Which Genres Need More Love?

Last Updated on February 8, 2017

I plan on making this post a short one but we’ll see how that goes. I want to discuss PC game genres and which genres needs some more love in the industry.

I’ll talk about a few genres that I would like to see more and then I’d also like to hear which genre(s) are your guy’s favorites!



Let’s Start With Shooters

I miss the good ol’ days of Call of Duty, not gonna lie.

I’m mainly talking about Modern Warfare 2 and/or Black Ops here. I had so much fun with those games because a lot of my friends and I would play together and they were all in all very fun shooters to play!

I’ll still hop onto MW2 at times, there are still people playing on PC and that boggles my mind! There really aren’t that many hackers either which is surprising.

I wish today’s shooters were more like the original shooters that we all know and love. Sure, Dice came out with Battlefield 1 and it is a huge success then there is the obvious top shooter for PC – Overwatch.

I’d love to play Modern Warfare Remastered but Activision made the mistake of making it playable only with a copy of Infinite Warfare…

So it’s not like the shooter genre is dead but I don’t feel like the genre has had a game that you can continue sinking hours and hours into grinding for that camo or for that challenge to be completed.

In my opinion, Battlefield 1 is OK. It’s a much better game than the newest Call of Duty, that’s for sure.

But I decided not to pick up BF1 because after playing it a few times I don’t think I could see myself getting into it.

As for Overwatch, it’s the kind of game that I’ll go back to here and there when I’m bored and want to have something a bit fresh to play. It’s never been boring but it’s not the type of shooter that I could constantly play day in, day out.

This is entirely my opinion, I understand completely that there are many people that spend countless hours on both of those titles but it’s just not my thing to be investing that much time into. I could see myself playing Modern Warfare Remastered a lot but there’s no way I’m buying the Infinite Warfare edition that includes it.

Activision really messed up with that decision… They could have built their reputation back up fully but no… They let greed get the best of them.


We’re In Need of A Good Platformer

If something came out recently that I’m not aware of, a platformer that delivers on awesome gameplay, let me know! But it has been a while since a good platformer has come around.

I’m thinking of something along the lines of games like Castle Crashers, Super Meat Boy or Starbound.

Those titles are some of the most renown platformer games that have been made! They innovated on how a 2D game can be made.

Castle Crashers is arguably one of the best 2D/platformer style games out there. I can’t believe there still isn’t much if any word on a sequel because a plethora of people bought and still play it to this day.

A platformer/brawler game that I spend the majority of my time on is Brawlhalla and I’m super happy with the way the game is going. It’s sort of like Super Smash Brothers but with a twist of its own.

Even with how high tech the gaming industry is getting – I don’t think that the platformer genre is going to go anywhere. There are also 3D platformer titles being made such as Yooka-Laylee which I’m also excited to check out.

Maybe this genre is about to get some of the love that it needs, figured to bring it up though since it has been a good bit since we’ve seen something crazy awesome come out!

What type of platform game would you like to see?


We Need MMORPG Innovation

It’s really the same old song and dance when it comes to a new MMO game getting on the market.

I’ve played a bit of WoW, Elder Scrolls Online, Runescape and Tera. Those are some of the “bigger” names when it comes to MMOs, right?

Anyway, they all have their own unique twist. But all in all, they aren’t all that different. Especially titles such as Elder Scrolls Online… I really feel like it only has the success it has because it’s in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Sure, it has some differences from WoW but let’s be real here – almost any MMO these days is a copy of WoW with its own unique twist/story.

World of Warcraft set the bar extremely high so I understand why game developers would want to try and have a slice of the MMO success pie but something needs to be changed…

Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t seen any crazy awesome MMOs come out lately.

I’d love to sink my teeth into a new MMO. I’ve actually been trying to get back into ESO but since my account is tied with an old e-mail that I deleted a long time ago I don’t think that I’m going to be able to sign back in… which is a shame.

Some possible innovations could be tying in RTS with MMO elements, except done right. Or create a survival game where there is an economy entirely built by the players.

One example would be the grand exchange in Runescape – how awesome would it be to have a system like that but in a survival game that has MMO elements as well? Something that ties all of that together would probably be popular!

What changes would you like to see in the MMO genre? Are there any features you’d like to see in a new title? If so, what?


Make Some Genres Great Again

That’s how I feel! Other genres as well need to get some more love because there simply haven’t been new releases for a long while.

The survival genre just got Conan Exiles and although it’s at a very early stage, I could see it blowing up in the near future as long as the developers stick to their guns and deliver on the promises that they have shared.

Which genres would you like to see get a new, innovated title?

Are there any new releases that you feel bring new life into a specific genre?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

3 thoughts on “Which Genres Need More Love?”

  1. Wait, but don’t platformers already have plenty of love, at least with Nintendo consoles? With games like Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, and lots of Mario’s, most recently that are notable being 3D World and Mario Maker. Really, if anything it’s just PC that might need more platformers, but I doubt that. Look at Spelunky, Shovel Knight, and Shantae, which are a couple indie games I’ve played and are platformers, with Shovel Knight getting new DLC this year(I believe, could be wrong), and the recently released Shantae Half Genie Hero. For a game that’s not indie, Rayman Origins, Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 releasing this year, and like I mentioned earlier, Nintendo exclusives have quite a few innovative platformers, mostly Mario.

    Also how is Starbound a platformer?

    • I’m focused on PC games really. So Nintendo’s titles aren’t relevant and I’m also referring to seeing new titles coming out.

      Yes, I agree that Spelunky and Shovel Knight are awesome platformer titles! But again they’re kind of older and I’m referring to new titles being made in 2017. It’d be cool to see some more love this year when it comes to platformers.

      Never heard of Project Sonic 2017 so I’ll check that out! And how isn’t Starbound a platformer? I’m talking about the overall style in which Starbound is a 2D side scrolling platform-esque game. I get if you’re talking about the traditional platformer games but that’s not what I wanted to get at, I meant the overall style whether it’s side scrolling or not. Maybe we’re thinking of the genre in two different ways 😛

      • Shovel Knight is still being worked on with new DLC, I think that counts it enough for me to think it’s fine enough to count.

        I’m curious how you hadn’t heard of Project Sonic 2017 now… Had you at least heard of Sonic Mania? Also, last I played Starbound(which was a while ago and I didn’t even play it to much) there weren’t platforming elements. It’s a sandbox with randomly generated terrain, if you need to use jumps to get to places that’s just a part of the thing with that sort of game. If it’s a platformer to you because it’s 2D, side scrolling, and has elements of having to get to places, then I don’t know if you actually know what a platformer is. Is Terraria a platformer, or Crea, or Planet Centauri, or Craft the World, or more I can’t think of? Only one of said examples I have ever played, the others were played before by a YouTuber I watch, but I feel it fits my point.

        Although just as a general question, how is Castle Crashers a platformer? I’ve never played it before, and have only ever seen like, a single 20 minute quite edited video on it ever, but from said video I didn’t see any platformer elements, mostly seems to be just a “beat em’ up, hack and slash” sort of game rather then platformer. COuld be wrong though, with my limited knowledge on it.


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