The SkyTech Archangel Gaming Computer, Is It Worth Picking Up?

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I noticed that the SkyTech Archangel gaming computer on Amazon was selling pretty well so I figured it’d be a good idea to look it over and review it!

For the most part, pre-built PCs rip you off – especially when you don’t take a look on what’s in on the inside. It’s one thing to read the product reviews on Amazon itself but it’s a whole different story when you understand what’s really going on with the hardware of a pre-built.

With that, let’s get to the review.

skytech archangel gaming computer


Product:  SkyTech Archangel Gaming Computer

Price: $679.99

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Warranty: 1 Year

My Rating: 6.5 out of 10


The Graphics Card Is Most Important

skytech archangel gaming computer hardwareWhen you check out the Amazon product page is gives you details on what’s inside of this pre-built and all in all, SkyTech could do a better job.

I get that pre-built computers are a harder product to mass produce, they take a lot of money up front and the company has to pay their employees and what not. I get it, but that doesn’t mean that people should be getting “sorta” ripped off.

I say sorta because the hardware itself really isn’t that bad, it’s just that with $650 you could have a custom PC that has more power… Though with today’s hardware market being as overpriced as it is, I can see why a pre-built would be on your radar.

The graphics card that comes with this PC is a 4GB GTX 1050 Ti. This card is pretty decent today when you’re trying to play at 1080p. There was an older version of the SkyTech Archangel that used a GTX 750 Ti and this card is more than double the performance of that type of card.

For any lower demanding indie title today you’ll be maxing it out at 1080p. When thinking more along the lines of AAA titles, you should expect to be able to run them on a tweaked high/med setting for sure.

The only downfall that I see with this PC is that it has a bit less power than the the power of a $500 build which isn’t necessarily bad – except when you’re paying $650 for $500 worth of power…

When it comes to a gaming computer, that margin of difference really does make all the difference. Sure, with today’s hardware being overpriced it makes more sense but that’d be up to you to decide if the price different is worth it or not.


Taking A Further Look At The Hardware

skytech archangel gaming computer cpu

The FX-6300 isn’t a bad CPU, but is it worth having from spending over $600?

For the other parts that help with gaming performance – this PC also includes a FX-6300 for the CPU, Windows 10, a 1TB hard drive, built in wi-fi and it also comes with a keyboard and a mouse.

The FX-6300 is actually a pretty good processor, that’s the same processor that I previously recommended using on a $500 custom PC build.

But that’s just it… the FX-6300 was best used when looking at a $500 build and not a $650 build. On the $600 PC build that I have shared here I use a Ryzen CPU paired with a GTX 1060 video card. That’s even better CPU performance and more video memory on the GPU.

So really, you don’t get much power per dollar spent here. The FX series CPUs are pretty old now and there isn’t much room for upgrading compared to Ryzen.

Some people say that they pay that extra bit for warranty, for someone else to build it for them or because they’re too lazy or they “don’t have enough time” to put one together. Or that it comes with a few extra things like the built in wi-fi or a HDMI cable…

But I mean come on, Amazon offers part warranties when you buy computer parts, it’s actually easier than you think to build your own PC and for those that think they don’t have enough time… they do.

Sure, it’d take a good bit to put one together for the first time but with the sheer amount of tutorials out there, it’s easy to learn how it’s done and it’s not going to take something like a full day just to get a PC build finished.

As far as coming with come extras, it literally costs a few dollars to get a good HDMI cable and it’s going to be roughly $30 to add a wi-fi connection solution to a custom build.

I hate to come off strong on this matter but there really aren’t any excuses as to why someone can’t build their own PC. You get so much more power per dollar spent, it’s an awesome learning experience and it sounds cool when you tell friends and family – “Yeah, I built my own computer from scratch.”


At Least SkyTech Is Honest

I do have to give it to this SkyTech company though, they really didn’t leave anything out when they listed this PC for sale on Amazon.

They have all of the pieces of hardware and they have a dedicated support team for the sales and what not as well. At least they aren’t like most pre-built gaming computer companies which have the illusion of having a cool looking computer on the outside when the inside of it is low quality – which is the most important part of a gaming computer in the first place!

A lot of good reviews are posted with this pre-built and for good reason – a 1050 Ti along with all of the other specs really isn’t bad at all when you’re looking for some entry-level gaming at 1080p. It would have been nice to see a Ryzen CPU instead of the old FX series for upgrades but I suppose that it’s there for cost.

