Best Gaming PC Build for $1000, The Most Optimal PC Rig For 2020

1000 dollar gaming pc build

1000 Dollar Gaming PC Build


Browsing the web in search of the best gaming pc build for $1000 in 2020? Then search no further, you are about to build the best gaming rig for 2020 and beyond.

When it comes to putting together any build, you need to know what to look for. Especially when it comes to a $1000+ build!

Don’t buy a specific card or processor simply because it’s the most expensive one and fits within your budget and don’t waste your time and money on outdated configurators…

With around $1000 to spend, you can build an amazing gaming rig that is capable of 144+ FPS on most titles. This is possible because of getting every piece separately and optimizing the performance power per dollar spent.

That’s why most of the time custom rigs are much better than pre-built PCs – you get what you actually pay for.

With that said, let’s start getting into the build! We’ll go over which parts are the best to go with right now, the general levels of gaming performance you can expect and all of the other details that went into this build.

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