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PC Builds

How To Install Windows 11 On Your New PC Build

If you're getting ready to build a new PC, you'll need to know how to get the latest version of the Windows OS running on it. I'm here to guide...
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A Guide To Selecting The Right Motherboard For Your PC Build

Choosing the right motherboard for your PC build can be quite confusing at first. How do you know which motherboard is compatible with the rest of your PC build's components?...
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Product Reviews

Fifine BM88 Review, A Solid Low-Profile Boom Arm?

I've been using the BM88 boom arm mic stand for a good while now and figured it was time to share a proper review of it. I have been using...
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Mic Reviews Product Reviews

Fifine K688 Mic Review, High-End Performance At A Low Cost?

After extensive use of the Fifine K688 microphone, I wanted to share a full review of the mic on how well it performs and how easy it is to use...
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How To Optimally Upgrade From A GTX 1070

Upgrading from the GTX 1070? This post will show you how to upgrade from the GTX 1070 to an optimal GPU for higher FPS rates and future-proof performance. You can't...
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