Xidax Review 2022, Should You Just Build Your Own PC Rig?

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

I’d like to review over Xidax for their “ultimate” custom gaming PCs. Most pre-built sites like this don’t provide good value, but we’ll see if Xidax does!

I’ll be looking into different budget points for custom PCs that they have, if the parts are of quality measure and if it’s actually worth getting for the price.

With that, let’s get to the review.

Xidax Logo 2019

Does A Xidax $500 PC Deliver?

For the first part of reviewing Xidax (xidax.com) I’d like to get into whether or not a $500 pre-built PC from them would be worth it for the power you get per dollar spent.

Although their website is currently advertising starting at $565, they are actually starting at $656.

Unfortunately, at the time of this post’s update for 2022, it’s not possible to get a build that is around the $500 mark.

The pre-built X-2 desktop is what I wanted to look at as it is the lowest price PC they have to offer on the site.

I could get it down to about $656 which includes everything being built and ready to go right from the get go.

In the past, Xidax’s system for knowing which parts are in your PC was a scrambled mess.

With their most recent updates they’ve put together a system that walks you through each step and piece of hardware one by one that way you are able to understand exactly what is going into your system.

The overall design of their system makes it easy to use and look at. However, when you’re trying to get a PC for around $500 like this, you aren’t going to be able to use any of the other features to keep the PC below the $500 mark.

Before you see and edit everything in the rig you first pick whether you want an AMD based build or an Intel based build. Intel is the cheaper side and that’s what I’ve gone with for this first desktop.

With that aside, let’s get right into the components.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the lowest priced build is around the $650 mark.

Here is a list of parts that a “$656” X-2 gaming PC includes:

Case: Xidax computer case

Motherboard: MSI B460M PRO-VDH WIFI

Processor: Intel Core i3 10100 4-Core 4.3GHz

Memory: Xidax Extreme DDR4 3200MHz Memory – 8GB (2x4GB)

Graphics: CPU Integrated Graphics (uh oh.)

Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB – 7200RPM 3.5″ HDD


CD Drive: None

Operating System: Windows 10

Now wait a second here…

I thought that the price as configured was going to be $656…?

Oh, they also charge $40+ for standard shipping. If you want faster shipping then be prepared to pay upwards of  $100+ for shipping. They don’t tell you that until you’re just about ready to buy. 🙂

This Blows My Mind

Alright, so for $698 you can get a PC sent to you that can play World of Warcraft on medium/low and it’ll also be able to play 1080p video.

Integrated graphics means that the graphics is coming from the processor, this “gaming” PC doesn’t even have a dedicated graphics card!

Integrated graphics is not what you should expect out of a gaming desktop these days.

For about the same price you could have a full gaming rig capable of playing all of the latest games, a keyboard, mouse, monitor AND a headset.

The only difference is that you’d have to build it yourself which really isn’t that hard at all if you take the time to learn how it’s done. It’s really just a lot of plug n’ play.

I’ve got to give it to these guys though… their branding is pretty cool.

But for $540? To play games that are more than 10 years old and some indie games?

Come on now, that’s not a real gaming PC! This is why I always preach to build one rather than getting a pre-built.

But maybe that’s just for the lower priced PCs…

Let’s take a look at a more expensive configuration, let’s see if Xidax PCs can at least sorta deliver on a quality gaming experience for those that have a higher budget range.

I sure hope that they can… I can tell you right now though, please DO NOT buy a lower priced – entry level rig from here. You’d be leaving WAY too much money on the table for how much power you could really have with that much money.

OK, Can They Deliver With A $1,500 PC?

Now for the true test…

If they can deliver a quality experience with those that have a $1,500 budget then I might be able to actually recommend this company for you.

I know it sounds like I’m being pretty rough and unfair, but man I despise pre-built PCs. I have yet to find a company that provides a quality shopping experience, a fair price and a good gaming experience all at the same time.

It looked as if I could customize their X-4 gaming desktop to meet my budget point of $1,500 as it started at about $1,000. Figured I could edit a few things and get a good PC going.

