BCX 2016, I’m Going To My First Gaming Expo/Tournament

I wanted to let you guys know that this weekend I’m flying out to Atlanta for a gaming expo/world championship for one of my favorite games – Brawlhalla!

I’ve never been to an expo or a big tournament before so I’m pretty excited for the overall experience. I’m going to be writing about how each day goes so if you’d like to get my perspective on all of it then definitely keep an eye out for the upcoming posts! Continue reading

PC Gaming Is Worth Every Single Penny

There are many people that believe that PC gaming is so much more expensive in comparison to console gaming and that’s true when looking at the hardware side of things.

When you start looking at what PC gaming has to offer in terms of freedom, sales, customization and community then you can really see that the extra bit that it costs to get started in the industry is worth every single penny. Continue reading

Skyrim Special Edition Is Worth Upgrading To

I pre-loaded and started playing Skyrim Special Edition the hour that it was officially released and I must say, it’s definitely worth upgrading to!

I understand that Skyrim has already been able to look and feel awesome with all of the different graphics mods that are out there but it’s nice to be able to have an official graphics enhancer into the game. Hats off to Todd Howard for giving the PC players a free upgrade to it – as long as you had all of the DLC.

But come on, if you’re a true fan of Skyrim and don’t have all of the DLC then what are you doing? 😛 Continue reading

Shadow Warrior 2 Is Pretty Awesome So Far

Shadow Warrior 2 just released a few days ago and based on the very high review ratings I decided that I’d give it a shot and I’m happy that I did!

Although the story and cutscenes so far aren’t anything that are super innovative or memorable, just about everything else about this game makes up for that 10x over. Continue reading

I’ll Never Know Why Developers Do This

It’s almost like some of the most well known developers mess things up when it comes to releasing a title on PC. I get it, there is a lot of work behind the scenes of getting a game to be optimal on both PC and console…

But with as many games that have successfully done it, it shouldn’t be hard to take a little extra time to make sure that the game is well optimized on every platform.

Mafia III released two days ago and it has under 60% rating right now on Steam. Why? Because they decided to release the game unoptimized, that’s why. This is just one example too. Continue reading

Discord Is The Best Free VoIP Service Out There

When you’re gaming with friends you’re going to need a way to chat while in-game. Discord is easily the best VoIP service to use when you’re looking for something free!

Yup, you heard me right. Discord is free to use. You can make your own servers, invite your friends and voice chat with them at no extra cost. Continue reading

What Is A One Handed Gaming Keyboard Good For?

I just got a one handed gaming keyboard to test out if it’d be beneficial at all to use. In my experience I’ve found some pros and cons that I’d like to share!

At first I wasn’t really seeing the point behind getting a one handed keyboard, especially since I already had a full keyboard.

But after tinkering around with it I have found some good uses for it but I’m not sure if it’s entirely worth getting… it’d be up to the individual and what they are wanting to get out of a one handed keyboard. Continue reading

What Does The Future of VR PC Gaming Hold?

In this post I’d like to discuss what the future of VR gaming on the PC platform might look like in the future. What kinds of controllers, headsets or scanners will we see?

Right now the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are the big boys in town. They are the two headsets that everyone is talking about and is aware of but what about other headsets?

Could we be seeing a bunch of VR brands coming out in the near future for PC to compete? Continue reading

The Humble Store End of Summer Sale Ends In 20 Hours

humble bundle end of summer sale

A short post here to give you guys a reminder that, at the time of this writing, there is 20 hours left on the clock to take advantage of some awesome deals from Humble Bundle.

There are all sorts of games there so if you have had something on your Steam wish list for a while look up those same games on Humble Bundle’s store to see if it’s there and on sale! Continue reading

My Paragon Open Beta Impressions

I’ve been diving into the Paragon open beta for the last couple of days and I’d like to share my perspective and opinions on the game overall.

If you’re familiar with MOBAs and you like that style of game then you should definitely give it a shot. Even if you’re not a fan of the MOBA genre I still encourage you to check it out because it’s a lot different than the other ones out there…

To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of Dota or League of Legends but Paragon, in my opinion, really shines a light on how fun a MOBA can actually be!

Continue reading