Is Rainbow Six: Siege A Good PC Game? Here’s My Take On It

Last Updated on December 13, 2015

There are many PC gamers that are debating whether or not Rainbow Six: Siege is worthy of being a good PC game. I see the good, but I can also see the bad.

The gameplay is very fun and the community is really awesome. If you tell someone to wait so that you can set up your breach charge, they’ll actually wait. Almost everyone understands that Siege is about the strategy, not how many people you can kill or how fast you can kill them.

On the other side, you HAVE to launch this game through Uplay.

Some people don’t mind this, but come on. I shouldn’t have to launch a game through two different game launchers in order to actually play it. Steam is enough and they’ve mastered the simplicity behind launching a game that you own, Ubisoft shouldn’t have to butt in with their own form of Steam. Also, Ubisoft’s servers aren’t really the best but they are doable.



A Fun And Unique Experience

This game is all about attackers versus defenders, that goes for both the multiplayer matches and the terrorist hunt multiplayer mode.

You’re either sending out a little drone to go find the objective to get a game plan going to take it over or you’re setting up your unique defenses to ensure that the attackers can’t find the objective and that they can’t get near it without dying.

I don’t have a favorite side personally, both attacking and defending is very well balanced and they’re both really fun. I enjoy looking around with my drone and picking an optimal spot to siege into the building just as much as I enjoy setting up barricades and sitting in a corner waiting for an enemy to try and say hello.

When you find a match against and with other players you’ll be selecting an operator to play as.

There are quite a few different operators to choose from – from FBI to the Spetsnaz, each of them have their own customizable loadout and unique ability.

Before you can play as the operators you’ll have to participate in online matches as a recruit who doesn’t have any unique abilities but is still able to equip any weapon and some different supplies as well. They’re able to barricade and do the essential things though.

You can tell that there was a lot of thought put into how the overall game works because each time that you play it is different every time, new challenges go by but in order to seize each situation optimally, you’ll definitely need to know what you’re doing and work as a team.


The Game Modes

There are basically three ways to play Siege…



This mode is great for just starting out into the game and playing different situations of terrorist hunt by yourself. There are three difficulty levels to choose from and if you complete all objectives you’ll be given a rating of 1-3 stars.

There are achievements to get for completing these situations and it’s a great introduction into what different operators are capable of. You can also earn renown by completing each situation and renown are the points you spend to unlock each operator and different loadout gear.




Terrorist Hunt

This mode is for single player or online multiplayer against AI in different situations of escorting a hostage to eliminating all terrorists within a map.

The different difficulty levels can really make this very challenging and also not very challenging at all. Realistic mode is where I think most online players are playing with as it gives the greatest amount of challenge and renown for completing. Realistic mode is pretty hard and it feels awesome beating the terrorists with a group of players.



The multiplayer of Siege is pretty fun. It’s 5v5 – attackers vs defenders. Orange vs blue.

The attacking team sends out small drones during the preparation phase of a match to try and find the objective to get a good game plan going for them and the team. You’ll breach doors down, you’ll breach through ceilings and you’ll be firing at enemies through windows while being propelled from the roof just to ensure that you contribute to the objective at hand.

As a defender during the preparation phase you’ll set up barricades, floor shields, traps and armor for your team mates. Your main goal is to make it so that the objective is hard to breach into and to also try to destroy and/or disable enemy drones that are looking for the objective.

During action phase, it’s game on. Defenders should have all barricades, traps and buffs ready to go and should all be covering different areas of potential breach. Attackers should be communicating with their team to surprise the defenders and take over the objective.


The Servers Could Definitely Be Better

Ubisoft’s servers aren’t exactly the greatest thing for this game, though they have gotten a bit better since the initial release.

Sometimes you’ll be waiting quite a bit to match up with players, even though there are thousands of players online. It shouldn’t take too long to find 2 teams of 5 people.

With that said, it’s not horribly long, just long enough for you to think “huh, I’ve been sitting here for a bit. Wonder if I got disconnected?”

Usually a bit after complaining about the connection you’ll get connected. When in-game I, for the most part, have very smooth gameplay connection. Once in a blue moon I’ll experience a little bit of lag but I think that’s more on my end with my internet connection not being as optimal as it could be.

Voice chat works great, I bound my mouse thumb button to my push-to-talk and communicating with your team is loud and clear. You’ll also be able to communicate even if you die, you’ll be able to tag enemies on different camera feeds and still help the team out even after being killed.

This is possible by it only being possible to voice chat with your team. However, you can text chat the enemies.


Loadout Customization Is Nice

Each operator has access to different weapons but you’ll be able to change the camo and the different attachments by customizing each gun with the renown that you gain as you play.

The camos take quite a bit of renown but the gun attachments are relatively cheap and you won’t have to play too long before you’ll be able to afford different attachments such as a red dot sight for your gun on your favorite operator.

I enjoy using Fuze while I’m attacking and either Mute or Jäger while I am defending. All of these operators have some sort of a red dot gun sight and a fore grip for better accuracy. Fuze is able to use an ability that shoots grenades through a small hole in a wall to kill enemies on the other side.

Mute is able to set up traps in the preparation phase to block the camera feed from drones and Jäger is able to set up drones that disable any type of grenades that might be thrown in the room by the enemy.

As I said, each operator is able to have their own custom loadout to whatever your play style is. Some can use LMG’s, others can use shotguns. It’s up to you.



The overall optimization for this game for PC is pretty well done.

I first tried it with my old PC build which had a i3-3220 for the CPU and a Radeon HD 7770 for a GPU.

I was able to play it at 1080p but the graphics settings were best to be put all on low. Then I was able to get a good frame rate to not be a liability for the team, I was able to play and have fun with it!

With my new build which has a i7 4790k for the CPU and a GTX 970 for a GPU, I’m able to run almost everything on max with an average of about 50 FPS. A couple of settings were turned to high for a better frame rate.

Super old systems aren’t going to be able to play this game, my old PC build was about 3-4 years old.


Screen Shots

I played a match to take some screen shots in and ended up losing 2-3. 🙁

But these will give you a good idea on what the game looks like while playing with/against other players!


2015-12-13_00006 2015-12-13_00008 2015-12-13_00009 2015-12-13_00010 2015-12-13_00015 2015-12-13_00016 2015-12-13_00017 2015-12-13_00020 2015-12-13_00030 2015-12-13_00033 2015-12-13_00035 2015-12-13_00038 2015-12-13_00040 2015-12-13_00046 2015-12-13_00050 2015-12-13_00054 2015-12-13_00057 2015-12-13_00059 2015-12-13_00061


To Conclude

All in all, Rainbow Six: Siege is a good PC game that has a focus on being able to work as a team.

Though the servers could be a bit better and there could be a bit more content with more maps, everything else about this game marks it as one of the most fun PC games for me.

So, have you played Rainbow Six: Siege?

Do you like how the game is played and do you see it as a possibly good eSports game?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

4 thoughts on “Is Rainbow Six: Siege A Good PC Game? Here’s My Take On It”

  1. wow Colton, you do very good game reviews. Whenever a game releases you buy it quickly and manage to write the review. It gives me help in deciding whether I should buy the game or not.

    • Thanks Sarfraz, I appreciate you coming back time to time to leave your feedback 🙂

      So you dig how this review is done? I’m trying to really get my writing style down for reviews and what not, I feel like I gave enough information! Siege is an extremely fun game, even more fun with friends but as I said above, you’ll be chatting with randoms as well. The community for this game is awesome 🙂


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