Some PC Games That I’m Currently Playing, Add These To Your Library!

Last Updated on August 22, 2015

So I got the idea that maybe I should start writing up posts about recent games that I’ve been playing a lot lately. I really love RPG games, anything that deals with open world, having freedom to do whatever, some shooting games and I also really like games that make you think, like Portal for example.

Recently I’ve been diving into some multiplayer games and the survival genre because they really just haven’t gotten boring yet! 😛

What I look for most in games is the replay value.

How many times can I play a PC game without being bored after 10+ hours of gameplay?

With that said, I’d like to get to sharing the games that I’ve been playing recently.


The Forest Is Exciting!

I’ve been playing The Forest pretty recently because it’s a game that I find extremely interesting and fun to play over and over again. It also has an option to play co-op so I sometimes hop on with a friend of mine to build forts, kill cannibals and explore caves with.

It’s a lot of fun, especially when we’re both scared out of our minds from a new cave that we’ve discovered.

the forest cave systems
You can discover some pretty insane stuff inside the cave systems within The Forest…

This game gives me a unique sense of discovery which I love.

That, and I can get super creative with how I structure my home base. There are a bunch of trees to but down for wood and there are also many other sources of resources laying around to take advantage of.

My current base includes an area where I stock up all of my resources such as rocks that I find, sticks that I cut out from trees, I have some water collectors made out of turtle shells and I also have a sort of a weapon holder that displays some of my weapons that I’ve made or found but I always keep my katana by my side. 😉

Water collectors to the left, small wooden cabin straight ahead. And as always, katana by my side.

One of my sleeping area is a basic wooden room that the survival book has available as a pre-set. I could have went all out and built my own walls in my own way, but it’s sitting right next to a waterfall that is cliff side so I’m able to stay alive when the cannibals try to come and destroy my beloved base.

I have also built a gazebo above a lake which also has an entrance to an underwater cave system that I’ve discovered in a portion of the lake. I wasn’t able to hold my breath for as long as I had to in order to explore what the cave had to offer so I actually found an alternate entrance thanks to this map.

the forest gazebo
My gazebo. There is a cave entrance right next to it in the water.

I plan on building a nice fort surrounding the gazebo. A fortress above a lake would prove to be very valuable as I encounter more and more enemies that are trying to rid me of their island.

The Forest is a great game and I highly recommend that you add it to your library on Steam. It sometimes pops on sale for $10 but the normal price is $14.99.

Trust me, it’s worth a lot more than that. There’s so much to do, the devs are completely dedicated to adding more and more content as they move forward and it’s got a lot to discover.

The devs have an update countdown on the main menu. Just about every 15 days there is more content added to the game, it’s awesome. You don’t see this type of dedication too often within the PC gaming community so this game is a gem.

10/10 in my book!


Chivalry Brings Out My Inner Warrior

I’ve wrote a review of this game before and for good reason. This is my most played game in my Steam library and I’ve been playing it for a pretty long time now.

This game has had some pretty awesome updates since it released and I never really get bored of charging into the battlefield with all of the other fellow Chivalry players.

There are so much blood, yelling and battling to where I’m always having fun playing Chivalry!

My favorite part about Chivalry is being able to yell out different commands and taunts to both enemies and allies alike. As you are sprinting you can push “C” to scream at the top of your lungs as you charge into battle with everyone. It’s quite the experience.

When I play, I feel immersed within the battle, especially if I am playing in 1st person view.

I usually play in 3rd person view because I find myself being able to fight and aim better, but 1st person is definitely a lot more immersive.

I also like being able to look at my character because you’re able to customize the looks and colors of your load outs, which I find myself changing up here and there.

chivalry customization
Although you have to buy most cosmetics with real money, you can also get some other helmets and emblems through completing different challenges as you play the game.

I suggest reading my official review of this game if you want to get more details on it. I’ve put in over 150 hours to this game and I don’t regret and will never regret putting more and more hours into these battlefields. Simply because it’s a great time!

Again, 10/10. Always keeps me entertained.


Depth Requires Communication, Team Work

I really like communicating with other players while playing a game, especially one that requires you to do so.

I’ve also wrote up a review for this game not too long ago. It’s sea divers vs. sharks and if you don’t communicate, more specifically playing as a diver, then your team is likely to lose.

Depth screen shot
Divers vs. Sharks. It can get pretty intense, which is why communication is key.

Communication allows you and your team mates to know where sharks are potentially coming from. This is very good to know because sharks can just swoop in and absolutely demolish you if you are not careful and focused.

You can hear your heart beat going if the sharks are nearby, giving you a small warning before you are forced to engage.

Work as a team, win as a team.

Collect treasure, kill sharks, eat divers and getting jump scared. That’s what this game is all about.

I recommend reading my detailed review if this game sounds interesting to you, it’s basically bug free and it’s a great game to pick up and play randomly!


To Conclude

So that about wraps it up for my current line up of games that I’m playing, at least the ones I find myself going to randomly. I’ve been pretty busy working on other projects and stuff, gaming is my wind down activity after I’m finishing up my day for the most part.

Have you played any of these games?

Which games are you playing recently?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

2 thoughts on “Some PC Games That I’m Currently Playing, Add These To Your Library!”

  1. Might get chivalry due to me switching from Xbox 360 to pc, do not know why I haven’t sooner since I was a pc gamer at a young age, and the awesome advantages of having a pc!! Going to build your 500 dollar build because it actually sounds super awesome and I did a comparison of your graphics card choice with someone else’s, yours came out on top. Btw you are awesome and have given me hope in the human race due to your kindness and attentiveness to those seeking help with pc rigs. Look up teal swan and manifesting on YouTube what you want because I believe it, cya later God 🙂

    • Interesting 🙂

      I’ve known about law of attraction and things of that nature/universe for quite some time, that’s pretty cool that you’ve reached out to me and brought that up 😉

      Glad I’m not the only one out there haha! Manifestation is 100% real, it’s cool that you know that too 🙂

      PC is definitely the way to go, especially as we go forward with the gaming industry as a whole. Looking forward to helping you out, God 😉

      P.S. Ever heard of Spirit Science then?


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