My Favorite Brands For Gaming Peripherals

Last Updated on December 6, 2016

I’d like to write about all of the different brands that I favor whenever I’m shopping around for new PC gaming peripherals. You don’t need the most expensive brands in order to have high quality gear!

So many people think that you need to own all of one’s brand in order to have a good overall experience but that’s just not true. Although I do have a gaming mouse that is from an expensive brand name that doesn’t mean that I use that same brand all across the board.




Do You Have Brand Loyalty?

For most shoppers, in any market not just gaming peripherals, brand loyalty is a big deal.

I personally think that my local grocery store’s version of Coca Cola tastes nearly the same but a loyal Coca Cola drinker would disagree 100x over with that statement.

Same goes for any market really. Although some PC gamers would argue that Razer mice have a distinct advantage over other brands – they just don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Razer at all here. In fact, I use the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition today with my gaming PC.

razer-mamba-tournament-edition – Razer Mamba Tournament Edition

The only reason why I use that mouse is because I’m a huge fan of how the lighting works with it. I have a keyboard with multiple colors lit up and that mouse fit the bill perfect to match up with it.

That and I’ve always really liked Razer’s logo. Both builds that I’ve built for myself now have had the Razer logo sticker on them since they come with most Razer products. I suppose you could say that I’m “loyal” to Razer since I’ve made sure I’ve had at least one product of theirs with my PC.

With all of that, let’s get down to my favorite brands for different gear. When it comes to mice it should be pretty obvious which one I favor most… 😛


Gaming Mice – Razer

When it comes to gaming mice I enjoy Razer the most, hands down.

It’s probably because I’ve always owned a Razer mouse since I’ve had my first gaming PC. I started with the Razer Abyssus then moved onto the Razer DeathAdder since a friend of mine needed a gaming mouse and I wanted to try out a mouse that had side thumb buttons.

razer-abyssus – Razer Abyssus

razer-deathadder – Razer DeathAdder

There is a new version of the Abyssus available now, it seems that the old version that I used to own is discontinued or something. Also there is a new Chroma edition of the DeathAdder that is now available and I sure wish that it was out when I was shopping for another new mouse…

I’m simply big on flashy LEDs when it comes to my peripherals. On mice performance I just want to make sure that it has a DPI setting that works for my 1080p screen.

When it comes to DPI I don’t think anyone needs 16000 max. There is no reason for a mouse pointer to move 16000 dots per inch. I haven’t had the opportunity to mess around on a 4K display quite yet but something tells me that you wouldn’t need THAT much max DPI in order for it to be optimal.

1600ish is the sweet spot for 1080p so that’s really all I look for when it comes to performance. Since I’m more about the looks, Razer mice have always shined the most for me.

The Razer chroma stickers are awesome!

With the logo combined with the sweet color customizations – that brand just hits home for me.

Sure, you probably pay a bit more to have something that is Razer but it’s worth it to me when it comes to the overall look it has going on.

Some other brands that I would be open to owning and trying out would be Logitech, Redragon and SteelSeries.

Logitech is known for high quality products all around and I’ve heard nothing but great things out of their mice. It’s another one of those brands that you pay higher price for but many don’t mind that since it’s Logitech.

I’ve tried a Redragon mouse before – the Redragon M601 – and its performance was very solid. This brand focuses more on high quality manufacturing with a lower price point in mind. Definitely check them out if you want something that works well that’s on the cheap!

SteelSeries mice… I’ve seen so many videos and articles that praise them in a very high regard. Same to their mouse pads as well. If I had to get another new mouse I think I’d look into changing it up to SteelSeries.


Gaming Keyboards – Anything Really

Almost all keyboards do the same thing. The only difference that I’ve personally noticed was between a normal keyboard and a mechanical keyboard.

After using a mechanical keyboard I decided that I liked it better than a normal keyboard. There is something about feeling the heavy click of the keys… I love hearing it and it simply feels right.

With that, I don’t really buy into all of the hype of a “gaming” enhanced keyboard. All keyboard have keys and there is a very minuscule difference when it comes down to how much “pressure” needs to be applied in order for a key to be recognized in-game.

Because of this belief I’ve always gone with random brands. I’ve gone with keyboards that look awesome. My first couple of keyboards were brands that were based in China that I found off of eBay but the keyboard I used now was actually sent to me from a company called VicTsing to review it for them.

tomoko-keyboard – TOMOKO Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

That link will take you to the product page. If you’re wanting to have a more in-depth review over it then you can check out my review right here if you’d like to!

So to sum up keyboards, in my opinion, it really doesn’t matter a whole lot. I feel the same level of performance from a basic keyboard to a decked out mechanical keyboard.

Typing/using a mechanical keyboard definitely feels different than a regular keyboard but when it comes to gaming overall it doesn’t really have much of a difference for me.

A friend of mine uses the Corsair K70 keyboard which is one that is on the higher side of price points. The reason for the higher price is because of the branding, it’s mechanical and it comes with an extra USB slot on the keyboard itself.

Those are some pretty awesome features to have with a keyboard but for over $100? It really depends on the person and how much value they see in the added features.

corsair-k70 – Corsair Gaming K70 LUX

Go ahead and look into it if it sounds like something you’d be interested in picking up, it’s a very high quality keyboard and sometimes that’s all that matters. It needs to not feel cheap!