I’d make sure to check out some of the reviews over on Amazon as well!



If you’re more so interested in doing a PC build of your own then you should follow a guide that has similar performance compared to this PC.

Again, a pre-built PC like this makes a lot more sense now that hardware is as overpriced as it is but there is still value in putting your own together and knowing that you’re getting exact what you want inside of the PC.


Check Out The Guide On A $600 PC Build!


You should really consider checking out that guide, a $600 PC build has even more power than what the above PC provides and you’ll come out saving some money in the end.

So, are you still going to be picking up this PC? Plan on any upgrades for it?

Or are you willing to look at building your own PC? Trust me when I say that you definitely wouldn’t regret doing so. 😉

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

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36 Responses to The SkyTech Archangel Gaming Computer, Is It Worth Picking Up?

  1. Horacio says:

    You are not counting the cost of Windows OS and labor in your comparison. So this is not an apples to apples.

    • Colton P says:

      Still Horacio, a lot more performance on a build of your own. A significant amount at that in comparison. For $650, you’ll easily get double the performance.

      You can find an OS for super cheap if you really wanted to, there are all sorts of keys that run for $20-$30 for Windows 7 and then the free upgrade to Windows 10 comes with. Ever heard of Kinguin?

      And for “labor”, it’s really not that hard at all to put a PC together. I know it sounds crazy to people that have never done it, but with the right guide and the will to want to learn something new it can be done. For me, it’s a super fun experience to learn and to actually build one!

      It just makes a lot more sense to build your own. Sure, this PC is “OK” but it’s just not up to par with how much power you get per dollar spent.

      • Sean says:

        There is another version of this pc that come with 1050ti instead of 750ti. Is this much an improvement or should I go with another pc? I will want to play games like battlefield, csgo, overwatch, and pubg. Im not looking for crazy fps but I would like to get better than my xbox. Any info helps.

  2. richard says:

    Right about the computer being overpriced. I just coustom built a gaming rig with comparable parts all from ebay and a solid state drive+ 1 T.B. storage drive and a seasonic 650W 80+ bronze PSU and the same video card for under $400.

    • Colton P says:

      Exactly man. It’s just too much money for the hardware that you get. It makes so much more sense to do a build of your own.

      • Jeremy Wheeler says:

        Yeah try building one today, the prices on a video card alone are more than that PC lol, you couldn’t build a decent PC right now for under 2,000

        • Colton P says:

          Right, we were discussing that price back in summer of 2016. Lol, times have definitely changed. You can still build a nice rig, it’s odd that pre-built PCs actually make sense. I wonder if the prices of pre-built PCs will increase overtime…

  3. Mark Rinehart says:

    I’m looking for a new or build my own computer to run all my old xp games, any advice would be appreciated

    • Colton P says:

      For the most part, Mark, you’ll be able to run older games in Windows XP compatibility mode on Windows 10.

      This link should also help more in-depth to give you other solutions for games/programs that don’t work with the compatibility mode that is in Windows 10!

  4. Arthur Smith says:

    Colton P
    Glad I ran across this website “On a”
    I think I’m a little like you. I love building my own puters (probably built 8 maybe 10 puters) but I guess I don’t put enough time in shopping and\or looking for sales because by the time I find all the parts to do it (usually Newegg) I find I could have bought one of the same or even better quality for cheaper. But I just had back surgery so nothing but time I’ll give it another whirl. Starting with downloading your instructions for the $500.00 build. If there are any other dollar amount builds I would like to see them please.
    Thanks for the help already Colton P. see you’ve helped already and weren’t even aware.

    Thanks again

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Artty,

      Awesome, yeah the market goes all over the place especially these days but with the new hardware finally getting to an acceptable price point it makes sense to be looking into getting parts. It’s going to be a bit yet before graphics cards will be getting changed up for optimal levels.

      I have guides for other budgets as well, check out the top navigation on the site here and highlight “PC Builds” you’ll be able to navigate to the other guides from there!

