If You Enter The Gungeon You Won’t Leave For A While

Last Updated on March 6, 2017

Recently I decided to pick up Enter The Gungeon, a dungeon crawler title that has been on my wish list for the longest time.

I’ve always enjoyed dungeon crawlers and rouge like games. “Rouge like” is a sub-genre for games that have procedurally generated levels as you go along. Although the different room you enter in the Gungeon aren’t necessarily procedurally generated, there are plenty for it to feel extremely random.

Enter The Gungeon reminds me a lot of Rouge Legacy but with guns and a top-down view. When you die, you don’t come back with that same character and items/weapons but there is indeed a way to beat the Gungeon!



Random Rooms, Plenty of Enemies

There are 4 characters to choose from right off the bat, each with their own unique starting weapons and items that give passive/active abilities.

After you choose which character you think best suits you, you’re then able to go through the tutorial and then you can enter the gungeon to see how long you’re able to survive.

I have yet to complete the gungeon and I don’t see myself being able to for a while yet. I have gone as far as a 2nd boss fight with one play through but I find myself dying early on before I am able to get into any signs that show me that I’m near the end.

I know there is an end to it because I’ve looked it up. The room of the gungeon aren’t procedurally generated but there are a metric ton of different rooms each with a variety of enemies and room designs.

While fighting enemies you’re able to push over tables for cover, dodge enemy projectiles and shoot whatever gun it is you have in the moment.

There is a large variety of enemies that you’ll discover as you move through each room.

As you discover them you’ll be able to look into what they’re all about in the Ammonomicon.

The Ammonomicon is basically a bestiary, a way to keep track of items/equipment and descriptions of bosses all within a booklet.

The enemies that I’ve ran into so far consist of different types of bullets that shoot weapons, spell books that summon a bunch of projectiles, giant knights the swords that shoot at me and wizards that summon bullets.

As you go through each room you have a chance to find a key and to pick up currency. Keys are used to open chests that have new weapons and items inside of them and the currency is used inside of the shop which is at a random spot on each floor of the gungeon.

The shop sells different weapons, a map for the floor that you’re on sometimes and other useful items. Do not shoot at the shopkeeper. Trust me on that one.


It’s All About Your Guns

There are a ton of different guns in this game. About 190 different guns to be exact.

There’s a good chance you won’t be seeing the same gun, at least not for a long while of playing the game and going through the gungeon multiple times.

I’ve had guns from a machine gun that plays the jack in a box music on each reload, a camera that I’m not sure what it did, a plasma shotgun and a rad gun that popped up with words like “BAM!” on each successful reload.

Some of the guns are comical, some of them are absolutely epic. You’ll want to stock up on keys and to explore each unknown room in order to find chests that contain these weapons.

You can also get some from beating certain bosses. I’ve fought the same first boss each play through so far so it seems like it’ll be the same bosses on each floor.

Maybe you’ll have to beat each boss in the game without dying – that’s how you’d win.

There are some save points where you can take a break and continue on another time but each life is its own. Once you die, you die. And you’ll have to start over completely again.

That’s what I love most about this game. It’s one of those games that cure my itch for a random game where skill is still involved. It’s by no means an easy game, you have to master dodging at the right times and getting to know each enemy so that you know when to strike and when to avoid their hits.

I’m a fan of the automatic weapons and shotguns. I love switching between the two when I need to. I’m sure there are some weapons that do a whole lot more than simply shoot bullets though and I’m excited to discover them!


Some Screen Shots

Screen shots will do more justice to show what the game is all about. I love the art style! There is something about pixel art when it’s done in a quality way – I dig it ten fold.

What do you think about this art style? In my opinion, it’s simple yet very well done. The animations are top-notch as well.

My favorite art is the look and feel of each of the guns. They aren’t just basic guns that you see in a bunch of other games – they’re all unique and they serve their purpose. They also all look entirely different which is awesome!


Are You Entering The Gungeon?

If you’re into dungeon crawlers and the type of game that you need to start a whole new adventure in said dungeon after each death then this is definitely the game you need to look into.

There’s a bunch of content and I don’t see myself getting bored with it anytime soon!

One gripe I have about the game is that although there is indeed co-op – you aren’t able to play online. You’ll have to play locally.

I love playing locally with a friend so that’s not the problem I have but it sure would have been nice to be able to play online with a friend!

So, have you played Enter The Gungeon?

If not, does it seem like the type of game you think you could get into?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀


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