The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Review, The Best RPG of 2015?

Last Updated on January 5, 2016

I’d like to post my personal review of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt because it’s one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played! If you like slaying monsters then this is your game.

In short, you play as Geralt who is a Witcher. Witchers are people who have special powers called signs which they use to investigate, find and kill monsters that do evil across the land. Some people are afraid of what a witcher can really do and it depends on how you play on what your intentions really are…



Investigating & Slaying


This game has a focus on using Geralt’s senses to investigate certain things within the game world to track down drowners, the Wild Hunt, wraiths, werewolves, griffins and a whole lot more.

As you find pieces of evidence while going through different quests the game will cut to dialogue and Geralt’s voice over is fantastic for this game and the overall setting of it. You seriously just feel like a bad ass the entire time you’re doing anything.

The combat is also pretty awesome. I’m playing with the Steam Controller and although the combat did take a sec to really get used to, I’m satisfied with how it’s done. You can’t just swing your sword around like a mad man to kill stuff. You actually have to time your attacks, dodge and weave depending on the animations of the enemies that surround you.

Keep in mind that you’re more than likely going to die a lot as you play through the game. There’s an easier difficulty level to play at but who doesn’t like a challenge? Personally, I like the story behind a game just as much as the challenges behind it.

As Geralt you’re going to be investigating/tracking some tough enemies to get rid of them to either gain some knowledge, crowns (the in-game currency) or to go further into a quest line.


The Areas & Quests Are Very Big

No joke, this map covers about half of the entire game world.

I was actually really surprised with how in-depth every single quest is in the game. That and the game world is absolutely massive.

The first area that you explore has a good amount of questing and exploration – and that’s just one area in the game.

I’m not sure how many areas are in total for the game since I’m only about 8 hours or so into the game but each area is going to be a game world in itself with multiple quests to complete.

Not only do these areas have immense detail in the textures and the locations that you can discover as well as the monsters that you can kill but the quests are just as in-depth.

What I mean by this is that all of the quests, even the little side quests that can be completed in just a couple of minutes, have full sets of dialogue and a story behind them.

This is the part that has really gotten me interested in this game and I can totally see why it got game of the year last year. The quests are absolutely amazing and they’ve got the most detail I’ve seen out of pretty much any other game that I’ve played before.


The Main Story Is Pretty Good So Far


I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you that are looking forward to actually doing a play-through of The Witcher III but the main story is worth mentioning.

The way the story comes together and how you’re able to make different decision to change how things are going to end up is really one of the main factors as to why this is such a great RPG.

I love games that let you choose what you want to say. This game took that feature one step further by adding an actual timer next to important decisions leaving you just seconds to make a decision. This makes the decisions that you make more meaningful. Most of the decisions are based on being a nice guy or a prick. I’m choosing to be a nice guy. 🙂

There are plenty of quests that pertain to the main story line rather than there only being one linear quest, you’ll have to do multiple quests for other characters to really get the whole gist of the main story to connect which I also found to be a pretty cool feature.

Some parts of the main quest line recommend that you reach a specific level before venturing forth with it but you don’t have to listen. It’s wise to though because the enemies that are included in those high level areas will destroy you if you aren’t at the recommended level.


The Skills & Inventory System Is Nice


I love leveling up a character in any game. In The Witcher III you’re rewarded pretty nicely for leveling up.

You can assign points into one of three different skill trees which each deal with vital parts of what Geralt’s got to do to set himself up optimally against all of the enemies he faces. One tree is for overall combat, one is for magic/signs and the other is for alchemy.

Thankfully, the inventory system allows you to carry as much as you want/need to which is essential for this game since there is basically an infinite amount of ingredients and loot to gather as you explore each area.

Seriously though, there is so much stuff to loot. From looting the monsters that you kill to gathering random ingredients in the open world to looting chests and sacks of random stuff. If the inventory system didn’t allow for unlimited items then I really think it’d break the game due to the sheer amount of stuff that you can actually loot.


Some Awesome Screen Shots

Now you may want to skip over this part because most of these screen shots that I took are from a part of the main quest line. I wanted to take screen shots of wherever I was at in the game and the following is what I did.


2016-01-05_00007 2016-01-05_00008 2016-01-05_00012 2016-01-05_00014 2016-01-05_00017 2016-01-05_00020 2016-01-05_00022 2016-01-05_00028 2016-01-05_00030 2016-01-05_00031 2016-01-05_00033 2016-01-05_00036 2016-01-05_00041 2016-01-05_00043 2016-01-05_00046 2016-01-05_00052 2016-01-05_00053 2016-01-05_00064 2016-01-05_00067 2016-01-05_00070 2016-01-05_00076 2016-01-05_00081 2016-01-05_00086 2016-01-05_00093 2016-01-05_00096 2016-01-05_00097 2016-01-05_00098 2016-01-05_00100 2016-01-05_00101


I’d Definitely Recommend This Game

I was able to pick this up during the Xmas sale but honestly, there’s enough content in this game to make it worth its current $60 price tag.

So, have you played The Witcher III?

What’s your favorite part about it?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

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