  5. Juts says:

    Hey I was thinking about getting this computer for casual gaming, I only play 2 games for PC, WoW and SWTOR. Can this computer run them on high/med graphics? Do you recommend a cheaper one that can? I’d really prefer a prebuilt one but I’ll take anything into consideration.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey there Juts,

      I personally wouldn’t recommend this one. It’s a bit outdated. It’ll handle WoW just fine but I wouldn’t say the same for other games, WoW’s requirements are a lot less demanding.

      I would instead recommend this pre-built if you really must go with a pre-built. I highly recommend doing a build of your own but when it comes to a pre-built that makes sense – the one I just linked above is what I’d go with! It’s going to run WoW and SWTOR at max settings no problems at all.

    • Juts says:

      Update: I ended up buying this pc for WoW and SWTOR, it runs both on max settings with about 60 on Star Wars, and 60-90 on WoW. I agree that this is NOT the absolute best PC for the price, but it gets the job done. I was lucky and got mine on sale, so for the price I got it at it’s 10/10

      • Colton P says:

        Right on, it’ll get the job done for older games. It doesn’t really meet a good level of performance for what you pay but on a sale I could see how it’d be a viable option.

        I’m glad it’s working well for the games you planned on playing with it!

  6. Colin says:

    I was thinking about buying this pre built pc and putting either a gtx 970 or a gtx 1050 ti in it. Would that make the pc worth while? I intend on playing,crysis 3 gears of war 4 gta5 gmod LoL etc on it.

    • Colton P says:

      Not really Colin.

      The processor would bottleneck a bit with a 970 or a 1050 Ti. You’d be much better off spending this much on a build of your own to maximize the performance.

      • Colin says:

        How would it bottleneck? I’ve a lot of gtx 970 in this particular build. Seems to run just fine, I don’t plan on running this same build forever just a year or so then gradually upgrade

        • Colton P says:

          It’ll definitely be an improvement on performance but there is a bit of performance room left out. Meaning that the FX-6300 ran at stock settings isn’t fully up to par with the performance of a 970.

          Again, it’s still a great card to go with and it’s not like it wouldn’t work. But it’d work even better with a slight overclocking to the CPU.

  7. None of your business. says:

    I bought this hell no way I was building this.

    • Colton P says:

      Hope you upgrade the video card in the near future if you’re wanting to run games at better settings, did you just not trust yourself to put your own PC together?

      Are you happy with the Archangel?

  8. zane says:

    actually the pc comes with a gtx 1050ti and comes with mouse and keyboard if you look closely \.

  9. Brad says:

    Can it play bo3

  10. Ary says:

    Hey thanks so much for this guide this will help a ton! Do you know if any of these specific parts go on sale from time to time?

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Ary! You’re welcome 🙂

      For sure some parts will go on sale during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales at the end of this month, I’ll be writing new posts on the deals that I come across to share with everyone here. Otherwise not really, most prices are predicated on the overall supply/demand with the market.

      Always here if you need help with a build, let me know!

  11. Jeff says:

    Can it run pubg on decent settings?

    • Colton P says:

      Make sure you go with the 1050 Ti version(s) if you’re wanting to and you’ll run PUBG at a tweaked medium setting with higher FPS. Otherwise a build of your own would be more powerful and cheaper.

  12. Falon Montgomery says:

    Skytech tech support sucks the big one. Sent a computer back to me still broken and lied about it shutting down unexpectedly on them when it was in the critical event log!! Promised they wouldn’t keep it longer than 14 days…it’s been a over a month and they kept it a month or more the first time they had it and didn’t fix it…. I’ll build my next computer myself.

    • Colton P says:

      Hey Falon,

      That’s unfortunate to hear… I haven’t heard of their customer service being like that. Did you order it through Amazon?

      If you need help with moving forward on a build of your own be sure to bookmark this site and come back! More than happy to help you build something that makes sense on the price while also being powerful 🙂

  13. vincent says:

    alright so I got the 1050ti version loving it so far its my first pc and I don’t know anything about pcs but I do plan on upgrading it in the future where should I start?

    • Colton P says:

      It’s using a FX-6300 CPU which is decent, but you could go up to a FX-8350 and then with some good cooling options that would fit the case you’d have a good upgrade there. Otherwise you’d have to use a different type of motherboard to go with Ryzen.

      Other than that, you can go up to a GTX 1070 down the road if you’re really wanting to bump up power. It’s just that a 1070 is so expensive right now… it’s best to wait a long while until the pricing makes sense again.

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