Subnautica VR Review, Exploring A Sea Planet In VR

Subnautica is a game where you explore and survive on a planet that is entirely made out of water. Let’s review Subnautica’s VR compatibility and go over how the experience differs over playing on a flat screen.

I use the HTC Vive for VR gaming and Subnautica is at the top of my list for my most enjoyable games in VR. Sure, there isn’t official controller support and it’s a little buggy but all in all, it makes Subnautica a lot more immersive and for me, turns it into a horror title.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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Virtual Reality Takes PC Gaming To The Next Level

This will be another shorter post, I’ve spent quite a good bit of time with the Vive and soon I wish to write a more in-depth review of it but in short – it’s absolutely amazing.

I didn’t think VR gameplay would be this good, but it just is. I’m super hyped for the future of what the Vive is going to be able to do.

Sure, its current price point is pretty high being a $799 product so not everyone is going to be able to get their hands on it… but if you ever get a chance to test one out yourself I guarantee that you’re going to do everything you can to own one for yourself!

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Microsoft Hololens Preview, Augmented Reality in 2015?

Let’s take a look at the recent Microsoft Hololens preview, is augmented reality evolving in 2015? This next wave of technology is going to be amazing!

I’m pretty pumped to see what this augmented reality technology will be able to do not only as far as gaming but how business will be conducted and how it’ll change our every day lives. We are already in an era where we have become the most inter-connected generation of all time and it’s exciting how our connectivity will evolve with augmentations of our reality! 😀

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What Does Virtual Reality Mean For The Future of PC Gaming?

Virtual reality is slowly coming to a close release date, I suspect more news about it soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if companies started releasing consumer versions this year. VR is going to absolutely change the way we not only see games but the way we play them as well.

There are many different VR headsets coming out soon and I’d like to list a few that catches my attention the most.

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