Fallout 4 Has A Unique Building & Crafting System

Last Updated on June 28, 2015

So yesterday was Bethesda’s first showcase at E3, and boy did they kick things up a notch to start up E3! They revealed a lot of Fallout 4 information and I don’t think many could have predicted that they were developing the new Fallout game in the way that they are, but that’s Bethesda for ya!

There were familiar features that are known in the previous Fallout games and they introduced some new features including a unique building and crafting system that allows the player to design their Fallout universe how they see fit.

I’m excited!

You’re excited!

The whole world is ECSTATIC!




I watched the live stream of E3 on Twitch last night to make sure I didn’t miss a single key detail about Fallout 4.

They also revealed a new Doom game, Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls Legends card game, some more Elder Scrolls Online content and a smart phone/tablet game called Fallout Shelter.

They had quite an impressive showing, especially and most obviously with their Fallout 4 gameplay demo.

There is A LOT that was inside of the demos that they showed during their showcase so it’s going to be best to share the gameplay footage with you instead of writing about it.

Check out the gameplay demo below!

My favorite part by far is the crafting and building system that they have implemented with their next-gen Creation engine for Fallout 4.

This also excites me for future titles such as a new Elder Scrolls single player game and other games as well, the new Doom game that they revealed ha a map editor of its own and it looks extremely awesome as well!

Let’s get into the building and crafting portion of Fallout 4.


The Building & Crafting System Is Unique


This feature alone will suck in many hours of gameplay for when I have my hands on my own Fallout world.

Customization/personalization is my favorite part of any game ever made. If a game allows me to create my own character and master my own craft in my own way then I’m usually sold.

Fallout 4 went even deeper into this aspect. You get to shape your own world. You get to build not only a character and a story for yourself but an entire settlement and trading routes/business of your own as well.

This is why Bethesda is one of the best gaming companies out there and why it is also my favorite company.

They pay attention to detail and they really care about the experience an infinite amount more than making money as a company.

As shown in the video above, building stuff in Fallout 4 takes different types of materials which can be scavenged from almost every single object in the game. There are going to be several spots in the game that you can call home and build a settlement on.

Every piece can be rotated and put together in any way shape or form that you could think of, at the end of the video they show how they created a pixel looking version of the Vault Boy with lights and then changed the colors of the lights to match the colors of the actual Vault Boy, it’s looking like the possibilities are endless when it comes to building.


Now the same could also be said for crafting.

The crafting system seems endless as well. You can customize many different aspects of your weapon so that it will cater to your exact needs.

It looks as if you’ll be able to modify any type of weapon from energy rifles to baseball bats.

On ranged weapons such as energy weapons or regular guns you’ll be able to customize the barrel, the stock, the ammunition and much more on the weapon.

As far as melee weapons the gameplay footage shows how you can add barbed wire, shards of metal and you can even add table saw-like objects to the end of the bat to turn it into a slicing type of weapon.

But wait, there’s more.

You can also craft your own power armor.


Now Todd Howard specifically said power armor and only power armor so I’m unsure if we’ll be able to craft/customize/dye armor that we happen to find around the wasteland, that would sure be a cool feature!

I’m thinking that you’ll be able to only actually fully customize the power armor available in the game. I’m unsure if we’ll be having the ability to make the power armor light or heavy armor, I guess more information will have to be revealed as we get closer to the release date.

All of these crafting/building features are going to put a WHOLE lot of extra hours into everyone’s play-through of Fallout 4.

Imagine building entire settlements and trading between them.

Imagine having a use for every single item in a Fallout game.

Imagine being able to customize your own weapons and armor to your hearts desire.


Fallout 4 is going to do all of the above and much MUCH more.

I’m pretty excited for this game and the information that is to come as we inch closer to release! Definitely know that I’ll be sharing more info as I learn more and I’ll also be doing a review of Fallout 4!


Screen Shots

There are a fair share of screen shots that have been released and you should definitely check them out, the graphics look phenomenal!


sc1 sc3 sc4 sc5


Release Date


It was revealed at the end of the showcase for Bethesda but in case you missed it…

Fallout 4 is coming out on November 10th of this year.

I was actually very surprised at this release date, I was sort of expecting this game to come out closer to March but I’m very excited for this game none the less! 😀


Is This Game of the Year for 2015?

I personally think this game will get Game of the Year for 2015 for sure.

With its super unique features and huge following, I don’t see how it couldn’t.

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4?

Do you think that it will achieve Game of the Year?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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