mouse on Amazon as 1 star and make sure other people realize that this mouse is not worthy of purchase.

If you’re looking for a cheaper mouse that delivers on quality then I’d highly recommend checking out the Redragon M601. It’s an awesome mouse with a low price point.


DPI (dots per inch) is a measurement of the sensitivity for a PC mouse.

All in all mouse sensitivity is going to be a personal choice. But more choices of DPI settings in a mouse = easier optimal mouse settings. What I mean by that is the sensitivity that you like best. The one that will help you be more accurate for those head shots and executions. 😉

If you will be using a screen with lower resolution then I recommend that you have your mouse settings set to 1000-1600 DPI. I say this because when your moving your mouse pointer over the pixels on your low-res screen then you don’t really need to be moving a bunch of dots per inch.

If you have a higher resolution (HD) screen then you’re going to want to go with 2400+ DPI. Your mouse will be much smoother and accurate when it is able to move swiftly around a bunch of pixels on your screen.

So yes, DPI settings in a mouse does indeed matter. The Zelotes Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse has a max setting of 5500 DPI. The adjustable DPI Switch on the top of the mouse is able to switch the DPI sensitivity. When you click the switch it will flash in different colors indicating which setting you just changed it to. The Zelotes can switch between 1000DPI(Red Light) / 1600DPI(Green Light) / 2400DPI(Blue Light) / 5500DPI(White Light).


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mouseThe Zelotes also has side buttons on it. This is going to be very helpful if you want to be able to set your med-pack button or special skill to your thumb rather than a different key on your keyboard. This is crucial to be optimal on your next quest to save the kingdoms, or for when you step foot on the battlefields of war. 😛

The tracking system for the Zelotes is with an optical LED. It is very responsive as well since it is a USB wired mouse. The build on the mouse feels very premium regardless of its cheap price!

It is ergonomically designed as well meaning it was made to fit all. The wire is going to be tough be to tangled due to its constriction boot shoe lace design!

This mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, ME, 2000 and Mac OS. No matter which platform you may be on, this mouse will work for you!

The Zelotes gaming mouse has a unique color illumination. It is a very cool gradient between many different colors. I’m not really sure how many colors it switches between, but it gives off a really slick feel!

Amazon is awesome and has this mouse listed for less than $15! Comparing this mouse and its price to other similar mice such as the 2000 DPI Weyes 6D Gaming Mouse or the 1600 DPI E-3lue Cobra, the Zelotes wins simply because of the amount of value you get for the little amount of buck. You see, the Zelotes has a max setting of 5500 DPI and it freakin’ CHANGES COLORS AUTOMATICALLY!! (Sorry, I really like having bright colors on my computer accessories 🙂 )

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In my opinion the Zelotes would be a great mouse to get if you’re shopping around for a really cheap gaming mouse that will deliver on precision. The design looks and feels like it is of high quality and I think this mouse should actually be priced around $20-25 at the LEAST due to the abundant amount of value you receive with it.

What do you guys think? Does the Zelotes deliver on value for its price? (I know, it doesn’t deliver value at all, and it’s depressing.) 🙁

Let me know in the comments below!

48 thoughts on “Really Cheap Gaming Mouse 2016, The 7 Button Zelotes For Hardcore Gamers”

  1. The mouse is very cheap, but, in the short term will die, the electronic components are very badly.

    If you just detect sluggish in Windows, test with another mouse and if it works well, then, the mouse is nearly dead.
    I’ve noticed that on linux, with syslog, suddenly say to me, bad descriptor!

  2. As something to note, my brother has a similar mouse to the C12 version of that mouse, in fact it seems to be the same, and its worked fine since he got it in January. I just wanted to mention that.

    Link in case curious –

  3. Hey Colton, I got the newest mouse that Zelotes has. It is wireless, and all you need is a USB port to connect it. It is only $15, and it is great! It doesn´t change colors, but it works very widely. I was concerned it wouldn´t work with my Acer Chromebook 11, but it worked perfectly. I didn´t need to download anything to run it, and it has a very sleek design. The usb connector stores easily back into the mouse for storage. I don´t know the max DPI, but you can read up on it. It runs on 2 AA batteries, I would recommend rechargeable batteries, and always having a spare pair. The only problem I have experienced is that the mouse is a bit to large for my tiny fingers. Other than that, Absolutely no problems.

    • So the input is read from your PC pretty easily? I may have to write up a review of that version to link people from this lower quality one to the one that actually works! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it Trey!

  4. I have this mouse and it has a terrible issue, if you remap the forward key and you plan on using it as a sprint button where you have to hold it down, IT WILL NOT WORK as to change colors you have to hold it down. I can no longer use this mouse because it hinders my game play so much to the point I cannot stand it.

  5. I have recently received this mouse as a present. While reading through the comments I see there is a problem with the button by the left click, so I have taken the liberty to start making a program that will recognize that button as its own. Once this program is out I will update you all.

      • You can reprogram the mouse with AutoHotkey.

        Script here

        Same for XButton2::

        I’ve managed to reprogram the DPI button and quickfire button as well, but it required a lot of work in the registry. I’d explain, but it would take me a few hours lol. Plus I don’t feel like being responsible if someone screws up and ruins their PC or has to roll back.

