New Star Wars Battlefront Game, Living Up To The Hype?

There is a new Star Wars Battlefront game that is releasing later this year and the only questions are if it will live up to its current hype and if it’s made the right way.

Personally, I¬†don’t think I’ll be pre-ordering anytime soon but will definitely be keeping an eye on this title as the release date comes near.

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GTA V Online for PC, Online Gameplay Review

So I decided to pick up GTA V for PC and I have dove into the online portions of the game. I must say that I am quite impressed with how it all works, I had played GTA V on consoles before but I have only played the online version on PC. It’s pretty fun being able to play custom scenarios with random people online!

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What Does Virtual Reality Mean For The Future of PC Gaming?

Virtual reality is slowly coming to a close release date, I suspect more news about it soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if companies started releasing consumer versions this year. VR is going to absolutely change the way we not only see games but the way we play them as well.

There are many different VR headsets coming out soon and I’d like to list a few that catches my attention the most.

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What Is Tamriel Unlimited? An Elder Scrolls Online Review

Elder Scrolls Online has updated, so what is Tamriel Unlimited?

It was a big move to make Elder Scrolls Online a one-time payment type of game and a good move at that. The game is definitely worth picking up now that they have removed the monthly payments required to explore all of Tamriel.

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What Is Dota 2 All About? A Very Fun, Strategic PC Game

What Is Dota 2 All About?

If you’ve never indulged yourself into¬†the world of Dota then you’ve probably asked yourself “what is Dota 2 all about?”

Well I’d like to share my personal experience with Dota 2 and explain to you what you can expect when you start playing it for yourself.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Review for PC, The Ultimate RPG

This is my Dragon Age Inquisition review for PC and I must say that it is the ultimate RPG game especially for PC players. The story and character development is great, the gameplay is great and the overall experience is unique. There are plenty of lands to be explored and many enemies to be slain and the lands and enemies along with everything else in this game look astounding, graphically speaking. This game is one of the best looking games I’ve played to date and it’ll¬†forever be one of my favorite games.

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