PC Hardware Innovations Should Keep Up With One Another

I’m no manufacturing and distributing expert – I don’t know absolutely everything that is going on in the background when companies like AMD or Asus are planning their next innovation for the next great processor or new motherboards.

However, there’s been a pattern with the PC gaming hardware industry where one major company will create an amazing new processor but there aren’t boards that truly have full compatibility to go with. That’s what I’d like to discuss with this post. Continue reading

Intel CPU VS AMD CPU, Which One Reigns Champ?

In the everlasting battle of the Intel CPU vs the AMD CPU, which one reigns champ in your eyes? If you’re a PC gamer then you’ve got a strong opinion on one!

You’ve got the more widely trusted Intel brand which has an immense amount of cash flow to work with to create breakthroughs but you’ve really got to have some cash ready…

Or you’ve got the more open source AMD side which allows for a lower priced option for overclocking to higher performance levels…

If you’re even slightly involved with the PC gaming industry then you’ve definitely got a strong opinion on one over the other.

Keep in mind, this post is about the processors, we’re not talking about graphics at all here. I’d absolutely love to get everyone’s opinions on why one is better than the other! Continue reading