Do You Use Controller Or Mouse And Keyboard?

Last Updated on February 14, 2017

This post will be a short one to simply hear what you guys prefer and when you prefer a certain type of control scheme.

While I was playing through the For Honor open beta I was using the controller 100% of the way through, I also use the controller while playing one of my favorite games Brawlhalla.

But I’ll use mouse and keyboard for other titles. It really depends on what type of game it is that I’m playing!



A Controller Is Essential…

At least if you’re playing a driving game, right?

Driving simply does not feel right when I’m using a mouse and keyboard combo to control my vehicle. I’ve tried both and the controller reigns champion for driving.

From GTA V to any racing game that would have it be compatible – it almost feels like driving around was never meant for the mouse and keyboard.

However, I can still manage to at least play the portion of the game with the mouse and keyboard if need be.

For example, I enjoy using the mouse and keyboard for GTA V and if I needed to drive towards and objective or whatever then I’m not going to switch between the two. I’ll just use it for the time being.

I also use a controller with most side scrolling/2D games. From a fighting game like Brawlhalla or an action title like Castle Crashers I simply must use the controller as the mouse and keyboard don’t really feel right for games like that.

Also for 3rd person games I enjoy using a controller more. From Assassin’s Creed games to For Honor I find myself using the controller way more often.

I think it’s the ease of camera rotation and what not… To me it seems like games like that were meant to be played with a gamepad of sorts.


Mouse And Keyboard For Everything Else

First person shooters, real-time strategy, MOBA, MMO…

I need to use mouse and keyboard for just about every other type of game.

For those not used to using a mouse and keyboard – it’ll definitely take a good bit of time to get used to. It’s a completely different ball game in comparison to using a controller of sorts.

But once you’re used to using a mouse and keyboard you’ll come to appreciate it a lot more, especially in a FPS. The precision that a mouse provides is completely dominate over using a controller.

If you attempt to play a PC FPS multiplayer game while using a controller you’re going to die a lot more than you getting kills.

The reason is the precision. A mouse can pin point to exact locations a lot better than any joystick aim could do. Once you compare the difference for yourself you’ll see exactly what I mean.

When it comes to overall movement and what not, a keyboard doesn’t have a distinct advantage other than having a lot more buttons to use.

You’re able to map keys to many different things in a game which gives you a lot more options in different games.

I also must use mouse and keyboard for real-time strategy type games and MOBAs that have a top down view. The Steam Controller aims to be the controller that is the best of both worlds but the mouse and keyboard still have distinct benefits over it.


What Do You Use Most?

I’d like to hear from you guys what you use most in terms of PC gaming.

Some have a gaming PC as well as a console so it’s obvious that you’d use your gamepad for the consoles but what about with your gaming rig?

If you’re playing For Honor, are you using a mouse or a keyboard?

Do you use the mouse and keyboard for fighting type games?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

2 thoughts on “Do You Use Controller Or Mouse And Keyboard?”

  1. Ok, as it stands I do not own a controller – My brother has two, so I could occasionally use one, but I never really care to. I’ve been playing with a keyboard my whole life, I type on a keyboard, I know the keyboard, but other then 1.5 consoles in my life(a Wii and a 3DS), I have never owned another console, and even the 1.5 consoles I do have I either not played on it except occasionally now, and even when I did I’d always use the wiimote over the whatever console like controller, towards my experience with the Wii, and with the 3DS I now only ever play one game on it, Smash.

    And really, one of the reasons the PC master race exists, I’d assume, is because of the keyboard. Sure, the higher variety of games, multiple ways to build your computer, and other stuff with are a big part, there is just no way it’d be as popular if the keyboard had so much less then it does. It’s a typing instrument, which means you have so many different buttons at your disposal for ease of doing anything, and you can set the control scheme in a lot of games how you’d want, and with the amount of keys it allows for a lot with your unique gaming setup. I couldn’t imagine playing Terraria with a controller, with how you have to aim in that and place blocks, and most MMO’s I feel would be terrible on a console, to many buttons.

    And besides, the mouse is just amazing at all you need as well.

    • Precisely, the mouse and keyboard is just better to use in most cases when it comes to PC exclusive titles, titles that were made specifically for using the keyboard and mouse.

      As far as one of the reasons why PC is better is the mouse really. The precision that a mouse provides in comparison to a regular gamepad is no comparison at all, there’s no way someone would be able to compete with someone on a FPS game with a controller vs a mouse.

      Then the keyboard is great for obvious reasons, like you said for MMO titles with a bunch of different buttons that you’d need to configure. I have no idea how ESO has been able to be played on the console for that reason!


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