Here’s a rig that I configured for around $1,500:

Xidax X-4 Gaming Desktop


Now this isn’t looking all that bad…

I changed out the video card, power supply, processor and total RAM with the X-4. Went from a RTX 3060 Ti to a RTX 2060 for the video card, 500W gold rated power from a 450W bronze rated power supply, an 3700X from a 3800XT, a 1TB M.2 drive and 16GB total RAM from 8GB total.

If you’re paying anywhere near $1,000 then something that is lower performance power compared to something like the 2060 isn’t going to cut it at all. If you’re spending a lot of money then you’d best be getting as much power as you can get out of it.

Keep in mind that with a $1,500 budget you could definitely build one yourself that’s even better. You’d be able to possibly have a 2070 instead of a 2060 all the while still being able to keep the 3700X.

Another thing… They only provide free shipping on the more expensive builds if you choose the free shipping freebie option while you are configuring your build.

The order total will jump up hundreds of dollars if you don’t pick free shipping sa your freebie. Your other choices is a free GPU overclock or a mouse pad…

I was caught off guard with this because after choosing the last part and seeing the total I figured that free shipping would be a given. That’s how most other pre-built gaming PC companies do it…

But that doesn’t come with. In this case, I either got to pick free shipping, a free GPU overclock or a free mouse pad.

In my opinion, it’s a little absurd that free shipping is even an option at that point. They already charge a decent mark up for the hardware itself and shipping costs $100’s more if you don’t pick it as your freebie.

Also… how is a free overclock of your video card or a mouse pad of equal value here?

Thing is, it’s not. Your basically forced into choosing free shipping if you want to save the most money.

As for the rest of the experience, you’ll be able to add in custom lighting and different accessories/peripherals to the build as well but they seem highly overpriced. If I were you, I’d get peripherals and accessories separately at other storefronts to save some more cash.

Xidax can definitely deliver on the customization and they can deliver enough for those that are looking to spend more than $1,000 on a pre-built PC.

As I said earlier, I despise most pre-built PCs. There is never enough value when looking at the power per dollar spent.

But with Xidax pre-builts, I would trust them to put together a mean PC. I suppose it would be nice to just take the PC out of the box, plug it in and start gaming right away.

Personally, I really dig the process of building one myself. When I first got into PC gaming I had absolutely no idea how to put one together but after following a few videos and researching, I pulled the plug and just bought the parts I needed.

I don’t regret at all putting a PC together myself. It’s such a fun learning experience and it’s such a great feeling to watch your PC come to life after putting all of the pieces together. 😀

My Final Verdict

All in all, if you really just don’t want to learn how to put your own build together and if you’re looking to spend more than $1,000 on a gaming PC then you’ll probably want to look into a Xidax PC.

I really dig the customization options and from the looks of the team behind the company, the PC would be put together with quality in mind the whole time.

So, are you going to be looking into a Xidax pre-built?

Or are you going to put your own build together?

If you are going to put your own build together then be sure to check out the different guides I have available on the site here, highlight “PC Builds” in the top navigation and choose your budget point!

Building them is so much fun, trust me… you wouldn’t regret the experience of putting your own build together. 😉

Let me know what you’re going to do in the comments below! 😀

33 thoughts on “Xidax Review 2022, Should You Just Build Your Own PC Rig?”

  1. XIDAX is crap. I received a broken 3k laptop. Everything was top of their line. I called them 15 minutes after receiving it. Vertical lines….I sent it back. They won’t replace it, so basically you buy a refurbished over priced POS. Or pay a $600 restocking fee for a laptop you used for 10 minutes. So they “fixed” it, not! Avatars flicker when I’m playing a game. Now I’ll have to send it back yet again, get a double refurbished “premium” laptop. Do yourself a favor. STAY AWAY FROM XIDAX!

