Best Logitech Gaming Mouse, Logitech G602 Review

Last Updated on October 2, 2015

Out of all of the mice that Logitech has released, which one is the best gaming mouse? Today I’d like to shed some light on which one I think is best and why!

Logitech is very well known for providing extremely high quality products no matter what it is that they might create, especially for the price points that the company decides to put on their top products.

In my opinion, the G602 provides the best value per dollar spent when you put some hardcore gaming into consideration. It has an insane battery life and it has just the right amount of button to not be an overwhelming piece of technology.

With that, let’s get to the review.




Product: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Price: $52.97

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Warranty: 30 days or 2 years for $5

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Great Value Here Per Dollar Spent

Look, I’m all about finding the best of something when it comes to the value per dollar spent.

bang for your buck gaming mouse

This is especially true when it comes to PC builds, each part that I share is for the cheapest price with the greatest amount of value that is possible.

With that said, the same is true for any other type of hardware/accessories that I may review. I’m all about being able to stay within a reasonable budget point and for the price spent on this mouse, it provides great value!

Logitech isn’t the kind of company to where you are only paying a premium price for a brand name. They aren’t anywhere near like what Alienware is, when you buy a Logitech product you can know that your hard earned money is well invested into a premium product.

The value is in the quality of the mouse as well as the extra features that come with it, especially when you compare it to the other Logitech mice on the market. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and maybe you think that there is a different Logitech mouse that has more to offer or is better for a different price point.

Whether it may be design, button layout, the type of gamer you are or maybe you just don’t like wireless mice… I know that some of you will both agree and disagree with me here.

I agree with the point that wireless mice sometimes aren’t what they seem to be, but this specific mouse has about 250 hours of battery life. 🙂


250 Hours of Battery Life = YES

Most wireless mice have very low battery lives and that is why most people do not really like the idea of having a wireless mouse.

Personally, I have a wired mouse because I don’t like the idea of having my mouse die on me right as I’m about to kill an opponent that has been killing me over and over again in a match. That would be one of the worst feelings in the world…

250 hours of battery life

That and I also don’t want to have to invest the bit of money required to go out and buy batteries. If I’m out and I forgot to buy more then I’m more than likely out of luck.

But this mouse is different because it boasts having 250 hours of battery life. It says so in the product title over on Amazon!

A mouse with that amount of life would easily be a viable option for those that have the same worries that I do when it comes to using a wireless mouse for gaming purposes.


You’ll be finding yourself not really having to go out and purchase batteries all too often and you’re also going to be able to do a bunch of gaming before you’ll have to do so. That’s a win in my book.

That and not to mention that this mouse actually has a battery life indicator, you don’t really see that all too often on wireless mice. Like at all.

The blue dots on the top of the mouse will indicate where the battery level is at. If it is getting low then the light will let you know when you start to get low so knowing when you need to go pick up more batteries is very easy to be able to tell!


Keep The Rest of The Features In Mind

So having 250 hours of battery life is nice and all, but what about the rest of the features that this mouse has to offer?

Well, for one, it’s the perfect wireless gaming mouse for a 1080p resolution screen because it has a max DPI setting of 2500 and for 1080p specifically, all you really need for optimal performance is 1600.

DPI is extremely important when it comes to PC gaming, especially when it comes to having to be precise like with FPS games and certain strategy games where each point of where your cursor lands counts towards your victory.

This is where DPI comes in! DPI stands for dots per inch so however how many inches you may have to move across your screen, DPI sets the standard for how many pixels it move for every single inch that you may need to move your cursor.

There are also 11 different buttons that you can program for customizing your gaming experience based on whatever game that you might play.

You’ll be able to play with separate profiles based on which game you are going to play. Want a certain thumb button to be for your med pack in your favorite FPS? Set it as profile 1.


Need another button layout for making sure that you’re moving the right kind of troops in that strategy game that you just bought? Set up a new profile for profile 2.

My favorite feature for this mouse is the fact that the extra buttons aren’t too overwhelming because it has just enough to understand which button is going to do what.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to those MMO mice, there’s no way I’d be able to have an optimal gaming experience by having 12 different thumb buttons to use. I’m not an avid MMO gamer so maybe that is a big reason why but it’s also the fact that it looks overwhelming, I’d be seeing myself pressing the wrong button and dying all the time.

This mouse has 6 thumb buttons and two other buttons located right next to the left mouse button. Having the ability to set whatever you deem necessary to all of these options is very nice!


To Conclude

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.15.34 PM

All in all, the G602 is a great wireless gaming mouse that proves to provide some amazing value for each dollar that needs to be invested to get it for yourself.

You should honestly just check out the reviews and see for yourself!


Click Here To Read Reviews Over on Amazon!


So, what are your thoughts on this mouse?

Is this the best Logitech gaming mouse in your opinion?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

21 thoughts on “Best Logitech Gaming Mouse, Logitech G602 Review”

  1. Personally, it doesn’t strike me as “the best” Logitech gaming mouse. Perhaps the best wireless, but not the absolute best. Personally, at some point after I get my build, I wanna upgrade my mouse from the Cooler Master Devastator mouse to the G402, which I think would be a better gaming mouse – For cheaper. Higher DPI, not sure on buttons but I assume less, and I just like the G402. It seems nice.

    Note – Do not have build yet, will be ordering all the parts and peripheals near the end of the month, but when I upgrade my mouse on it I plan to get the G402, in case my post wasn’t clear enough.

