Redragon M601 Review (2020 Update), A Mouse Still Worthy of Its Price?

Last Updated on April 24, 2020

It’s time to do a Redragon M601 Centrophorus review for 2020. This mouse has adjustable weights, good DPI settings and a comfortable design for a price that makes sense.

If those types of features suit your play style then this is definitely going to be worth taking a look at. Redragon has overhauled this mouse with an awesome updated version so even for 2020, it’s still the best budget friendly gaming mouse on the market!

With that, let’s get to the review!



Product: Redragon M601 Centrophorus

Recommended Price: Around $15

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Warranty: Year and a half

My Rating: Find Out Below!


A Great Choice For Those on A Tight Budget


This mouse is for those that are basically looking for a mouse with an adjustable weight system for the lowest price point possible.

Also if you have a 1080p monitor for your PC then this mouse is going to be pretty optimal for that kind of specific monitor. The different DPI setting choices are great for 1080p resolution monitors.

There are some pretty cool features that come with this mouse and for its price point, depending on your own personal opinion, it may or may not be worth going ahead and getting this mouse.


Up To 7200 DPI

This mouse has a DPI setting of up to 7200 DPI.

It can switch between 800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI and the RGB lighting will change depending on the DPI setting that you set it to. You will also be able to adjust these color settings within the software that Redragon has created for the M601.

If you have a higher resolution monitor then one of the higher DPI settings is going to be key if you’re looking for an accurate mouse. This is extremely important with anything PC gaming, especially when it comes to first person shooter games.

If you have a higher resolution than 1080p then you’re going to need a higher DPI setting in order to get optimal results with your mouse.

DPI stands for dots per inch which is how many dots your mouse cursor is able to move per inch of your monitor screen. So if your monitor screen is 1080p, you’ll want a ball park middle range of DPI to have better accuracy and to be able to move your mouse around more smoothly

So basically, this mouse is perfect for 1080p monitors. You have a nice scale of DPI that you can adjust on the fly and you can then adjust your in-game sensitivities to see what works best for you!


Adjustable Weights Are Cool

Now to me this is more of a personal preference but having adjustable weights could definitely improve your gaming potential.


Because if you want a certain weight for certain games then maybe you’ll want to switch to just that.

Typically, if you have a heavier mouse then it is going to be easier to control the accuracy of those head shots that you plan to execute in those first persona shooter games.

If you have a lighter weight mouse then you’re going to be able to obviously move it faster, this comes in handy when you are playing a strategy game because you’ll want to be able to move across your battlefield in the fastest way possible.

But, like I said, this is mainly a personal preference and it is also a completely optional thing if you don;t want to mess around with the weight system at all.

If that is the case then I suggest looking for a different mouse because you might be able to go even cheaper on the price, even though this mouse is at a great price point for its many features.



The Perfect Amount of Buttons

The buttons on a mouse are probably the most important aspect of the mouse when it comes to virtually any given mouse on the market.

This particular mouse has 6 optimized buttons and 2 programmable buttons.

The two programmable buttons are the thumb buttons, these are extremely helpful for pretty much any game out there because it is much more convenient to use a hard to reach key to map to the thumb button instead because it is just right there.

Then there is the scroll wheel button, the two main mouse button used with your pointer and middle finger and then there is the DPI button which can also be used for a specific action on a game if you chose for it to do so.

The DPI button is how you will be able to switch between the 5 different DPI settings that you can customize with the software. You can also adjust other options as well in that software which is where all of the magic happens with this mouse.


The Software

Redragon has a software out for this mouse where you’ll be able to change the different settings of the mouse and you’ll also be able to set up the different macros of the mouse in the software as well.

You’ll have to go to the official Redragon website for the software download if the mouse doesn’t already come with the software by default, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle if you ended up having to do that anyway.

The software is a very nice part of this mouse and it is kind of rare to see a nice dedicated software to go with a mouse at this cheap price point, Redragon is doing great things.

Basically, you’re going to want to download the software, it is optional but if you want the most out of your mouse then you’ll have to get the software some how some way!


To Conclude

All in all, if you have a 1080p resolution monitor or less and you’re looking for a cheaper solution for a mouse then this is probably going to be the mouse for you.

It is some great features for its price and is definitely worth picking up if you have that little bit of room in your budget.



