The 10 Most Expensive PC Cases In 2023: High-End Cases For The True Enthusiasts

I’d like to post about the most expensive PC cases that are out on the market today. From the most high-end to the most unique PC cases, these cases are spendy!

These cases are not ranked from most to least expensive. I simply wanted to share the multiple cases that are available right now that are higher up in the price range.

I’m talking about the cases that cost anywhere from the $200-$1,000+ range (yes, there are cases that cost over $1,000…)

So prepare yourself for an onslaught of crazy, amazing, super high-end, and straight up weird PC cases that are 100% real and ready to build with.

If you have ever heard of any of these cases or have seen any builds that use them, please let me know about them! I’d love to see some of these cases with different PC builds.

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Thermaltake Versa C21 Review, A Mid Tower Case Done Right

thermaltake versa c21 review

It’s time to review the Thermaltake Versa C21 mid tower case! The C21 is all about durability, simplicity while also being able to set an awesome atmosphere.

This is the first case from Thermaltake that I’ve worked with that has the durability factor down. Although the case I used in the past with an old build was a lot cheaper, you do get what you pay for with cases, but the plastic wasn’t all that great.

That’s different with the Versa C21. I’m very happy with what it provides, especially for the type of build that I went for with liquid cooling in mind!

With that, let’s get to the review.

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Apevia X Sniper 2 Review, The Best Mid Tower PC Case?

It’s time to review the Apevia X Sniper 2 mid tower PC case not only because it’s extremely popular on Amazon but also because I believe it’s the best!

I did a lot of research on the best mid tower cases when I was getting ready to put my dream build together and I’m super glad that I decided to use this case because it’s very simple to use and it looks awesome on my desk.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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