Best Free To Play PC Games In 2018

Just because a game is free to play (F2p) doesn’t mean that they’re low quality and not fun, usually it’s the other way around! Plenty of F2P games have come out in the past year alone so let’s take a look at some of the best free to play PC games that are available in 2018.

You’ll see some of the usual games that are shared as well as one or two that aren’t mentioned as much that deserve to be on a list like this. We’ve done a list similar to this before which will have some of the same titles mentioned, they’re simply still relevant.

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What Is Brawlhalla? An Awesome & Free Brawler

Brawlhalla is a fairly new free-to-play game, so what is Brawlhalla all about? Well if you’re a fan of Super Smash Bros then you’ll really like this game!

Brawlhalla is basically Super Smash Bros except obviously there are different characters and the way the characters are balanced are a bit different than how characters are balanced in Super Smash Bros. Continue reading