    • Hey Alric,

      That’s unfortunate to hear… It’s always 50/50 from what I’ve heard from other folks. It’s either an extremely pleasant experience with customer support and the rigs themselves or it’s the complete opposite…

      You aren’t the first to report similar experiences with returns and support in general… 😓 I hope you’re able to get something figured out with them. 👍

  2. I hope that the PC I had Xidax build for me is going to be quality…mind you I chose to have one built for me because I didn’t want to hassle with putting the parts together myself, with that said my build goes something like this GPU GTX 3060, I 5 (I think is 10400) 1Tb SSD PSU 650 gold 16GB ram, going on memory thats all i can think of at the moment. Total price is around 1795 so to have that PC build finanaced would be like 85wk X 52Wks ( U do the math). If it can play games like Call of Duty on high settings with good quality graphics, I’m ok with paying the price. My current PC which was bought on ebay and was said to be a gaming PC goes like this i5 1030 gpu 4gb ram( which I upgraded to 12gb ram) 450 psu,. I can play COD but with a dismal 30FPS, once my build arrives this PC will go to be a back up PC. The build should be a great upgrade from my current PC. I’m excited and can’t wait for my build to arrive around 8-23-21. U do a compare the 2 and decide which is better.

    • Yo, Jack.

      The 3060 compared to a 1030… It’s going to be an absolute world of a difference with any games you throw at it man. You’ll be seeing over 110+ FPS easily at 1080p resolution. It’s unfortunate that you snagged up a rig like that from eBay… Hopefully it was on the lower-end when it came to the final cost of it. Too many prebuilts are listed on sites like eBay without actual context of what the hardware specifications can and will do. A 1030 simply isn’t enough for this current generation of games – not when you want good, smooth performance.

      As far as the build itself, yeah man you’re going to love the difference in performance. At that total price, however… There are some other prebuilts that would have had a little bit better price to performance ratio (I would estimate maybe around $100-$250 cheaper – depending on the market’s price) but you’re also paying for the high level of build quality which Xidax can definitely deliver on.

      If the price makes sense for you, you’re going to love that PC. Compared to your old PC, it is lightyears beyond for overall performance.

      Thanks for reaching out, be sure to come back and let us know how your PC runs after you get everything set up! 👍

      • Hi, how long does Xidax actually take for shipping since my order hasn’t built it? I ordered the PC for almost 1k9 but there is no notice from Xidax. Just wondering that Xidax is good on shipping?

        • There is a huge supply/demand issue with PC hardware across the board – especially with graphics cards. I’m sure that if you reach out to Xidax’s customer support team, they’ll be able to let you know what’s going on with the shipping of your rig.

  3. I got one from here 3 years ago and still have had no issues. It cost me just over 1,150. What sold me onto getting it was the warrenty. I never had to use it, however it’s nice to be able to fall into it. In those 3 years (now nearly 3.5) I’ve only had to contact them once and it was a mistake that I should have realized (ram stick just needed to be reseated). With being able to trade in a old pc for credit towards a new one I’m pretty happy with them.

    • They put together super high quality rigs and I’ve heard the good about their warranties as well, I’m happy to hear you’ve had good experiences with them! Have you tried trading your rig in yet for credit or do you maybe plan to soon? It’d be interesting to hear how that process plays out, especially with hardware being hard to come by these days.

      Thanks for the comment, Darren!

  4. Just bought a i5 10600k+ 240mm deepcool AIO/RTX 3070/16gb gskill Trident 3200mhz/500 gb wd black sn750/ 650w Seasonic 80+ Gold build from Xidax for $1850 total.

    Wasn’t too disappointed by the price, as it was costing me around the same through pcpartpicker (About $100 more through Xidax), and seeing how rtx 30 series are nearly impossible to get, I went with an SI instead of building my own like I usually do.

    Only downside to Xidax so far is you can’t pick what brand of gpu you want. Other than that, I’m pretty happy.

    • Right on!! When it comes to their more high end systems – that’s when the price can totally be justified. They put the builds together with pristine quality. I’m looking forward to when the 3000 series cards come back in stock!

  5. My fiance and I both bought xidax gaming desktops. (Over $1000) The product is amazing. Customer support has been great as well.


    • This is very unfortunate to hear, Jesse. 🙁

      I’m not certain but maybe Xidax has a support team on Twitter or another social outlet? Sometimes companies make sure to make things right when there is a social media presence on a problem… though they should have been able to know that you’ve been needing help for quite some time now.