  • Adjustable weights.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Mouse software directly from Redragon.


  • Some of you may prefer more mouse buttons.
  • You’re locked at a limit of DPI.
  • Only the one design is available.




So, what do you guys think of this Redragon mouse?

Do you enjoy having adjustable weights on your mouse?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Redragon M601 Centrophorus

Around $15



Build Quality





  • Adjustable weights
  • Ergonomic design
  • Mouse software directly from Redragon


  • Some of you may prefer more mouse buttons
  • You're locked at a limit of DPI

27 thoughts on “Redragon M601 Review (2020 Update), A Mouse Still Worthy of Its Price?”

  1. Go amazon-> any redragon mouse/keyboard -> scroll for reviews -> see 1star reviews

    This review of pcbuildonabudget must have been payed really nicely, for my money
    i paid 28 pounds for mouse all made out of plastic on outside (excluding scroll)
    and when it got delivered excitement levels went down just after getting it out of the hermetic, plastic cool looking designed box. TO EVERYONE THAT WONDER IF SHOULD GET REDRAGON SELF CALLED “GAMING ITEMS” they do not lay anyclose to what gaming accesories, but provide Chinese Quality stuff that is so overpriced you could get 3x same quality accessories. Price is understandable since the buissness is led by smart scammer that is a godlike manipulator and disgrace for Gaming.

      • Again, I am not partnered at all with Redragon. I have no sponsorship or brand agreement with Redragon. As for how you feel about them, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    • I’ll reply to both of your comments, Lefthander.

      What exactly is the matter with your mouse? Did you contact either Amazon or Redragon about the mouse not being what you expected to be?

      I am not paid at all by Redragon or by any other company for the reviews that I write. The M601 specifically I had an earlier version of when it didn’t have the RGB lighting but also have had a friend buy it as it was a highly affordable mouse that had adjustable weight included.

      It’s around $14-$15 USD for the mouse which is significantly cheaper than other mice on the market. Paying 28 pounds for it, I would agree that your money would have been better spent on something that provides that level of value.

      I wouldn’t expect a lower cost mouse to be the top dog gaming mouse – my review is based on what the mouse is able to provide in general for the cost. When it comes to a mouse with adjustable weight options, a supported software and a design with RGB lighting for under $20 USD not may mice can beat this.

      If you disagree, then we will agree to disagree. I don’t think the mouse is as bad as you’re saying it is but if you experienced problems with the mouse then I’d encourage you to contact Amazon or Redragon for a refund/replacement.

    • It’s a step up both aesthetically and technically, has 5Gs more on acceleration and 1500 more DPI on the DPI setting. An extra button on the M701 but it doesn’t have a weight tuning set to my knowledge.

  2. Does this mouse have the ability to “rapid-fire”? I need a mouse that will click at least three times per second, it is not for a game so I don’t need any other features. Does anyone know if this mouse can be programmed to do that or can you point me towards an inexpensive solution? Thanks.

    • Hey Tony,

      I know that you can program buttons on it but I’m unsure if it is able to program a button to do three actions per second…

      With that said, the Perdition actually has a specific button where it’ll click 3 times per second. You may want to look into it!


    • Translation:
      I don’t care for this mouse. It’s marketed as a gaming mouse but I’ve failed to find a way to program the side buttons to shift-control and alt to play WOW. This mouse is just not my cup of tea.

  4. Hey i was planning to get a gaming mouse and initially was hooked to Logitech g402 Hyperion Furry, i mainly play fps and was wondering if i should ditch the 402 and get this guy! what do you think?

    • Anandu,

      If you’re looking for best bang for your buck, get this Redragon one. But if your budget allows it and you want to pay for the brand then go ahead and get the Logitech mouse! Really it’s all about what resolution you’re playing on and the DPI that a mouse offers.

  5. Can you program the side buttons to act like a ‘back’ button on your browser? My husband’s old mouse used to do that and I really liked it. Have yet to find another mouse I like that can.

  6. Wow, this is an awesome mouse that really puts mine to shame! This is one I just may have to get. Thank you for the awesome review!

  7. Just the first glance at this and I was sold. This is by far the best looking mouse I’ve EVER seen. It has that concept car design look, perfect looking size and ergonomic design.

    I would pay 14 bucks in a snap, love it.


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