Does It FINALLY Make Sense To Build A Gaming PC?

Two years…

Two years is about how long it has been since the PC hardware market went complete bonkers where there was hardly any hardware that was fairly priced for builders.

From the crypto mining craze to the pandemic affecting chip manufacturers and everything else in between… It all started about two years ago.

So now begs the question…

Is it finally a good time to build a gaming PC? Does it make sense now?

Is the graphics card market back to normal?

Are manufacturers able to keep up with the high demand?

In this post, I’d like to discuss the topic overall, to get into whether or not it makes sense to do a gaming PC build of your own now, and what the near future of hardware has in store for those of us that want to get a new build going.

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The Importance of a “Gaming” Keyboard: Everything You Need To Know

The Importance of a Gaming Keyboard

In this post we will be going over the importance of a gaming keyboard to see if “gaming” features are actually as important as some companies say they are.

All peripherals are important and you should always take your time when it comes to choosing the right peripherals for you and your gaming PC but just how many of the gaming features do you actually need with a keyboard?

Let’s go over what is overhyped, what is important and what to look out for when you’re in the market for a gaming keyboard!

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60 FPS vs 144 FPS: Does Higher FPS Actually Matter?

60 FPS vs 144 FPS

I’d like to post about 60 FPS vs 144 FPS, share my experiences between the two FPS rates, and see if having 144 FPS over 60 FPS actually matters.

For me, going from 60 frames per second to 144 frames per second in gaming has changed my overall gaming experience for the long haul.

After spending a solid four years gaming at 60 FPS on my PC rig, I took the plunge to seek higher frame rates.

Upgrading my video card and monitor was not just a simple hardware change; it was also a change in the way I perceived and played my games.

As I share my personal experiences, I aim to pretty much settle the debate surrounding 144 FPS versus 60 FPS.

And no, it’s not just as simple as “144 FPS obviously better, git gud“.

Some may argue that the FPS change is negligible, while others claim it’s an undeniable game-changer.

In this post, we’ll go into the actual differences between these two average frame rates, the hardware prerequisites for achieving 60 FPS versus 144 FPS, and ultimately, answer the question of whether the upgrade to higher FPS is worth doing.

Let’s dive into the details of “buttery smooth gaming” and share whether or not the appeal of 144 FPS is, indeed, a no-brainer.

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Does A Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance?

Does A Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance

Does a motherboard affect gaming performance? Does a motherboard matter for gaming? Search no further, we will show you how motherboards work with games!

Maybe you’re simply curious on whether or not a motherboard affects overall gaming performance. Or maybe you’re noticing some in-game lag and you’re thinking it might be the motherboard.

However you got here, we’re going to look into and answer whether or not a motherboard matters when it comes to playing games.

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What Is Deep Rock Galactic? The Co-Op Dwarf Shooter

Deep Rock Galactic Banner

What is Deep Rock Galactic and why should you get it? It’s time to do a review on Deep Rock Galactic and share what you should expect while exploring the mines.

Mix Left 4 Dead, randomly generated caves, resource gathering and dwarves and you get Deep Rock Galactic. If mining, shooting alien bugs, drinking ale and dancing with your fellow dwarf brothers sounds like a good time then this is the game for you.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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A Game’s Success, Dependent On Big Streamers?

If you spend anytime on PC gaming forums or on different Subreddits then I’m certain you’ve heard of people discussing how a game’s success is dependent on it being streamed by the world’s most popular streamers.

In this post I’d like to talk about exactly that. Does a game’s success really depend on how much it’s being streamed today?

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