Killing Floor 2 For PC, Is It Worth Adding To Your Library?

Last Updated on June 28, 2015

So I just picked up Killing Floor 2 for PC a couple of days ago during Steam’s current summer sale and I must say that it is a pretty awesome game!





Being a fan of the first Killing Floor game, I had a feeling that I was going to be instantly hooked. Right now at the time of writing this there are only 4 maps available in the vanilla game but there are some servers that have custom maps and they are pretty well made as well.

There is a load of content that is being planned by the dev team behind KF2, at E3 they shared some news of an upcoming content update that adds a custom map made by a community member and a new weapon as well as a better gore system backed by Nvidia’s power for detail.

First map I got into I noticed the polished details that the game offered. The maps are extremely detailed, overall the graphics of everything are great! I am able to run the game on high graphics settings with a Radeon 7770 video card (1GB memory) and it runs pretty smoothly so the game is very well optimized for us PC players.

Each mutant in the previous game got a complete do over, they are now extremely detailed and the animations are spot on, the dev team really hit the spot with this major sequel upgrade for Killing Floor!

The first game that I joined was very intense, and very bloody. Team mates were instantly chatting through text and voice chat, teamwork and communication is key for survival, especially at the harder difficulty levels. Thankfully this first round that I played was at normal difficulty that way I could not only get used to the game better and faster but I was also able to take a gander at the amazing graphics of the game as well. 🙂


Customizing Your Character

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.44.11 PM

This is a pretty nice feature.

Just like in the last game, you are able to choose your character before you enter the Killing Floor.

In the last game there was a bunch of playable characters, many of which were optional DLC packs. Killing Floor 2 has 9 characters right now and then there are some customization options that are available for each character. Some unique options, some are universal options.

For example each character can wear the same pair of sunglasses, they are available for each character in the game but each character also has their own unique customization features like bandanas and fedoras which also all have different color options as well.

I picked Mr. Foster for my first character and changed up his gas mask color and outfit color around a bit and played as him for a while, I then changed to a different character to customize. Each customization that you make for each character saves for you for the next time that you might use that character.

It’s awesome being able to do this and I’m pretty excited for what kind of customization options and characters will be available through the development of this game!


The Weapons And Gameplay

There isn’t too much of a weapon choice right now but as I stated earlier, there is a bunch of content that is planned for this game and weapons is a definite thing that the dev team will be putting a focus on. Besides, the last game had a pretty good amount of weapons so to me it is inevitable that they’ll do the same with this installment.


So far there are 4 perks, some people look at these perks as classes, the perks are Brawler, Commando, Support and Medic. There are more perks that are planned such as Firebug like in the first game and I’m pretty sure that they plan on adding some new ones as well.

Each perk has a set of skills that can be acquired as you level up in the given perk. For example, as a medic you can heal faster and more often as you level up the medic class, commandos and support have skills that will help them reload faster and the brawler can hit harder over time. Each perk has its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the player to decide which one is the perfect fit for them.

Personally, I really like playing as the Medic. This perk starts with a medic pistol and a regular pistol, you’re able to heal allies from afar, you have better self healing and they have a grenade that goes into a blue smoke that heals anyone that is submerged in it. Medic is a crucial perk to be played with any team in this game!

That, and the weapons that are available for the Medic are very good weapons. You can get the pistol, a shotgun, a sub machine gun and an assault rifle. I mean, you can buy any weapon available at the trader but each perk has their own set of weapons that are specifically tailored for that perk.

Some weapons are better than others, I tend to try to save my money that I gain two grab two primary weapons, as a Medic I typically go for the assault rifle and the SMG before the boss round comes up.


The Boss Round Is Crazy, Can’t Wait For More Battles

Right now there is only one boss battle in the game, his name is Hans Volter.


He’s a pretty tough boss. Complete with explosive grenades, smoke grenades, poison grenades, the ability to suck players health to gain lost health, his super duper fast running speed and high damage melee attacks makes him a worthy opponent.

Players must communicate and use team work to care take of Hans Volter otherwise he will take advantage of you and your team and kill all of you.

It’s best to try and stray away from him but to keep closer to your team mates as well. If he charges in for some melee and health regain then the team needs to work on blasting him away, though keep in mind then when he grabs a player (see above) for health then it is best to just try and heal your team mate, he is going to heal to full health inevitably.

As Hans gets closer to death his aura of whatever is hooked up to him will start changing to red and electricity will be going crazy off of him. When you see this, it’s time to get in there and make the kill happen. The faster, the better!

Chuck grenades and always be shooting at him, Medics need to concentrate on watching team mates health and healing as they see fit, always healing players that get grabbed.

He’s a pretty hard boss to beat but he is at the exact difficulty that he should be, it’s a boss battle after all. He can take quite the hit but with enough team work and fire power he’ll go down.

There are more boss battles that are planned for this game along with the boss from the first Killing Floor, the Patriarch.


Screen Shots

Are are some pretty cool screen shots in game, the game looks insane!







To Conclude

All in all, Killing Floor 2 is and will be a great game going forward into development.

If you have played the first Killing Floor then this is going to be a complete gem for your library!

So what do you guys think of Killing Floor 2? Do you like the game? Are you excited for the new upcoming content?

Let me know in the comments are below! 😀

2 thoughts on “Killing Floor 2 For PC, Is It Worth Adding To Your Library?”

  1. Completely awesome, I recommend this game to anyone who played KF1. Even if it’s on early access, this game have so much things to give in a future. You’ll have a lot of fun even when not playing with friends!

    • Mike,

      And they just had a content update for two more perks, two more maps and more weapons! It’s a great game!

      I’m actually going to be writing a new post up about the content update today because it’s that great 🙂


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