    • The G402 is also an awesome mouse, pretty similar as well. A note on the DPI – max DPI doesn’t determine how “good” a mouse is. You just need enough DPI to match the resolution of your screen and about 1600-2000 DPI is the sweet spot for 1080p.

      Logitech makes some pretty good gear 🙂

      • Yes, I know it doesn’t determine how good a mouse is, but it is something nice to note. When you can get something for cheaper that has a better sound to it then something else for more, then I think it’s better for the person who think it sounds better, and what I was saying is I think the G402 is a better gaming mouse, for less. This mouse does sound great for wireless, though, but I’d rather have a wired unless I’m playing on a laptop(Like I am currently), so the G402 has better stuff for me.

        And the G402 sounds like the best of Logitech mice I’ve seen. The G502 has weight tuning, but I’d prefer to keep my mouse at one weight, has way more DPI, which I don’t need, and it costs more. The G600 is pointless to me, I don’t play many MMO’s. And for the G302-G303, well, not much I know to note. However, it seems like the G402 would be most responsive of all of them, and it looks like it’s got great features, to me, so I’d say that one, if not the others I mentioned, is the best gaming mouse, but this would be better suited as best wireless mouse. I mean, like you said, they’re pretty similar, but the G402 is cheaper, and wired so you don’t have to worry about batteries with it.

        I think I like the thought of this mouse way to much…

  2. Great review overall! I got the same mousse at my house and I got to say that you are right when you talk about the long battery life. Clicking feels great on this mouse and even the side button feel great which is not the case usually. A lot of features at a decent price! Good review

    • Hey Vincent,

      It does work extremely well man, the battery life is my biggest concern when I’m looking at wireless gear. Thanks for reaching out!!

  3. Waw, that sure does look like a nice mouse for gaming. I’ve been using my Razor mouse and am really interested in the quality diference between those two companies. What are your thoughts on that ? Because razor mouses are quite expensive and I am wondering if it’s all worth it.

    • Honestly Dejan both companies make high quality gear. It’s best to go with which brand you’d rather support and which mouse you think is most aesthetically pleasing!

  4. Hey,
    Thanks for the info and the 250 hours does sound very nice, I’m still slightly concerned about wireless and about them not working when I need them to.
    I do game, not massively but very competitively among my friends and I stick to wired mice for that reason I’d had for my mouse to just fail me.
    Saying that I love the idea of the extra buttons and DPS.

    • There is definitely a heads up when the batteries start getting low so you’ll be able to know when you’ve got to switch them out but I hear you on the competitive side, it’s not ideal no lose a connection or to lose battery power but with 250 hours of battery life and it being a Logitech mouse – it’d definitely get the job done!

  5. Thanks Colton for the great review of the Logitech G602 wireless mouse. I’ve only ever really used Logitech mice myself. Currently I’m using the wired Proteus Core G502, and it has served me very well. I checked out your link and I saw that the G602 has a pretty awesome average customer rating, which is cool — I’m just not a huge fan of wireless mice. Considering I really like the idea of always having a connection, a wireless mouse wouldn’t really be ideal for me.

    • No problem Paul, just doing my part! Thanks for reaching out 🙂

      I’m not the biggest fan of wireless mice either, especially when I think about gaming and it going dead on me randomly. But if I were to go wireless, I would definitely be going with this one. 250 hours of battery life would be awesome, changing batteries would be something that wouldn’t happen too often!

    • Personally Zach, I dig the DeathAdder Chroma more.

      It’s for a lower price and the overall performance of the mouse is awesome. I’m using the 2013 edition DeathAdder and so I know how the mouse performs with accuracy. The only thing I’m missing that the Chroma version has is the lighting customization, something that I love with any piece of gaming peripherals.

  6. That looks like one high tech ass mouse I must admit. It just looks like it can do a lot of different things. 250 hours of life along with all of the other things that make it a great gaming mouse is why I’d for sure pick it up man.

    • Right on Brandon,

      It’s definitely a great choice for PC gaming for those reasons. Logitech is also very well known for the support behind their products so having a price point like this makes sense for it!

  7. the battery life is very good . I am using a Dragonwar chaos but this logitech 602 seems much better but I like the design of 502 more .

    • Hello again Sarfraz!

      That battery life is a must have indeed. I’ve got to agree that the 502 has a slightly better design, I like the slick black look. But you can’t beat the features of the 602, that’s for sure!

  8. I am not really into gaming but the battery on this seems amazing, I’ve been researching different Logitech mice. That alone would make me consider wireless mouse again, the 250 hours of life. I currently use a wired one and junked my wireless because of battery issues. However, this G602 is interesting because of its battery and more other features. The buttons look really complicated. I know this is for gaming but would it also fit a common user like me? I only do documents, blogging, browsing, and other stuff.

    • Hey there Stella,

      Most definitely, although for the most part the G602 is marketed as a gaming mouse, it is definitely still a very viable option for an average PC user!

      The extra buttons are actually not too complicated after you get used to it, the benefit from that is that you’ll be able to set those buttons to whatever you’d want. So if you want to load up Skype then you can click a mouse button for that specific program, which is handy for those looking for ease of access!

  9. Wow 250 hours of battery life is great for a mouse that will be used a lot. Thanks for the review. I am familiar with Logitech as I used to have some of their products a few years back. this is a great product as I have a good number of PC games that I love and since the mouse is only 52 dollars that’s definitely a cheap get for the quality with it. Thanks, I will look into buying one.

    • Hey Marc,

      It’s definitely a great buy for us PC gamers. To me, it has just the right amount of buttons to get the job done and then some.


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