Windows 10, PC Gamers, Should We Upgrade?

Last Updated on October 2, 2015

I haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, personally.

I want to wait until I build my next gaming rig which I hope to do around this winter, more so around Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

With that, I’ve found some sources sharing their own experiences with Windows 10 and it’s looking to be pretty promising for PC gamers.


I’ll provide a link for you to check out some benchmarks done from Windows 10 both from playing the game normally and from recording gameplay via DVR.

You’ll be happy to know that Windows 10 actually performs splendidly both while just playing a specific game and while recording gameplay. It out performs Windows 8.1 which is actually also a good OS for gaming, but bad for everything else.

Click Here To See The Benchmarks

Some games and cards perform better than others when you compare Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 but honestly Windows 10 has a much better overall interface and it’s going to be compatible with DX12, which is going to not only help current hardware perform better but it is also going to pave the way for future graphics and gaming physics.

I’m very excited for it. Not just how Windows 10 will evolve but for DX12 and the future of it.

I personally think Windows 10 will be great based on a familiar pattern when it comes to Windows operating systems, it looks like this.

Windows 98: Good

Windows ME: Bad

Windows XP: Good

Windows Vista: Bad

Windows 7: Good

Windows 8: Bad

Windows 9: ????

Windows 10: Good?

Even though Bill Gates has a hard time counting and so Windows 9 was skipped, odds are that they saw what wasn’t working with Windows 8.1, the previous platform, and fixed it. Exactly like how they’ve done for many, many years over at Microsoft.

So, what do you guys think of those benchmarks?

Do you think Windows 10 is going to pave the way for the future of PC gaming?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

2 thoughts on “Windows 10, PC Gamers, Should We Upgrade?”

  1. Hey Colton, been a while since I’ve looked through your site so i need to catch up on the good reads! My experience with W10 started out amazing until a batch of updates about a month ago. I started getting the good ole Blue Screens of Death quite often, ended up tracing it to driver conflicts. It did eventually get somewhat mostly kind of fixed via updates. I honestly have to say, so far, this is my favorite version of Windows, although the random problems they’ve been having kind of worries me for some newer pc users. My personal opinion is Microsoft may have bit off more than they could chew with the hardcore marketing and almost forced updates all at once, that is A LOT of people with A LOT of different hardware that all acts differently together and not enough manpower to make the patches quick enough for all that mass amount of different hardware. That being said though, I think they’re doing a decent job trying to make sure everyone is covered with fixes. As far as everything else goes with the OS, the speed is top notch and I couldn’t imagine an easier user experience, don’t know where to look for some random setting in some random control panel? That’s fine, just ask cortana, it’s really that simple. Anywho, there’s my long winded thoughts about W10, see ya on the flip side 😀

    • Hey Dustin,

      Thanks for coming back man 🙂

      I’m pretty exciting to upgrade to Windows 10 with the new build that I’m putting together. Just got the case in the mail, going to be getting the rest of the parts soon and I’ll be installing Windows 7 and then upgrading since it’s about half the price and the upgrade’s free, so why not?

      The thing about some of the updates that I’ve heard is that they forced some weird privacy settings after an update, even if users opt out of it. This sort of gets me worried but at the same time I don’t really mind/care. I love having my privacy but Microsoft has been collecting data on its users for years and years now, I’m sure that Windows 10 isn’t any different and I really want to have the speed and power of the newest OS! I have been reading lately that Microsoft is trying to ensure that privacy is a thing that they market and preach that they’re consistently working on, but I guess only time will tell when I actually start using Windows 10.


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