  6. Got this for my daughter for Christmas. It is clicking on things by itself and activates dropdown boxes. She can’t even get into a game with it doing this. Tried every USB, still doing it. Any recommendations, or should I just return it?

    • Hey Becca,

      There’s someone that was here on the site that mentioned that he’ll be trying to make a program to help fix this problem, though I have no idea when the program would be finished. I’d suggest returning it and getting a different mouse for now honestly. I’m really not sure when or if the program will get finished…

  7. i have a ZELOTES C-17 gaming mouse has micro i play a game caled crossfire i want to put a fame bot on it or Script for bot i dont know how to do any of that right now i hate this mouse wast of money ik like 30 ppl they are thinking about getting it i dont want to tell them not to if this mouse will do what i want it to cant you help me plz

    • Nathan,

      I don’t know what a fame bot or script bot is, though I do play Crossfire. Don’t be cheating on that game man come on, that game has enoguh cheaters/hackers/botters as it is. Please don’t become another person that tries to ruin the experience for everyone else, what fun is that honestly?

      Again if I’m mistaken let me know, I don’t know what a fame bot or a script bot is. I don’t think it’ll be able to be done with this mouse… so far the company still hasn’t made any software or good support behind it.

    • Hey Kyle,

      Honestly man I thought that the company fixed these issues when they updated to the newer version, but to my knowledge, there’s no way of getting it fixed in some kind of a software/driver.

      It has to be something with the hardware. If it hasn’t been too long since you’ve had the mouse, I’d say return it for a refund.

    • Hey Kyle the top button is actually an auto double left click. i am trying to find some software that will recognize it as its own button but have not found anything. Even the manufacture has it listed as a “fire” key which is two clicks on the leftkey and that a quote from them.

  8. Thanks GOD that someone has listened to the problems of games lovers. The 2-button mouse was just not enough for most of the games. This 7-button mouse will change the whole experience of gaming!

  9. I want to buy the wireless version of this mouse, it is lagging more ? And how much time I can use it before it stops working well ?

  10. So even with the new 2015 one theres no software or anything for macros? For example the mouse i currently have is just a basic default dell mouse that has 2 programmable buttons and im able to use X-Mouse button control software to program the buttons to repeat left click, and the other to hold left click.

    Would i be able to do that with this Mouse? Not sure if the software im using would work for all Mice

    • Hey JLewis, Did some deep research, unable to find a compatible program/software for this mouse.

      I guess the only buttons that don’t work are the two side thumb buttons….bummer :/

      I’ll keep tabs on this company… let’s hope they get some software for it that would make this mouse 100% worth it…

      Good DPI for the price though!

      • Thanks,
        hopefully they will come out with something soon
        Keep up the amazing work, in other news ive almost got my new PC up thanks to you and your incredible help just waiting on one last part

        Thanks your all your help, you are truly an amazing guy putting all this info out there to help people ;p

        • Awesome, it’ll be a great feeling once you bring it up to life! JLewis, be sure to keep in touch and let me know how your build goes when your final part comes in.

          And thank you for the kind words, just doing my part! 😉

  11. !WARNING!
    Mouse does jitter during high speed swipes!

    specially not for cs:go fps shooter games where you use low sensitivity

    thats the problem with mine 🙁 rip 10$

    • Hey eto,

      Thanks for letting everyone know, I’ve also been hearing about this issue with the mouse as well.

      The company just released a new 2015 edition and I’ve updated this post to include that mouse instead of the defective one, the reviews over on Amazon sound very good for this new model so I think it’s back to being a great cheaper alternative!

    • Not what I’ve seen, if you go to the Amazon link in this post you’ll also see the updated 2015 version of this mouse it’s probably more capable of those high speed swipes!

      • You’re right. I just got mine today, and mine is capable of 5500 DPI. I’m still not sure of the use for the secondary button off the side of the left mouse, (not the thumb buttons) but overall, it is amazing.

  12. My lady just picked this gaming mouse up for me and I am looking around at how to program the buttons. I would like to set these buttons up as macros. Is there a program that the zelot mouse uses? How would I go about doing this, Colton?

    I appreciate the time you have taken to look this over and get back with a response.

    • Hey Kennith, this gaming mouse doesn’t have any built in software/drivers for setting up a macro to the buttons but the buttons can be set to do certain things while playing games. For example, in Far Cry 4 you could set one of the extra mouse buttons to act as the med pack button rather than a button on your keyboard therefore freeing up that key to something else that you may want to use it for.

      I’m not sure if there are any 3rd party programs/software that could recognize the Zelotes mouse and its buttons so that they could be set up as macros, you may want to research into that though! I just know that the company that makes this mouse didn’t make it to be programmed with macros but that would have been awesome if they did!

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


    • “Is there a program that the zelot mouse uses? How would I go about doing this, Colton?”

      I use x-mouse button control, it worked for all of my mice it works for this mouse too. I configured the two side buttons for copy and paste respectively, but you can set as you want the program offers a lot of options.

    • I Have Had This Mouse For Over A Year And It Works Perfectly, I Remapped The Buttons With X Mouse Button Control (it is free)

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