A Guide To Selecting The Right Motherboard For Your PC Build

Choosing the right motherboard for your PC build can be quite confusing at first.

How do you know which motherboard is compatible with the rest of your PC build’s components?

What should you look for in a motherboard?

What are the most important parts of a motherboard for your specific rig?

From all of the different slots on a board, the difference between form factors, ensuring compatibility with your CPU choice, to the most important types of expansion for future upgrades – this article aims to help you understand how to choose the right motherboard for your PC build and to guide you through understanding what to look for when choosing a compatible board for your rig.

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Does A Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance?

Does A Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance

Does a motherboard affect gaming performance? Does a motherboard matter for gaming? Search no further, we will show you how motherboards work with games!

Maybe you’re simply curious on whether or not a motherboard affects overall gaming performance. Or maybe you’re noticing some in-game lag and you’re thinking it might be the motherboard.

However you got here, we’re going to look into and answer whether or not a motherboard matters when it comes to playing games.

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Did You Use A Micro ATX Board?

Most of the builds that I share here use a micro ATX motherboard to save on the cash amount. When it comes to having the lowest price build possible, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be using a micro ATX to save a good bit of cash.

It works just fine, I used a micro ATX board with my first build and moved up to an ATX board when I wanted to make a new PC for myself. I found it less stressful for little things such as using the PCIe slot for an adapter and plugging in the USB slots and buttons into the correct prongs. Little parts like that are easier with a bigger board.

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