  7. The other point not mention is you can get financed for the pc if you don’t have that kind of dough setting around . I purchased a build from the at around $1450 ran good for about 8 months then had some CD player issues it wouldn’t read certain disk .. cleaned it and all but still no dice . Called them they wanted a video of the sounds and screen issues it was reporting but I needed the player now . Being they are located in Utah I believe I just ran out and got one that day and was up and running again . 2nd year in system completely stops running with out a power supply tester to confirm at least one possibilty of its issue I called them and set up for shipping it to them since I didn’t keep the box it came in had to let ups box it for me and of course insurance at a total cost &111 both ways GEE ..we will see if the lifetime warranty is worth it .

    • That warranty for lifetime is definitely going to be nice, you can always finance through Amazon as well I’ve had friends that financed with a custom build so financing is still an option from going with a build of your own.

      Hopefully the issues stop there!

  8. I have built many a rig, and yes, you can get more for less if you go that way. But, let me tell you an awesome story. I had Xidax build me a mainstream gamer… 6700k/1080FE at a price at least 25% lower than other builders. So, long story short UPS massacred it in shipping. Before I accepted delivery I called Xidax. Within 90 seconds I was talking to the head of customer service who had me refuse it. Total length of call maybe 5 minutes. A replacement rig was built and in my hands within 72 hours, LONG before my busted rig ever made its way back to Utah. Try that with Dellianware.

    • Hey EB,

      They definitely have quality in mind 100% and it’s awesome to hear that same mission is in mind when it comes to customer service because we all know that other companies can’t even come close to that type of satisfaction. I can see how it makes sense to get a build done with them when it’s a higher end rig, the price ranges are a lot better than the others that you see around! Thanks for sharing

  9. As the proud owner of a Xidax, I must say that I’m 100% satisfied. My last three gaming computers were built by me. And anyone who has built their own KNOWS that you will have some issues. Whether it’s compatibility issues or non-working hardware or out-of-stock problems, there is always at least one. However, I had not one issues with my Xidax. Sure, I spent a little more, but the lifetime warranty and “trade-in/buy back” options are too good to be true. And their customer service is next to none.

    The next time I’m in the market for a computer Xidax will be my first choice.

    • That’s good to hear man, they definitely put together high quality PCs! Simply comes down to if someone wants to pay the premium to have those features and what not.

      Having your PC working right out of the box has a value of its own!

  10. Not only are the prices out of this world! The options are crap. This seems like a company taking advantage of, not so savvy, first time PC gamers. Putting together a computer is like putting together legos, If it looks like it should go in that slot, then it probably does. Don’t get screwed!

    • I agree for the most part Kevin. I mean, these guys put together PCs in a high quality way so it’s not like they’re just quickly throwing pieces together but the pricing is definitely not nearly as fair in comparison to putting together a build of your own!

      • Well, the additional cost comes from:

        1. Professional build/installation
        2. Lifetime guarantee
        3. Often stellar customer support
        4. It’s a business, they make a profit.

        If they sold to you at cost, then they wouldn’t last.
        I for one don’t mind paying for convenience and service, provided the service and quality I get is better than me doing it myself.

  11. I just customized one of their comps they are charging an unrealistic amount. For example almost $600 for a Samsung Evo 850 1TB. Amazon or Newegg.com you can get 2 for that price. How or why someone would pay that much of a mark up for anything product is just crazy.

    • There are some pretty crazy prices man, the only way it makes even a little bit of sense is by getting a more expensive PC. But even then, you can have way more power behind a PC by putting one together yourself. A LOT more power.

      Though I do have to give it to Xidax, their PCs look super slick and they do a heck of a job putting them together!

  12. I just ordered a laptop from there. I agree with you on the high end desktops are a fair value. One thing I feel like you should have touched on is the main reason people a prebuilt and that’s the warranty. If you factor the warranty into the cost I think the desktops are a great deal. I can build my own but if this laptop works out I’m seriously considering them for my next desktop.


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