Best Gaming Computer Build on a Budget, You’ve Got To Build It Yourself!

Last Updated on June 7, 2015

If you’re looking for the best gaming computer build on a budget then you’ve stumbled across the right site! 🙂

The greatest part about building your own computer is that you get the most bang for your buck. Make sure that you buy all of the right parts though.

Computer retailers that sell “gaming” computers are ripping the consumers off big time because even some $700-$800 “gaming” computers won’t be able to run most of the games coming out in 2015.

That’s when the beauty of building your own PC comes in, buy buying each essential part separately you are saving a bunch of money for your finished PC.



Building your own PC has its many benefits!

If you were to pay within the $700-$800 budget range then you’d have a build that’s capable of running all of the games coming out this year on the maximum graphics levels possible.

You might be telling yourself that you’re not any type of computer guru or you think that you won’t actually be able to build your own PC…

Well if that’s you, then just know that was me too! 🙂

You see, I was a loyal console gamer (Xbox 360 to be exact) for a good few years time. After seeing YouTube videos on the power behind PC gaming and seeing it first hand with some friends of mine that had PCs inspired me to get my own.

When I was doing research on the best gaming computers I was getting upset at the results that I was getting. Most of the gaming computers that I found pre-built in my budget range (which at the time was around $500 for the parts) I was finding that I wasn’t going to be able to run my favorite games such as Skyrim on the higher graphics settings.

To me, the main points and reasons why I or anyone in the world for that matter that would want to get into the PC gaming world would be for the free online multiplayer options, the modifications to many games (like Skyrim!) and the fact that computers are much more advanced tech wise when compared to today’s consoles.



So back to actually building your own computer, it’s A LOT easier than you think!

It’s really all just plug n’ play, it’s all about knowing where everything goes.

So where does everything go?

Well check out the video series below by Newegg to find out! 🙂

Be sure to go through the video fully before and during your process of building your own computer. They don’t miss a step at all and after you build your first computer you’ll remember how it’s done for the rest of time.

Maybe you could build a business building computers or just help others see the opportunity in building their own computer, it;s a nice skill to have that’s for sure! 😉




Today’s consoles do indeed have a bunch of power, but one example of the consoles not being able to run as optimal as a PC would be the fact that a game like Grand Theft Auto V has to be ran at 30 frames per second whereas a PC can run Grand Theft Auto V at whatever frames per second it can handle given it has the right specifications to run the game well.

Sure maybe to have the most optimal PC gaming experience possible you’ll have to pay just a tad bit more than traditional gaming console prices but you’re probably going to own a computer of some sort anyway, whether that be a laptop or a tablet etc.

Why not make it a gaming machine on top of it?

It is very much so worth every penny to do so because you don’t really have to have any extra payments after you’re officially into the PC gaming industry. Once you’re in, you’re able to have 100% unlimited online multiplayer for free and you’ll be able to mod pretty much any game.

I’ve done so many play-throughs of Skyrim simply because of all of the new mods that are made every day! You can add as many as you want as long as they don’t conflict with each other! 😀

Again, you’re going to most likely have some kind of computer, right? Might as well make sure it’s a gaming beast on top of it all! 😉



Now with all of that said you may be wondering what the best builds would be for different budgets that you may have available…

The more you spend the higher the power, just know that the more you pay then the better your favorite games are going to look and run.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve dedicated this website to help any individual to get started into PC gaming with a build that they can be proud of. Because if you’re going to be paying high ticket for a good experience then you’d better be sure that you’re getting the best power of the lowest pricing points as possible.

Below I’ve posted different links to different builds, pick which one is within your budget and check out the details and hardware about each build!

I highly recommend going for a $500 build or more because anything from those ranges are going to last for years to come and 2015 will be a breeze!

The $400 build is O.K., it’ll be able to run games like Skyrim on high graphics settings but don’t expect to be able to run some of the newer games gaming out later this year, expect to be able to run them on the lower graphic settings.

With all of that said, let’s get to the builds! 😀

400 BudgetButton 600

700 800 900

1000 1500 2000

By clicking any of the buttons above you will be taken to my most optimal hardware for each budget, all of which get updated as time goes on!



All in all, if you’re looking for the best gaming computer build on a budget then that’s exactly why this website is here!

I hope that my website can help guide you to building your own PC gaming machine! 😀

Feel free to browse around the different builds and if you have any questions at all just leave them in the comments area of the build.

You could also leave your questions here as well, but it’ll be more organized if you ask your questions on the posts with the builds on them!

Cheers guys, let me know if I can be anymore helpful! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Best Gaming Computer Build on a Budget, You’ve Got To Build It Yourself!”

  1. Hi Im trying to start a yt/ plus i need a computer for school
    will I be able to record and edit games like payday 2 and waw custom zombies with ease and also if there is anything else i need please tell me and would everything fit inside this case?


    • Hi Trevor,

      Don’t start buying parts until you’ve got everything compatible and lowest price possible, some of the parts here aren’t compatible.

      First off, Windows can be cheaper like this version – save money there.

      The 6700k is not compatible with that motherboard, that motherboard has an AM3+ socket which is used for AMD processors. You’d need a LGA 1151 socket motherboard like this one.

      You’ll also need an aftermarket cooler because the 6700k doesn’t come with any stock cooler. I’d recommend this one by Noctua, I know it would fit in the case (I have the same exact case in my build) and it’d work for keeping the CPU very cool. For the cooler, you’ll also want to pick up some thermal paste since the paste that comes with it really isn’t all that great.

      As far as this being a build for what you want to accomplish, definitely. You’ll have a high quality experience doing video editing and gaming for sure.

      So make sure you’ve got the compatible parts before you start getting everything and then you’ll be good to go. Let me know if you need further help as you move forward with your build man.

  2. WOW dude! I love how you have a boxed link into every build for different price ranges. Personally Id rather pay a little more to have someone make it for me, but that’s because Im not big into building PCs myself!
    But great post!

    • Hey there Matt!

      Thanks man, figured it’d add a nice touch to the post with the pics, personally I love building PCs and would rather do it myself to save money because it’s actually a lot easier than most people think!


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