Best PC Gaming Controllers, My Top 5 Epic Picks

Last Updated on February 8, 2015


Looking for the best PC gaming controllers? Then your search can end here with my top 5 list of the best ones on the market!

Now there aren’t many factors that can change the amount of value you get from a certain controller. There are some personal choices such as where the thumb sticks are at, whether a controller has bumpers or triggers or how the directional pad is made. Certain aspects of a gaming controller is more of a personal decision but some factors that I feel are very important would be the price of the controller, what it is made out of, how long it will last and if it is wireless or wired.

With that being said, let’s get to the top 5! I’ll start with #5 being the least recommended and #1 being my highest recommended. These controllers are based on rank depending on the price and how much value you receive for the price you pay. Though all of these controllers that I share will indeed still ensure an awesome PC gaming experience whilst using a controller!

#5: Logitech Gamepad F310 – $15.49

The Logitech F310 is going to have a comfortable feel if you’ve ever used a Playstation controller. There are 10 programmable buttons and an 8-way programmable directional pad. This controller is a simple wired plug n’ play for all of your favorite titles. It even comes with its own software where you can customize how your controller works! You create your own separate game-pad profiles so that you can change to one that feels most comfortable with whatever game you choose to play.

The dimensions of this Logitech game-pad is 6.8 x 2.9 x 8.1 inches. It has a pretty good ergonomic design and the price is something most people would probably agree on! If you’re on a budget and just need a basic controller to use, then this is the controller for you! 🙂

#4: Afterglow Xbox 360 Wired Controller – $29.96

The Afterglow Xbox 360 controller is the exact controller that I use for my PC, except I have the blue one. 😛 This controller comes in red, blue and green back lighting. For some reason, the blue one is much more expensive than the red and green but I assume that this will change in time. It may be because it is low on stock or something, but I’m not entirely sure.

If you’ve played on the Xbox 360 and you love how the controller is designed for the console, then you’re going to love this controller. I have not had any issues as far as connectivity goes and it’s been compatible with every game that I have that has controller support. Since it is a brand of Microsoft and most PCs built have Microsoft Windows installed, this controller is guaranteed to work.

Now if this is the exact same model as my current controller (which I’m pretty sure it is) then there is a switch on the back side of the controller. This switch switches the lights inside of the controller to either stay on/off or to glow depending on the vibration of the controller. For me personally I like to set it to the vibration mode since the colors can be a bit distracting sometimes but I still want to see the luxury of the lights! 🙂

Even though you’re paying a bit more, you won’t regret picking this controller up. A wired controller is basically guaranteed a smooth connection and the Xbox 360 controller is one of the world’s best designed controllers in my opinion.

#3: LowClick Wired Game Controller – $17.03

This controller may be advertised as wireless, but it is actually only wireless for the PS3. (Bummer, I know.) 🙁 but if you’re interested in a wired controller very much like a Playstation controller that has  unique twist then this is probably the controller for you. It’s design sets in apart from most of the rest of the controllers out in the market. I have to say that the shapes displayed on the buttons is pretty awesome!

It’s dual shock function will feel familiar to those familiar with the PS2, PS3 or PS4. The only difference between this and the originality of the Playstation controllers would be that the triggers are designed slightly different. It’s ergonomic design and side grips are there to ensure that each gamer that uses their controller feels as epic as possible while trying to be precise with their next move! 😉

The only bad parts about this controller would be its lack of wireless compatibility with PC and that the directional pad is not an 8-way pad. Though not needed, it’s just nice to have extra buttons! 😛

#2: USB Dual Shock Wired PC Game Controller – $16.99

Now if you’re looking for an original Playstation controller feel without paying the full price of one then this is going to be the exact controller for you! It’s designed just like the Playstation’s controller except instead of there being shapes for the main buttons there are numbers. This controller will still have auto-control schemes that are implemented into your favorite games that way you won’t have to do a bunch of button configurations during your game.

The thumb sticks are placed exactly where the Playstation controllers would be as well. As I said, if you’re looking for that original feel without paying the full price then this controller will deliver on that type of value just for you.

#1: Logitech Wireless Game-pad F710 – $49.41

If you’re looking to go wireless with your game pad choice then you’re going to want to go with this controller. This controller has the highest amount of value for it’s price, even though its still priced higher. It’s 2.4 GHz connectivity is extremely dependable and the batteries don’t need to be replaced for over a year. As with the other Logitech controller listed above, this too comes with a profile customizer software where you can set your controller to be controlled however you see fit, and you will also have the freedom to switch between those profiles depending on which game you’re about to play. This comes handy especially if you have a certain button/controller layout for one of your favorite games.

This game pad also comes with a vibration function this way whenever there is some hardcore action going on you’ll be able to feel it! If you’re looking for a high quality super dependable controller for your gaming PC rig then I would highly recommend that you go with this controller. You will never have the feeling of regret going with this controller despite the price. It’s actually worth more in my honest opinion.

All in all, those were my pick for the best PC gaming controllers. What do you guys think of this list? Will you be purchasing any of these for yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Would a ps4 controller work for most games on pc. Such as skyrim, call of duty (any/all). Thank you in advanced. If I could get an email of your response that would be appreciated.


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