How Is Absolver? Is It Worth Picking Up?

Absolver just came out a few days ago and you’re probably wondering, how is Absolver? Does it live up to all of the hype? This is my overall experience so far.

I like to think of Absolver as a mix between For Honor, Dark Souls and Street Fighter. There are a lot of games that are compared to Dark Souls these days but the gameplay is actually pretty similar, you can tell that it was inspired a bit by Dark Souls.

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Depth for PC, A Fun & Scary Multiplayer Game

Let’s talk about Depth for PC. I picked this game up when it was 66% off on a Steam sale and it’s actually a very fun game to play!

If you like mutiplayer games or games that will jump scare you then Depth is seriously a game for you. You never know where a shark is going to come out and tear you to shreds but you’ve got to stay alive and gather all of the loot that you can!

This game is extremely fun, especially with friends. With all of this being said, let’s get into the details of this title! There’s actually more to this game than I thought there would be.

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