GPUs Are Nowhere To Be Found… For Now

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

Many of us are either trying to build our new PC rig with the newest video cards on the market right now or, at the least, trying to upgrade our cards to the newest of the new…

The problem is that there is nothing to be found on all of the major online stores. Amazon has been out of stock for quite some time now and even on Newegg or other retailers… None seem to have had anything in stock for a long time coming now.

So what’s the hold up and when can we expect to have them back in stock again?

We hope that these cards will be back in stock ASAP.

Supply & Demand… Try To Shop Local If You Can

As with anything else, supply and demand is the main reason why the cards have been out of stock. We are seeing the same thing with the current gen consoles as well, the PS5 and Xbox Series X systems are also hard to come by.

I personally don’t have any PC hardware stores around in my local area, such as a Microcenter, to speak on whether or not they have anything in stock but for you, it’d be worth giving a Google search a try to see where the closest Microcenter or similar hardware store is at in your area.

Who knows, they might have something!

Words From Nvidia’s CFO

But if you’re like me and have no choice but to find something online then there is a little hope on the horizon… but it’s still most likely going to be a while.

Colette Kress, Executive Vice President and CFO of Nvidia, has stated that:

“We expect the overall channel inventories, meaning the inventories that are with our AIC partners [graphics card makers] as well as in our e-tail and retail channels will likely remain lean throughout Q1.” – Colette Kress

But now there is word that we likely will not see another surge in stock until around May.

She has also stated:

“Our overall capacity has not been able to keep up with that overall strong demand that we have seen. We’ve seen in terms of constraints, constraints really from the overall global surge of compute and the overall capacity, capacity that may be necessary for assembly and test and/or sub trades as well. But again, we remain focused on this and working each day to improve our overall supply situation.” – Colette Kress

Cards Could Be Back Around April/May

That same amount of demand is on the AMD side as well… It’s safe to assume that AMD’s new RX 6000 cards will be available right around the same time as Nvidia.

With them saying that it will likely remain lean throughout Q1… We can predict around end of April and going into May when we will see the new cards back on the market.

Then who knows, maybe both companies will be ready and have a large influx of cards readily available for the demand or maybe we will go through another wave of nothing being in stock for a while.

Something similar has happened in the past when the 1000 series and 2000 series cards from Nvidia were released. Once they were gone from the online retailers, we didn’t see them back for a long minute.

Are you going to be snagging up the new cards right when they come out?

What do you think these companies could do to help keep up with all of the future demands?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

4 thoughts on “GPUs Are Nowhere To Be Found… For Now”

  1. Colton I got a cyberpower PC from my daughter bought couldn’t afford the PC turning on but nothing to monitor am I missing something

    • Hey CJ,

      So the desktop itself is powered on and the fans/lights are on, right?

      Are you making sure that you have your HDMI/Display cable plugged in from the video card to the monitor? Sometimes folks think you have to use the port from the motherboard but you need to use a DisplayPort or HDMI port from the video card in order to get video to show on screen.

      If that isn’t the issue, let me know! Happy to help!

  2. This explains things, ty for the 411. I was gunna grab a 1650 super. As soon as i scraped the $150 together, the price went up $100+! (shudda charged one :p) So..I have two 750ti cards & imna grab an (probs MSI for $150) mobo with Crossfire and “Viola!” A whopping 4gb graphics solution 🙂 I just have GTA V & that’ll do nicely to tune it up, RE: my lame refresh rate. My sys: i5, 16 gb Hyper-X Fury ram, 750ti, Win10, 512 SSD, 8TB Seagate ext. HDD (my GTAV YT ch. is ‘TOMJ440’ 🙂 ancient Dell Inspiron case..ikk..I need a new ATX case. Unless!! I use an extra, extra ancient Dell case I got for free..huge & uglyyyy! Just needs a few fans & bigger psu! Ahaha. I have another HP parts machine w/an i7 & 600w psu & 8gb more ram, so i’ll be set.

    • No problem, Thomas. We all don’t like seeing when these supply/demand problems pop up, and these have lasted longer than what has been done in the past for sure… But I’m sure that everything will come back around eventually! Also nice job on the temporary solution, that should hold you off until you’re able to get yourself a fair price and some of the newer hardware that’s out there!


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