Gaming Headsets – Sades

This might come as a surprise to some of you because a headset is arguably the most important peripheral when looking at making sure that you’re getting some high quality gear.

I’ve used different types of headsets from TurtleBeach to Logitech. I’ve owned two different brands of headsets, Plantronics and Sades.

The reason I switched from the Plantronics headset to a Sades headset is because I broke the Plantronics one. Not because the headset was low quality, I simply didn’t take care of it like I should have.

With headsets, quality does indeed matter. You want to make sure that the sound is crisp and that the material was made with an intent of it lasting a long time!

I only wanted the Sades headset because I saw the lighting. I know, someday buying gear strictly because of the cool lighting it has will be the end of me. But this headset actually delivered a level of performance that I was more than happy with as well!

Below are the two headsets that I mentioned, I use the Sades one today.

gamescom-headset – Plantronics GameCom 780

sades-headset – SADES SA913

The SA913 headset from Sades has enough bass and just the right amount of “crispness” with the overall sound for me to be happy. What I liked most about the Plantronics headset was that it had a software to switch between surround sound modes and I was able to mute the mic on the headset.

The only downfall about my Sades headset is that I can’t mute the mic on the headset itself. I can adjust volume with the knob, no other real features except that the lightning textures on the side go in and out of different colors which was the real only reason why I got the headset!

The bass gives me a “shaking” feeling when it’s loud and the mic works really well and that’s really all I ask for. If I’m going to be getting a new headset in the future it’s definitely going to be a nice Logitech one. One that has noise cancelling!


What Would Be Your Picks?

Those are my opinions on brands when it comes to gaming peripherals. All in all, I don’t care about a brand name. I want my gear to do its job and I mainly look at the cool lighting effects that it can offer.

Although that’s probably not the ideal way to go shopping for new gear, that’s how I do it. For the most part you do get what you pay for but at the same token you never know if a certain brand/product is going to be good unless you give it a shot! I didn’t expect much out of a Sades headset but the quality was definitely there!

Do you have any specific brands that you always go for?

Or do you just go for cool looks?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Brands For Gaming Peripherals”

  1. I actually am a huge fan of any keyboard with tactile mechanical switches. I personally am a sucker for most Corsair products, as I love the build quality. I find that they make their products sturdier and nicer than many other brands. Their K65, K70, and K95 series are made with a nice, solid aluminium frame, and they come with really nice wrist wrests. I also like Logitech mice, though for a headset, I use a $15 generic one. I don’t really have the money for a high quality headset.

    • Hey Finian,

      My friend is also a huge fan of Corsair, always makes sure to get Corsair of everything when it comes to his gear! They are definitely crafted with quality in mind.

      I want to use a higher quality headset when/if the time comes for an upgrade. A generic one like what Sades offers definitely also checks out!

  2. Not surprised Razer mice are your favorite, not particularly surprised you don’t care for the brand of keyboard, was not expecting SADES to be your favorite headset brand, and had no idea your old one even broke. Ever going to do a review on that SADES headset? Even if I don’t personally care for the design of the SADES one, interested to see why you personally like it.

    However, towards my favorite brands… Just remember I haven’t bought stuff yet, should be soon. Logitech for mice/keyboards, and varied around prices for headsets. Something just appeals to me about Logitech, their stuff seems definitely quality and nice stuff with them. Planning to go with the G502 for the mouse and either a G213 Prodigy as keyboard or its big brother that I don’t remember name of. Towards headsets… I like different ones for different price ranges. Logitech for about $60 and less, like in the G230 and G430, and a couple more, but for higher I like the Kingston, in the form of the Hyper X Cloud II, and maybe something else.

    However, I’m not even going with a headset for my build, I’ll be getting a pair of headphones, in the Samson SR950, and a modmic. I would just get a G430, but I had a decent bit ago decided against a black/blue build in favor of black/green, so the blue G430’s wouldn’t work, and something about the other brands I say no to, like Razer, and I don’t have the money right away for the Hyper X Cloud II Gunmetal as a different choice, so headphones now with mod mic gotten bit later.

    Also happy to see you did my idea, at least with the peripherals! Much appreciated.

    • Many people really dig Razer when it comes to mice! I can see how you’re not surprised there.

      When it comes to the headset – maybe I simply need to try out more brands. Sure, I’ll write up a review of the headset I don’t really see why not and why I haven’t already done so. It has enough bass and the mic is pretty crisp, the lighting is exactly what I was looking for it just gets the job done all in all! I’ll be trying out different headsets in the future for sure.

      I haven’t heard good things about Logitech mice… only great things! 😛 Seriously though, Logitech has a very high reputation when it comes to mouse quality in terms of material and overall performance. I’ve personally never used one but it’s up there on the list of mice that I want to test out. I’d be down for testing anything of them honestly, except maybe a MMO mouse since I don’t really see myself ever using one.

      The only downside to not having a headset is not having a mic to communicate with players. Not essential, but I couldn’t see myself not being able to talk with online players and when I get online to play with friends here and there. You plan to not use a mic at all?

      Also no, thank you man!! It was a good idea and I plan on busting out more posts and your ideas fit the bill! 😀

      • Less of me not being surprised you liked Razer mice because a lot of people like and more of because I knew from your two Razer mice reviews on this site.

        Nonono, I’ll still use a mic, just not right away, and in the form of a modmic rather then getting a headset.


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