The Best Keyboard Under $30, Aula Keyboard Review

Last Updated on October 30, 2015

Looking for the best, optimal gaming keyboard for under $30? Check out my Aula keyboard review and see for yourself why this should the keyboard for your PC!

Good gaming keyboards for a cheaper price don’t come easy to find. Many keyboards on the market are made of low quality materials when they are priced super low but with this keyboard that is not the case.

Essential parts of the keyboard such as the spacebar was actually manufactured in a way so that it would last longer against even the most hardcore players that might be utilizing this keyboard for their PC.

When you’re a hardcore PC gamer it’s very essential that you get good quality perihperals for your PC otherwise the low quality ones have more potential of breaking and when that happens then you’re done playing for a while.

And nobody that is a dedicated PC players wants to be just be done PC gaming! Make sure you get peripherals that were designed with time in mind, you’ll thank me later when you do! 🙂

With that, let’s get to the review!


Product: Aula LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Price: $26.59

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Warranty: 2 Year for about $2

My Rating: 8 out of 10

This keyboard is very well made especially for its price point.


I Love The Simple Design

The LED lights that light up the keys can be switched into three different colors. Those colors are red, blue and pink. The lights are pretty bright and so if you play without much light in the room most of the time then know that this keyboard is definitely going to light up just fine in dark rooms while you’re gaming on your PC rig.

All of the letters are laser-itched which is kind of surprising because I’m sure this keyboard is manufactured in China and usually products, especially when it comes to PC peripherals such as keyboards, they come out with low quality material and none if it looks cool.

Laser-itching letters on a keyboard is a process that ensures a quality look when it comes to keyboard manufacturing. The Aula looks great while also performing at an optimal performance level simultaneously.

It’s ergonomic design ensures that no matter how big or small your hands may be they will fit the Aula keyboard just fine. This is important because you don’t want your keys being too big to where you lose yourself in feeling for the different buttons but you also don’t want the keys to be too small so that you’re not accidentally hitting more than one key at a time.


This Was Made For Packing A Punch

The Aula’s surface has a non-slip design that will ensure good grip when you’re gliding around the keyboard hitting different keys for whatever your task is the moment you’re doing it. This is also important because when your hand slips and you accidently hit the wrong key then this could not only mean your death but your teammates deaths as well in the game! And you don’t want that, right?

The spacebar has actually been strengthened on this keyboard to ensure that it stands the test of time for even the most hardcore of PC gamers. I’ve had three keyboards now to where the spacebar eventually gave in and broke apart from the keyboard. Trust me, you don;t want this to happen and it won’t with the Aula keyboard.

When you compare this keyboard to other similar keyboards such as the Azio Vision or the Inland Keyboard you’ll notice that the Aula not only reigns over these keyboards when it comes to design and the overall look but the Aula is also made of higher quality and will last much longer than these other keyboards that are in the same market.

Not only is the keyboard made of better material but the ratings are pretty good as well. When you’re shopping for anything on Amazon really you should always look at the product reviews to see if others that bought the same product were satisfied with what they received.


To Conclude

All in all, the Aula keyboard is a great keyboard to choose if you’re looking to add a keyboard to your PC. It’s not only great for gaming but it’s a cool looking piece of technology as well. Your PC will be sure to turn heads to friends and family that might take a look at it.




What do you guys think of the Aula keyboard?

Is it the best keyboard for under $30?

Share your thoughts in the comment area below! 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Best Keyboard Under $30, Aula Keyboard Review”

  1. When you compare this keyboard to other similar keyboards such as the Azio Vision or the Inland Keyboard you’ll notice that the AULA NOT ONLY REIGNS OVER THESE KEYBOARDS WHEN IT COMES TO DESIGN AND THE OVERALL LOOK but the Aula is also made of higher quality and will last much longer than these other keyboards that are in the same market.

    I used caps to highlight the part I’m going to mention real quick. Looks are subjective, different people have different opinions. I agree that it is the best looking, but you’re saying it reigns over them in look, which is wrong. Looks are subjective. Nothing more to say on the looks subject. For the parts I copied, it might be true that it is higher quality, but I wouldn’t particularly know without doing my own research.

    I’d go with the Azio one you mentioned over this one, however. Multimedia keys are far to important to me, for reasons. However, I am going with a different one then any mentioned here – A “1byone 114-key Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard with Media Shortcuts and Breathing Lights, Black” ( This keyboard doesn’t have a great deal of reviews, and all of them say pretty much the same thing, from how the keyboard is good to how they received the product at a discount for an “honest and uninfluenced review”, which does slightly make me think it’s not actually completely “honest” with them, but I’m not to worried. It seems good, and comes with some clear keycaps that, from an image from a review, look pretty nice, and a couple other features. For the price, the only reason I have any thoughts to go with something else is the backspace key being smaller. However, it does seem quite good to me, and quite likely I’ll go with it.

    I just wanted to give other people another idea for cheap keyboards here, so I decided to do it with a bit of complaining towards something I noticed you say in this post. Overall, however, do I think this Aula keyboard you reviewed is a horrible idea? Not particularly, but it’s not meant for me, mainly because no multimedia buttons. Meant for other people? Sure.

  2. I don’t do much gaming but I need something that has lights and can take a beating. I type with a lot of force and my keyboards have been acting funny. I always have to replace them. From what you say about the quality, I can’t believe this keyboard is under $30 what a steal!

  3. great review and I really like the keyboard and that it comes in different colors. This would make a great christmas or birthday gift.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. I had no idea it was possible to get a gaming keyboard with backlight for under $30. Will definitely have a look at this, as I currently only have a mechanical keyboard (not that optimal for gaming).

  5. Wow, this is good value for money for a keyboard. The Aula also looks really stylish and I would not mind using it as just a normal keyboard.

    It also looks comfortable to use in design. I am just thinking that sometimes after spending a long time at the keyboard, my wrists tend to hurt. It looks like the Aula has been designed with this in mind.


    • Hey Lis!

      This has definitely been designed with everyone in mind! 🙂 an awesome amount of bang for your buck plus a great design?

      This keyboard is a steal 🙂

  6. This is so illustrative post. I like the style it is so honest, simple and direct to the point. I shared the post, we all need the good keyboard for the long hours that we spend on the computer. I wanted to share it with my followers in Pinterest, would you please add the button. I wish you all the best.

    • Thanks Lamia! 🙂

      You can add a Pinterest button to your browser if you’d like to, then you’ll be able to share anything you see on the web right on your Pinterest boards!

      This keyboard is definitely great and ready for lengthy use, that’s for sure!


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