Best Computer Monitor For Gaming in 2015, BenQ 24 In Monitor

Looking to pick up the best computer monitor for gaming in 2015? This BenQ 24 in monitor is going to be an excellent choice for years to come.

BenQ makes excellent products from monitors to speakers, I really like this company as a whole. That, and their reviews are extremely phenomenal and to this day I haven’t heard a bad remark about them.

Now as far as PC gaming, you are going to want a high quality screen but let’s face it, you’re also most likely looking for the best bang for your buck. You could go out and buy a monitor for $400+ and it’d be better than this monitor, of course. But when you are paying that much, for the most part, you’re not getting the most value per dollar spent.

That’s what I concentrate on. I focus on researching products that give you extreme value for the amount of money you’re investing into it.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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