Best Gaming PC Build Under $500 Dollars, This PC Will OWN in 2017!

To find the best gaming PC build under 500 dollars you’re going to have to find the best parts for the lowest price possible and then build it yourself. Building your own computer has many benefits and is actually a lot easier than you think!

Well you just lucked out! 🙂 Today I feel like sharing how to build the best gaming PC build for under 500 dollars and I also want to show you the best place to get your parts for this EPIC build!

Next-gen PC gaming is going to take quite a bit of GPU and CPU power to run games for the next few years…

But… for around the same price as the present day consoles you can build a custom gaming PC that OWNS! (Seriously.) 😀

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For Honor Open Beta First Impressions

The For Honor open beta started this weekend and I’ve been playing it for the past couple of days. So far it seems like a well balanced and fun game!

I could see a competitive side to this as well as a casual portion to it. I don’t really see myself getting competitive with For Honor but it could definitely exist! Continue reading

Should We Bet On Early Access?

early access on steam

Early access has been apart of Steam since 2013. Valve created this section of Steam to help developers get their game out to the public as soon as possible while still being able to get the money needed for further development.

Some early access titles have succeeded thoroughly and have moved on to an actual full release while some early access titles have been in early access for years and come out with paid DLC or even completely flopped in time.

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Asus ROG G20CB Desktop Review, Is It Worth The Investment?

It’s time to review the Asus ROG G20CB gaming desktop because it’s one of those pre-built PCs that are looked at as one of the higher tier desktops on the market.

For a desktop to be considered “high tier” it not only need to be priced as a high ticket computer but it also needs to deliver on the power per dollar spent.

That’s what I intend to go through with this post! It all comes down to what’s inside of the PC – that’s how you’ll determine whether or not it’s worth the investment.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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Conan Exiles Early Access Starts January 31, 2017

There has been footage of this title for quite a while now but now there we are nearing the release of early access for Conan Exiles I figured it’d be a good time to discuss the game a bit and share my perspective on it!

From what I understand, this will be another multiplayer survival game where players can basically do whatever they want to other players with it’s own unique mechanics such as being able to summon giants and have NPCs protect your base while you’re not around. Continue reading

Rec Room Shows What A VR Community Is Like

There aren’t a crazy amount of VR titles on the market right now but a free to play title called Rec Room shows what a community game would be like.

In Rec Room you create your own cartoony avatar and communicate, play and interact with other players from around the world. It’s an experience like none other which is why I want to take the time to talk about my experiences with the game so far! Continue reading

Digital Storm Computers Review, Does Building Your Own Make More Sense?

It’s about time to review the Digital Storm computers because they may be built with quality in mind but it’s the actual hardware going into them that matters.

There are many companies out there where their pre-built PCs rip you off from throwing in hardware that doesn’t add up to the power you should actually have when spending a certain amount.

Power per dollar spent is the most important aspect when it comes to purchasing a gaming PC and that’s exactly what we’ll look at while looking over different Digital Storm computers.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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Sades A60 Review, High Enough Quality For A Low Price?

It’s high time for a review on the Sades A60 headset! Sades has many different headsets in their product line and the A60 definitely doesn’t fail to deliver.

I included Sades on a recent list of my favorite gaming peripherals mainly because of how well their products perform for such a low price point. That’s kind of a rare thing to find in the PC peripheral market, that’s for sure.

With that, let’s get to the review.

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Battlerite is Dota/LoL Without Towers or Minions

Battlerite is one of the games that I picked up during the winter sales that were going on and I’m pretty happy that I decided to get it!

I’ve been eye balling it for quite some time now. It’s basically like Dota or League of Legends but without the towers, minions and final structure to destroy at the end. Matches don’t last forever, it’s a quick deathmatch type of game with combat similar to MOBA games. Continue reading