Apevia X Sniper 2 Review, The Best Mid Tower PC Case?

Last Updated on May 20, 2017

It’s time to review the Apevia X Sniper 2 mid tower PC case not only because it’s extremely popular on Amazon but also because I believe it’s the best!

I did a lot of research on the best mid tower cases when I was getting ready to put my dream build together and I’m super glad that I decided to use this case because it’s very simple to use and it looks awesome on my desk.

With that, let’s get to the review.

apevia x sniper 2 case


Product: Apevia X Sniper 2 Mid Tower Case

Price: $59.99

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Warranty: 1 Year

My Rating: 10 out of 10


The Apevia X Sniper 2 Comes With A Lot

The main things that I look for when I’m looking at quality mid tower cases to use with a build include the overall size, what types of cards would be able to fit inside of it and how many slots it has for different types of drives as well as how many fans it comes with/how many fan slots I can use to add more fans.

This specific series by Apevia definitely makes sure that almost anything can be thrown into the case and that’s what I like most about the case overall.

When you’re in the market for a case, especially a mid tower, you’ve got to think about the future. It’s best to make sure that the case that you want includes slots for SSDs, bigger graphics cards and enough room for a high quality CPU cooler.

You get all of that with an Apevia X Sniper 2 case. The built in slots for different types of drives are pretty simple to use and inserting drives is quick and easy.

green apevia x sniper 2 fan

There is plenty of ventilation for airflow since there are many holes throughout many of the areas of the case. From top to bottom, Apevia made sure that air flows through the entire case which is also pretty important – especially for those of you that plan on overclocking.

One 120mm fan comes pre-installed as a front case fan, on the bottom section. Then there are all sorts of slots for adding more fans down the road – you can add up to 8 total case fans which is more than enough for anyone.

I took a 120mm blue LED fan that I’ve had from my previous PC build’s case and decided to put it in the back of the case. It fit perfectly and it looks cool with the green color scheme that I went with.

That’s another thing I like about this case – it comes in different color schemes and in my opinion, they’re all pretty awesome!


Click Here To See The Different Color Choices


There’s Plenty of Room For Anything

Eventually I want to add two multi color 120mm fans on the top of the case mainly for the aesthetics of it but also because I plan on adding an aftermarket CPU cooler down the road for overclocking. I went with the green version and I think it’s going to be cool mixing a bunch of different colors with it.

The side panel comes off by unscrewing the two hand screws on the back of it and simply sliding it off. There are slits on the sides for the side panels to slide in and out of when you’re opening up the case and it’s actually pretty easy to get the panels on and off because of this.

As far as the size and fitting different hardware, I’ve seen a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO installed into the case in a different review. It barely fits, but it definitely does fit. Keep in mind that if you’re wanting to use that specific cooler with this case that you then won’t be able to add any sort of fan on the side panel unless you’re using a smaller cooler.

It’s standard today but you should also know that the case comes with two front USB 3.0 ports and HD audio plug ins for a mic and ear buds. They are 3.5mm jacks.

apevia x sniper 2 drive bays
Inserting CD drives, hard drives and solid state drives is easy with the built-in slide/lock system in the case.

As I said earlier, the drives are super simple to put in. For the top drive slots you simply push up on the bottom parts of the locks and it unlocks the slot allowing you to slide in a CD drive or fan controller.

After you slide it in you can then re-lock the drive using the lock, it simply snaps back in.

For hard drives and solid sate drives the case comes with sliders and slots for the drives. You simply put the drive into the sliders and you slide them into the slots that you want them in. It really is a simple process – makes things easier.

That’s really it for all of the features and what not that it comes with. It’ll fit video cards up to 13″ long and micro ATX/ATX boards up to 11″ x 12″ leaving plenty of room for what you need. I used an EVGA 4GB GTX 970 for a video card and there’s plenty of room left after installation.

Cable management is definitely doable with this case and although I didn’t do the best job with my build – it was definitely better than other cases I’ve experienced.

Since both side panels are easy to slide on and off it really wasn’t too much of a hassle getting the cables in optimal positions and I really can’t say that is the case with other cases that I’ve worked with in the past.

For about $60 you really can’t go wrong by going with this case, it’s definitely one of the best if not the absolute best mid tower case on the market right now!


Overall Pros & Cons

There really aren’t that many cons when it comes to this specific line of cases but for those that don’t want to read all of the details I’ll compile a list of pros and cons for you.


  • Cable management is easy.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lots of room for bigger components.
  • No tools needed for mounting drives.
  • Many spots to add more fans.


  • Only comes with one fan.
  • Case wires can be weird to manage.

The pros obviously out weigh the cons big time and when it comes down to cable management it’s really up to the individual and how much time you take towards cable management.

It’s hard to compile a list of cons for as many pros but that’s really all that it comes down to. It’s a very well made case especially for the cost.


Many People Love This Case

And for good reason too. You can’t go wrong with this case if you’ve got around $60 in your budget for a case.

It’s made out of a sturdy material, it has plenty of room for bigger components and you can add a bunch of fans down the road to ensure that your build stays cool.

