Is Rainbow Six: Siege A Good PC Game? Here’s My Take On It

There are many PC gamers that are debating whether or not Rainbow Six: Siege is worthy of being a good PC game. I see the good, but I can also see the bad.

The gameplay is very fun and the community is really awesome. If you tell someone to wait so that you can set up your breach charge, they’ll actually wait. Almost everyone understands that Siege is about the strategy, not how many people you can kill or how fast you can kill them.

On the other side, you HAVE to launch this game through Uplay.

Some people don’t mind this, but come on. I shouldn’t have to launch a game through two different game launchers in order to actually play it. Steam is enough and they’ve mastered the simplicity behind launching a game that you own, Ubisoft shouldn’t have to butt in with their own form of Steam. Also, Ubisoft’s servers aren’t really the best but they are doable.

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