You should also read up on all of the different Amazon reviews, there are more pictures and what not as well as answered questions there that you’d also find useful!




So, are you going to be using this case for your PC build?

What do you like most about it?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

19 thoughts on “Apevia X Sniper 2 Review, The Best Mid Tower PC Case?”

  1. Yes hello I just got this computer today and i need helped trying to install it can you send like a video link so I can see what I’m doing. P.S. instructions that came were unclear

    • Sky,

      I’m a bit confused on what you mean. This isn’t an actual computer, it’s just the case for the computer. Are you doing a build of your own using this case?

      Let me know!

  2. So, I should be buying my build relatively soon. I was planning to buy it about the end of last month, put complications happened, so I didn’t.

    Anyways, I was just wondering what size of CPU Cooler would this case fit? I might be able to get a $20 one with my build, thinking Cryorig M9i, but PCPartpicker is weird with this case, as in it can’t confirm if it will fit. Pretty sure it’s due to not a great deal of people use it, but considering I’ll be getting it, it is quite a bit annoying.

    In case you wanted to know my build, here’s my current thought.

    • It’d fit inside the case but there really is no need to be getting an aftermarket CPU cooler with that CPU. It can’t be overclocked and the stock Intel cooler isn’t loud by any means.

      I recommend not getting the CPU cooler and simply using the stock cooler instead.

      • Yes, I realize I wouldn’t need it. Do I care? Nope.
        I know I can’t overclock, and don’t need it. That’s why I’m only getting a $20 one.

        I figured it’d fit, looking through peoples builds that have the case, just wanted to make sure. Still curious though, what is the max size of CPU Cooler that’d fit inside it? It’d be helpful, since via upgrades I do at some point plan to get an i7 with a better CPU Cooler, $60-$80 or so, so knowing what size of coolers it’d fit would be helpful for that point.

        • Well I’m just saying it’s $20 that you don’t need to spend but if you want to for the heck of it then by all means go for it.

          The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO fits in the case as long as there isn’t a side fan installed. I’ve heard that it’s a super tight fit so 120mm is probably the max size for the case granted that there is no side fan.

          • Damn, that’s not much room, especially considering, also via upgrades, I plan to fill out all the case fan slots, so there’d be two 120 mm fans there…

            Also, I’m now not sure if I’ll be getting the CPU cooler with the build, and if I do I’d probably change it to a Cryorig C7. At some point I probably would, but not sure about right away anymore. I change my mind toward certain things with my build a couple times.

          • You can still fill in all of the other slots but if you’re wanting to use a big cooler then yeah you’d have to keep the side fan area open.

            I’ll reiterate, I’d wait until you do your upgrade down the road before getting a CPU cooler. There really is no point in getting an aftermarket cooler with a processor that can’t overclock and Intel’s stock fan is actually really good.

  3. Hey, how does the “Apevia X-Cruiser3(http://amzn.to/2cki2Mg) compare? It’s a bit bigger, comes with more fans, has more external 5.25 bays, but less internal 2.5 bays, which are for SSD’s, right? I’m only having one, so unless they can be used for other things I don’t think that’ll matter, but the case costs more, so I’m not sure it’s worth it. I might be able to go up that much more, maybe not. It also looks really cool, not to say the Sniper doesn’t, just to say it does look cool.

    • Well the reviews are a bit lower rated in comparison. There are a good amount of people saying that a fan will stop working shortly after getting it and what not. I don’t think that the quality is as high as the Sniper case but I do agree that it looks pretty awesome!

      And yes, the 2.5″ bays are for SSDs.

  4. Hey there again colton, same question but i was thinking about upgrading my budget to the $1000 build instead of the $800, would this case still be okay to fit everything in the more expensive build? Im really attached to this case for some reason.

  5. Would this case be able to fit all the parts in your $800 pc build? Im looking to build my first pc and I want to make sure it’ll do the job I want it to before I buy it

    • Hey Ferhat,

      Yes it would! The thing I like most about this case is how simple it is for mounting everything and there’s plenty of space. It’s definitely capable of fitting everything on the $800 build!

  6. I’m currently using the Corsair Carbide SPEC-01 in my rig – How do you think this stacks up against it? One thing I really love about the SPEC-01 is the glass side panel. It looks like the Apexia X Sniper 2 has a plastic grill-type thing. Does it feel sturdy?

    Having said that, the lack of case LEDs in the SPEC-01 is a bit frustrating – It’s a pain in the rear to try to string up custom LEDs when you already have all your parts. It might be nice to swap to something a little more aesthetically pleasing.

    • The Spec-01 is also another top quality case for sure man. As far as aesthetics, you can always look into adding more LED fans and what not to add that extra bit to it. Could also look into LED strips and go crazy with it 😛

      The side panel on the X Sniper 2 is definitely sturdy enough, it’s made of a plastic material yes but it’s not going to break while pushing on it or anything. I really dig the overall airflow of it.

    • You’re welcome for the review man! That specific cooler wouldn’t be compatible so if you’re looking for a good, compatible water cooler then the Corsair H60 would be more ideal since I know that it’d work with the case.


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